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Alex Shute

Alex Shute, Editor

Alex in Europe

The Idea

FaithGiant started with one simple goal. We set out to make the world of faith easy to understand and empower everyday people living everyday lives with the ability to discover, learn, and grow in their faith journey.

The Genesis

In 1999, I was a young teenager struggling to make sense of my parent’s separating and all the pressures of adolescents.

I was invited to a Christian conference where I was given a Bible. I read every page of that Bible and my life was quickly transformed. I began to grow in my faith and pursued every avenue possible to serve and learn.

I consider myself blessed. I went to a top Christian university, am married to a beautiful godly woman, and have 2 amazing kids (with another on the way).

It has been my joy to serve in both missions and business capacities overseas. I currently work for an international mission organization that focuses on sharing the scriptures with youth around the world.

emi and alex

The Mission

The mission of FaithGiant is to take all the things that I’ve learned in my faith thus far and share those insights with as many people as possible. I have been incredibly blessed to have many people pour into my life over the years. I feel that it is my responsibility to share some of the resources, information, and experiences that I have learned along the way.

I look forward to having you join me on this journey! Feel free to reach out and I look forward to connecting with you.

“Three Things Will Last Forever – Faith, Hope, And Love – And The Greatest Of These Is Love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13

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