The 5 Best Tony Evans Study Bibles

Editor’s Choice

499421: The Tony Evans Bible Commentary
  • Features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB)
  • Stays as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning
  • It includes an introduction to each Bible book

Best Overall

606867: CSB Tony Evans Study Bible, hardcover
  • It has study notes inspired by Tony Evans’s sermons and writings 
  • With more than 150 videos accessible via QR codes
  • It has 40 inspirational articles


606912: CSB Tony Evans Study Bible--genuine leather, black
  • It comes in a black-letter text
  • It has a 9.75-point type font size 
  • With topical subject headings

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out which best Tony Evans Study Bibles are available out there, then I’d recommend the CSB Tony Evans Study Bible, Hardcover as the best one.

Over the years, many of us enjoy listening to Dr. Tony Evans’s sermon on the radio. I, myself, look forward to his teachings because they were biblical and very inspirational. I love his ability to teach complicated topics and make them sound so simple. 

There are so many study Bibles in the market but why choose a Tony Evans Study Bible? 

Here are the best Tony Evans Study Bibles we’ll be reviewing: 

What is a Tony Evans Study Bible?

The author of the Tony Evans Study Bible, Dr. Tony Evans, started broadcasting his sermons on the radio in 1924. This happened after a Dallas Theological Seminary professor recommended him to a Houston radio show producer who was looking for free great preaching content for his program. Tony Evans also pastors the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas.

After 50 years of pastoral ministry, he released the CSB Tony Evans Study Bible. The Tony Evans Study Bibles are Bible exposition books. It explains the meaning of Bible verses and passages and what they teach. Because of that, he became the first African-American to publish a study Bible and a Bible commentary.

The Tony Evans Study Bible provides an extensive exploration of the Bible verses. It does so book-by-book, verse-by-verse, and topic-by-topic.

You may find this book helpful when read alongside the Bible. It may better suit those who like to do their research on the Bible. The aim is to make the religious experience personal, genuine, and first-hand.

Features of a Tony Evans Study Bible

The Tony Evans Study Bible combines Bible verses with inspirational articles, videos, and teachings by the author.

Top features

  • Inspirational “Hope Words”. These articles excite people into Christian walking. They help them better face day-to-day life situations and circumstances.
  • Questions and Answers. I have used questions and answers mode several times when studying and teaching the Bible lessons. The questions and answers in this book may help better explore the Bible. 
  • 40 Articles from the Author. These articles guide anyone looking for an opinion-based exploration of the Bible.
  • Maps and Concordance. There are maps for important biblical events, people, cities, routes, and kingdoms. These are helpful to the Christian tourist who visits historical religious places.
  • Kingdom Living. The lessons contain themes dedicated to families, churches, leaders, and communities.

Other features

Easy to understand

The Tony Evans Study Bible and commentary follow the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB) version. The language balances strict literalism with thought-for-thought conversation. The Bible text is easy to understand even for 6th-grade students. The author seems to be writing this book with an emphasis on readability. I think it scores pretty nicely on that aspect.

Over the years, I have read different Bible versions. Browsing through this one, I can read the texts without straining in understanding what the author is saying. It may be for people who love in-depth research like I do when studying the Bible. This is due to its far-reaching expositions with articles, videos, and commentaries. I also liked the organization of content inside the Tony Evans Kingdom Man Study Bible. This includes the use of different colored borders for different chunks of texts.  

Bible insights

It contains an in-depth understanding of Bible topics. As such it provides insights for those reading the Bible. I think the definition of terms will help readers to better understand the Bible.

The Hope Words is a section full of inspirational quotes. It encourages Christians in their walk of faith. The quotes are relevant to any Christian of any age and in any situation including at work, family, and school.

Easy to navigate

The Table of Contents at the beginning helps the reader to find any information. It includes easy-to-search books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. All entries are carefully listed by their page numbers to make them easy to find. 

Situation-specific content

The book has extra materials like Kingdom Life, Spiritual Warfare, and The Ten Commandments. These provide extra guidance to help with further understanding of the Bible verses. There also are specific materials exploring the miracles and parables of Jesus Christ.

Family-relevant materials

The section contains information targeted to families in any situation like joy and hardship. It has information about the role of helper or wife, the rules of the family according to God’s instruction. The exposition contains information on bringing up children through biblical teachings and expectations. The book contains explanations about the sacrifice of love and marriage covenants. 

Church-relevant materials

The Bible has information about the Church’s agenda, authority, mission, and purpose. It contains teachings about church origin and the future reign by Jesus Christ.

What is Inside the Tony Evans Study Bible?

The Tony Evans Study Bible contains study notes and commentaries placed at the bottom of each page. They provide readers with a further and in-depth knowledge of the Bible verses.

The Bible also contains articles and sermons derived from the teachings of Tony Evans. This helps readers to derive Tony Evan’s understanding of the Bible verses in case they missed his sermons. The videos provide direct access to Tony Evan’s teachings. They provide a direct connection with the sermons. 

The Tony Evans Study Bible also provides readers with several application questions and answers. The reader can go through them before or after reading a chapter.

The questions in the Tony Evans Bible and commentary may help readers thoroughly study the Bible. The answers aim to provide guidance on controversial issues about the Christian faith. Through this Bible, Pastor Evans provides insights on how to live a productive Christian life.

Like all other Tony Evans Bible study guides, this one also contains an apologetic aid that provides solid information on how to understand the Bible. It also contains information that you may use to defend your belief in Christ. The Overview of Theology provides a weekly study plan. This makes a total of 8-week discipleship classes. I think it may help Bible teachers disciple their students step-by-step while enriching their lessons.

Why Choose a Tony Evans Study Bible?

The Tony Evans Study Bibles are good for individual believers like me who want to apply Bible verses in their daily Christian life. It aims to do this by keeping the original meaning of the Bible while at the same time making it easy to explore the Bible. The information here may help Christians who want to research extra-biblical truths. For instance, it can help spice up sermons provided at their local church.

The book may also help preachers and pastors with extra information and meanings of verses to their flocks. This book may also aid evangelism and discipleship in theological schools and institutions.

For easy navigation of Tony Evans Bible study books, the texts are in two or three columns. The verses and commentaries from the author are in black while the verse topics and application questions are in brown. The verses, application questions, answers, and commentaries are also well separated with borders. This might help readers to quickly skim through the guides. The questions and answers may help study groups when exploring scriptures together.

CSB Tony Evans Study Bible, Hard Cover

606867: CSB Tony Evans Study Bible, hardcover

The CSB Tony Evans Study Bible, Hard Cover was published in 2019. It has an elegant design with a black cover and a gold-lettered title and crown on it. The cover is spine sewn. The book measures 9.35 by 7.25 by 1.75 inches and weighs only 3.3 pounds.

Inside, it contains an introduction about the author. It also contains a section with key definitions of different words and phrases used in the Bible.

Like other Tony Evans Study Bibles, this one also contains 140 “Hope Words.” This is in addition to the extensive Bible lessons and commentaries from the author. The cross-references are strategically written in the outer margin. The author places the footnotes under the text on each page. The commentaries are in three columns at the bottom of the page.

The reader will have to scan the QR code to watch the video on their mobile phone.


  • It has study notes inspired by Tony Evans’s sermons and writings 
  • With more than 150 videos accessible via QR codes
  • It has 40 inspirational articles
  • It contains 50 “Kingdom Living Lessons”
  • Easy to read Bible Serif Type


  • There are missing verses and chapters

CSB Tony Evans Study Bible, Black/Brown LeatherTouch

971142: CSB Tony Evans Study Bible--soft leather-look, black/brown (indexed)

Like the rest of Tony Evans’ Bible books of this type, it provides readers with an in-depth knowledge of the word of God. The insights contained in this book come from Tony Evans. He takes them from his previous sermons, devotionals, teachings, and articles.

The LeatherTouch version includes an introduction to each of the books in the Bible. Dr. Evans then goes on to explore passage by passage until the end of the Bible. This Tony Evans Study Bible and commentary have introductory resources. The author uses the resources to target families, churches, and individuals.

I think the main difference between this and the other versions is the cover. The book cover is black on the edges and brown in the rest of the areas. The book uses Grade 6 English language level and follows the CBS version. It weighs 3.7 pounds.


  • Contains 60 Questions & Answers from the author
  • It has 140 Hope Words
  • Offers a special back matter section 
  • It comes in an elegant two-color design
  • Two-column format


  • Cover leather is only imitation, not genuine hence less durable 

CSB Tony Evans Study Bible, Black Genuine Leather

606912: CSB Tony Evans Study Bible--genuine leather, black

The book also features a 3-year Bible reading plan to aid careful and logical reading of the Bible. You may follow the plan for daily and monthly reading of the Bible. It also contains 131 pages of concordance organized in 3 columns per page. These may also help in preparing for sermons on different topics such as prayer, love, etc. 

This study Bible is different from other versions because of its genuine black leather cover. This makes it feel authentic and classy. It is also sewn bound like other versions from this author. The book measures 7.6 x 2 x 9.8 inches and weighs only 3.5 pounds. It is thus a little bit heavier given the leather cover.


  • It comes in a black-letter text
  • It has a 9.75-point type font size 
  • With topical subject headings 
  • Smyth-sewn binding with ribbon marker
  • It comes in a black genuine leather


  • Heavier than most study Bibles at 3.5 pounds
  • The translation is hard to read 

Tony Evans Bible Commentary

499421: The Tony Evans Bible Commentary

Some materials in this book were published in the 2013 Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary. Doctor Evans discusses each of the Bible books according to the themes discussed in each paragraph. This 1,440-pages long commentary aims at helping people when reading Bible verses.

The author arranges black text in two paragraphs to prevent information from cluttering. The book still has brown-colored titles, which I think makes them look different from the rest of the text. The commentary still leaves plenty of space on the edges for those who may like to mark it. 


  • Features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB)
  • Stays as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning
  • Includes an introduction to each Bible book
  • Contains a passage-by-passage exposition of the Bible
  • It comes with a special front matter section with introductory resources


  • Commentaries are based only on the author’s opinion
  • The commentaries are just repetitions of the scripture 

CSB Tony Evans Study Bible, Purple Imitation Leather

606908: CSB Tony Evans Study Bible--soft leather-look, purple (indexed)

This book also features 8-full color maps printed on thick non-glossy paper. They include information and routes/cities about important events and people in the Bible. For instance, you get the great Exodus routes, Abraham’s migration route, and Paul’s missionary routes.

One of the differences between this and other Tony Evans Study Bible study books is that the cover is imitation leather. The cover is soft leather so I think it helps feel soft when using it. The soft leather imitation could also make it feel comfortable on the palms for better and more confident scrolling. The cover is also all purple with engraved flowery prints.

Furthermore, I think using a soft leather imitation makes it more affordable while still giving it a high-end finish. It is spine-sewn for durability. The book weighs 3.7 pounds and measures 9.5 by 7 by 1.75 inches.


  • It has video devotionals designed to enhance your study experience
  • The video devotionals can be accessed on mobile using a QR code
  • Includes materials curated from Dr. Tony Evan’s preachings and sermons
  • It includes questions and answers on how to apply God’s kingdom agenda in the reader’s daily life
  • Includes book introductions, articles, and practical lessons


  • Cover leather is only imitation, not genuine hence not as durable 


Study Bibles may have the same features, but a Tony Evans Study Bible offers a personal touch by not less than the author himself. All of his study Bibles have materials that were curated from his sermons and preachings. They have practical lessons and comprehensive articles designed to help you dive deeper into a topic. The “Questions and Answers” lets you understand various biblical texts and theological issues. 

Out of the five Tony Evans Study Bibles we reviewed, I’d recommend the CSB Tony Evans Study Bible, Hard Cover as the best one. The structure and organization of the text make the book easy to read, understand, and find commentaries. The exposition emphasizes practical Christian living. It may also aid Bible exploration by groups, in-class lessons, and in theological schools. 

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