The 5 Best Theology Books

Editor’s Choice

036439: Christian Theology, Third Edition
  • Updated with more content
  • Biblically-based
  • Readable format

Best Overall

517979: Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine, Second Edition
  • Updated analysis of recent controversies in evangelicalism
  • Insightful Critiques of Open Theism
  • Updated section on contemporary worship music at the end of every chapter


42734: Basic Theology: A Popular Systematic Guide to  Understanding Biblical Truth
  • Easy to understand
  • Suitable for beginners and scholars
  • Readable format and easy navigation

If you are in a hurry and just want to find the best theology books, then I’d recommend Systematic Theology Second Edition by Wayne Grudem.

Christians should be serious about pursuing God’s truth. The devil tries to blind people with lies, so they practice the wrong teachings. But how can you seek God’s truth? What are effective ways to do that?

The Bible is a bit difficult to understand, but that’s how theology books come into play. Theology books will give you more knowledge about God and Christianity. These books will aid you in your pursuit of God’s truth and guide you in transforming your life.

Here are the best Theology Books we will be reviewing:

What are Theology Books?

First, let’s define what theology means to grasp the essence of theology books better. 

Theology is the “systematic study of the nature of the divine and religious belief.” It derives from the Greek words “Theos” (meaning “God”) and “Logos” (meaning “the study of”). 

Theology books are Christian books that focus on the study of God and religious beliefs. Such books endeavor to provide readers with substantial knowledge about who He is. Authors of such books are known to have an intimate relationship with God and know Him personally. They commit their lives to conducting extensive research about God and sharing their personal experiences through their books. 

Common Types of Theology Books

Biblical Theology Books

Biblical theology books refer to the study of the Bible as a whole. They are important interpretations of theological texts. These books focus more on biblical events and God’s revealing activities in the Bible.

Historical Theology Books

Historical theology books focus more on the study of the history of Christian doctrine. These books are heedful to the dynamic movements of human history from a biblical viewpoint, considering Christian beliefs and practices.

Systematic Theology Books

Systematic theology books provide an ordered and rational presentation of Christian doctrines. They highlight the teachings of the Bible and address issues such as the truth about God and the universe.

Practical Theology Books

Practical theology books yield an academic discipline that studies religious practices to understand the theology behind those practices. Its goal is to discover how theological theories can strengthen faithful practices, correct sinful practices, and rightly apply biblical principles.

Contemporary Classic Theology Books

Contemporary classic theology books focus on the study of God based on ideas from the recent period (post-World War I to the present) and theological trends. Major categories emphasized by these books include Modern Evangelism, Neo-orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, Neoliberalism, and more.

Catholic Theology Books

Catholic theology books solely focus on understanding Catholic doctrines. Sacred Catholic tradition and the canonical scripture are the foundations of these books. The Catholic Church’s magisterium authoritatively interpreted the Catholic theology books.   

Why Read Theology Books?

To broaden your understanding of Christianity

Biblical events are the fabrics that fashioned Christianity today. These events play an integral part in molding the Christian faith and virtues. Knowing the crucial moments in the Bible and what influenced the present timeline is essential. It’s a little hard to appreciate and understand the present without knowing the past. 

Reading theology books will provide you with meaningful insights into Christianity and how it came to be. You’ll be correctly guided and informed more about it. People should be wary of religions because some do not coincide with the teachings of the Bible. So, I highly encourage Christians to read some theology books to increase their knowledge about Christianity.

To strengthen your faith

Most of us fall into a hopeless state in times of havoc and difficulty. Sometimes, giving up the good fight of faith is easy when overwhelmed with problems. Many believers succumb to defeat the moment they lose their faith in God. As a good soldier of Christ, how can you strengthen your faith even amidst tribulations?

Reading and studying God’s Word will help deepen your faith in Him. In Hebrews, it says that God’s Word is alive and active, penetrating through the deepest parts of our hearts. (Hebrews 4:12)

God will always speak to us through His Word in a way that transforms and encourages us. 

Theology books provide an in-depth study of God and help you understand Christian beliefs. When you truly know God’s nature, you won’t have anything to fear. Knowing more about God increases your faith in Him.

Theology books also help readers live out their knowledge of God and significantly impact others. These books contain practical ways to assist you with that. Personal application of God’s Word is also essential, as Christians ought to be doers of His Word. (James 1:22

To seek and understand God’s truth

We live in a syncretic world, so we should seek and understand God’s truth. Theology books are rich in knowledge about God and help you understand the intricacies of the Bible. 

To avoid false teachings

Sound doctrine is essential for salvation and spiritual maturity. The Bible states that there are false prophets, so we must exercise caution. They teach wrong practices and stray away from God’s truth. It’s dangerous to believe in something wrong! (Matthew 7:15)

Theology books will help you gain broader knowledge about sound doctrine and help you avoid theological errors. 

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Theology Book


Theology books, in general, can provide many benefits, but you do need to be careful of what you read. I suggest doing some research about the theology book you’re planning to get before buying it. It should be in line with the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ. 

The enemy tries to deceive Christians to the best of his capability. Other religions might have similarities with Christianity but do not agree with Jesus’ words. Such teachings will not transform lives.

Be careful of what you read because they influence what you believe. Make sure that Biblical truths are what shape your life.

Preferred Type

I recommend choosing the type of theology book you prefer. We briefly discussed the common types of theology books, so choose what suits your needs. Do you want to study more about contemporary theology? Maybe you’d like historical theology books. 


You should research more about the author of the book you want to read. The author should be a believer and know God personally. They should live the sound doctrines of Jesus and be reliable sources of godly wisdom. God uses people mightily to reveal His glory, but they must have an intimate relationship with Him. So, find out if the author is credible.


One of the things I do before I buy or read a book is to read its reviews first. I don’t want to invest my time and money in something that won’t benefit me, so I make sure my expectations are met or exceeded when I buy or read the books I choose. 

I’m pretty sure most people are the same. So, I suggest reading book reviews before buying. It may require more effort on your part, but it’ll guarantee a good-quality book. Make sure the theology book you plan to get has many positive reviews. The people who read it should find it helpful in their spiritual growth. 


Before buying a theology book, set a price range. If you already have a budget, it’ll narrow down your options. Is the book too expensive? Is it affordable? You might not want to waste time looking for a book over your budget.

Systematic Theology Second Edition by Wayne Grudem

517979: Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine, Second Edition

I recommend Systematic Theology 2nd Edition by Wayne Grudem as the best theology book. It’s a classic bestseller that helps both scholars and beginners in their pursuit of God. It contains clear and extensive explanations, a scriptural basis for each sound doctrine, and practical applications. 

The Systematic Theology Second Edition by Wayne Grudem is globally known for its remarkable usefulness in advancing believers’ spiritual maturity. It has received much love and support from pastors, professors, and theologians.

The book contains revised and updated discussions that address recent controversies as well.

If you’re already an expert in the field of theology, this book will challenge you on a whole new level. It will also guide beginners in their spiritual walk and maturity. 


  • Updated analysis of recent controversies in evangelicalism
  • Insightful Critiques of Open Theism
  • Updated section on contemporary worship music at the end of every chapter
  • Extensive discussion on the submission of Jesus to the Father
  • Additional resource politely addressing the distinctions between evangelical Protestantism and Roman Catholicism
  • Discussion on the Holy Trinity
  • Extensive discussion of John 3:16


  • The accounts of Creation are a bit challenging to read

Christian Theology Third Edition by Millard Erickson

036439: Christian Theology, Third Edition

The Christian Theology 3rd Edition by Millard J. Erickson is one of the bestselling theology books on the market. Erickson is a leading evangelical scholar who served as a seminary dean and pastor and taught many students at schools. 

The book consists of numerous revisions that reflect current theological conversations. It takes into account feedback that came from credible professors and students. The book will leave you with a lot of information and insights. It may not be suitable for beginners because of its high-level seriousness.

The book examines various popular viewpoints on certain topics and unbiasedly compares them to the Biblical context.



  • No concrete positions have taken 
  • Too serious and not suited for casual reading or beginners 
  • Tough read

Basic Theology by Charles C. Ryrie

42734: Basic Theology: A Popular Systematic Guide to  Understanding Biblical Truth

The Basic Theology by Charles Ryrie is suitable for beginners and experts. Ryrie is a renowned author and scholar who clearly understands the Bible. He wrote the book in an accessible style, making it easy to understand. 

The book will help you understand how God longs for you to be more like Christ. It comes with personal applications that help you live a godly and holy life. It will give you sound theology that’s easy to grasp and apply in your life. This book will also give you insights that will strengthen your faith and learn more about God on a deeper level. 

The book is also easy to navigate and well-organized. It’s divided into sections that provide a readable format, and it’s easy to locate the references from arguments.


  • Easy to understand
  • Suitable for beginners and scholars
  • Readable format and easy navigation
  • Personal applications to daily life
  • Biblically-based
  • Sound theology that leads to godly living


  • Not revised and outdated (Does not address the most recent theological controversies)
  • Many unproven assumptions

The Moody Handbook of Theology by Paul Enns

411981: The Moody Handbook of Theology

The Moody Handbook of Theology by  Dr. Paul Enns is a classic resource that provides an overview of theology. It’s suitable for beginners and scholars alike.

Every section has an introduction, books for further study, specific studies relevant to theology, and summary evaluations. The book is easy to read and has many references that will broaden your knowledge even more. It discusses God’s truth and addresses Christian controversies and false teachings. It offers comprehensive yet concise answers to certain issues. Also, it gives the reasoning for the beliefs that Christians now hold.


  • More affordable compared to other theology books
  • Easy to understand and well-organized
  • Concise answers to theological questions


  • Some grammatical and spelling errors
  • Derogatory statements about other religions
  • Some biased arguments

Evangelical Theology Second Edition by Michael Bird

093978: Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction, Second Edition

Evangelical Theology by Michael  F. Bird is gospel-centered and helps readers practice the Christian faith’s doctrines. Bird is a biblical scholar and historian of early Christianity who shares his insights through this book.

The book includes the “What to Take Home” and “Comic Belief” sections. The “What to Take Home” section summarizes what they need to know at the end of every part. The “Comic Belief” section gives readers more fun with some theological humor. Reading theology books can be boring sometimes, so the “Comic Belief” section makes it an enjoyable experience for readers. 

The Evangelical Theology book teaches readers how the Word of God should influence how we pray, teach, preach, think, and live as believers. It promotes godly living through a Biblical context.


  • Well-organized
  • Unique global perspective in theology
  • Fun and engaging 
  • Available video lectures
  • Personal application for godly living


  • Some sections are weaker (little information/inadequately explained)


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran studying the Word of God, theology books are essential to your spiritual growth. They will help you increase your knowledge about God and guide you to live godly. They can also strengthen your faith and help you avoid false teachings. 

I recommend Systematic Theology Second Edition by Wayne Grudem as the best theology book. It’s suitable for beginners and scholars alike and is one of the bestselling Christian books out there. It’s easy to understand, not too expensive, and contains a lot of meaningful content! 

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