The Best Outdoor Rock Speakers: Complete Guide

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Rock Speakers

  • Easy to install
  • Durable and weatherproof against rain, snow, salt, ice, pool chemicals, and more
  • Speakers have deluxe 8-inch Poly Mica woofers

Best Overall

Rock Speakers

  • Lifelike unique design for fantastic appeal
  • Weatherproof and resistant to fading and rust
  • Minimum impedance


Rock Speakers

  • True two-way design
  • Dual voice coil polymer woofer
  • Dual polymer dome tweeters

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best rock speakers, then I’d recommend the Rockustics Grey PowerRock 8″ High Power Outdoor Speaker as the best one.

There are speakers in many different shapes and sizes. They’re a sure-fire way of elevating your audio experiences, especially for outdoor events. Most of us tend to play directly from our phones or drag indoor speakers to the outside. These may be a resourceful option until it rains or during hot summer weekends. That’s where rock speakers come in handy.

Here are the best Rock Speakers we will be reviewing:

What are Rock Speakers?

Rock speakers are types of outdoor speakers. It gets its name because it resembles a rock or a stone. With ingenious design and engineering, you can get fantastic sound experiences even outdoors.

How Do Rock Speakers Work?

Like any other speaker, rock speakers convert electrical energy to sound pressure waves for your ears to sense. Rock speakers compose of electronics, a cabinet, and a driver. The electronics are the wires that transport electric signals to make the speaker operate. The cabinet encloses the air and prevents pressure waves at the back of the speaker from canceling out the one in front. Canceling the pressure waves result in inaudible low frequencies. It also protects the speaker from external elements. Lastly, the driver is the transducer element of rock speakers. It is ultimately in charge of transforming the audio signal into sound.

Benefits of Using Rock Speakers

Aesthetic appeal

The primary appeal of rock speakers is their aesthetic appearance. Many outdoor speakers are bulky and flashy. Though this is not an issue for some people, others may find that this type of speaker ruins the ambiance and look of their outdoor space. It can also be eye candy for burglars roaming around your neighborhood. Rock speakers camouflage into the landscape of your outdoor area. This inconspicuous characteristic is what makes rock speakers unique.

Durable to withstand harmful elements

One of the major concerns for outdoor speakers is the ability to withstand harmful elements like intense heat or rain. Picture hosting an outdoor party, and then it starts to drizzle. You’ll have to ensure that your expensive outdoor speakers won’t get ruined. The same is true during scorching summer days.

Rock speaker cabinets are sturdy and solid. They are excellent for all types of weather. They are designed to resist the unpredictability of weather elements and still produce superb sound quality.

What to Consider When Buying Rock Speakers

Type of connection


Bluetooth rock speakers are convenient and easy to use. They do not need complex cable systems and installation. You need to turn on the speaker and then connect it to your device, such as a smartphone. The standard Bluetooth ranges between 25 and 60 feet. Such range is also affected by obstructions and mobility of the steaming device. There are Bluetooth rock speakers that come with batteries. Thus you don’t need to install them in a permanent spot and plug them in when you want to play some music. These kinds of rock speakers are portable and easy to store.

The downside to a Bluetooth connection is connecting several speakers into one system for increased sound quality. Some also find Bluetooth speakers to be less powerful than wired speakers.


Wired rock speakers require connection to other audio system components. These components typically include amplifiers and audio receivers. When using wired rock speakers, check for compatibility, maximum lengths, and proper gauge for direct burial.


Installing rock speakers depends significantly on the type of connection your speaker has. Wired rock speakers can pose a bit of a challenge because they might require digging up your yard to install devices together. 

Rock speakers generally come with a short cable that you’ll need to connect to a long line. This longer cable section is of direct-burial rated cable. You will need to run the cable to your home and then bury it. Then you will connect the other end to the power device like an amplifier. Of course, rock speakers come with manuals and illustrations. If it’s your first time installing wired rock speakers, make sure to read the instructions. 

On the other hand, Bluetooth rock speakers are more “plug and play.” This option is fuss-free when it comes to installation. Ensuring that your device is synced or paired with the Bluetooth rock speaker is noteworthy. To do this:

  1. Turn on your speaker.
  2. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth and wait for it to scan gadgets in range.
  3. When it detects your speaker, select it, and you’re good to go. When your device is out of range, it cannot be seen.

So make sure that you stay within the connection zone for uninterrupted streaming.

Sound quality

An excellent speaker can accurately reproduce sound. Fantastic sound quality is a result of different factors. Frequency response is a factor that gauges the range of frequencies a rock speaker can produce. Choose a rock speaker that can cover a wide range of frequencies. Moreover, excellent speaker volumes are not erratic between frequencies.


When it comes to rock speakers, most people prefer those that resemble actual rocks. The more lifelike the rock speaker is, the more naturally it blends into your landscape. When it comes to size, you’ll want a speaker that fits and blends well in the size of your space.


In general, rock speakers are durable electronic devices. They were designed specifically for outdoor use. Almost all rock speakers are resistant to rain, cold, and heat. However, like any other gadget, care measures still need to be taken to maximize their use. For example, avoid positioning the grille of the rock speakers in the direct path of a sprinkler system with high water pressure levels.


Rock speakers require power to work like any other electronic device. This power is measured in wattage. The basic idea is that the more watts a rock speaker has, the more powerful it is. This measure can mean more transparent sound and higher volume. If you have a more expansive outdoor space, speakers with 20 watts are advantageous. For smaller areas like residential backyards, speakers with 5 to 10 watts are okay.


Most people want to spend less on speakers without compromising sound quality. Rock speakers differ in price. Whether you have the luxury to spend a fortune or want to stay within a limited budget, there’s a perfect rock speaker for you.

Rockustics Grey PowerRock 8″ High Power Outdoor Speaker

Rock Speakers

MSE Audio is a parent company of six different manufacturing brands. They utilize innovations in audio technology to produce exceptional speakers. One of the major brands under MSE Audio is Rockustics. With a power handling of 250 watts, the Rockustics Grey PowerRock 8″ High Power Outdoor Speaker is perfect for wider outdoor settings. Its 8-inch woofer and 1.3-inch compression driver result in clear and crisp sound quality. 

Rockustics prides itself on engineering using agents that provide exceptional durability. You can let them stay the whole year without worry. Its design gives you a realistic semblance of actual rock. It even weathers naturally instead of merely fading. The Rockustics rock speakers are an excellent choice for commercial and residential use.


  • Lifelike unique design for fantastic appeal
  • Weatherproof and resistant to fading and rust
  • Minimum impedance
  • 8” high-efficiency woofer
  • It offers a wide range of dispersion that’s perfect for an excellent sound experience when outdoors.


  • Its heft and type of connection make it challenging to move around

TIC TFS14-SL 10″ 3-Way Weather-Resistant Rock Speaker

Rock Speakers

TIC is a brand that has offered an excellent sound experience for outdoor audio for over 35 years. Its TFS series boasts of being the most realistic-looking rock speakers in the market. Not only does it offer believable design, but it also provides powerful sound. That is why it is one of the leading choices of landscapers, commercial contractors, and residential owners. 

The TFS 14 is built in such a way to resist most outdoor conditions such as intense cold and heat. It even has a built-in frontal drainage structure. With a 3-way driver design and a 10-inch subwoofer, you can expect loud, crisp, and clear sound with solid bass. The TFS 14 is perfect for wide commercial and home spaces.


  • It comes in a variety of colors to choose from
  • Most realistic as it can discreetly blend in with any outdoor environment
  • Dynamic 3-way speaker for the ultimate outdoor sound experience
  • Tough, durable exterior
  • Power Handling: 175W/300W RMS/Peak


  • Paint may come off over time
  • Limited sensitivity

Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor/Outdoor Granite Speaker

Rock Speakers

Klipsch is a legendary name when it comes to audio technology. It brands itself as the “keepers of sound” with revolutionary innovations. Many people find that most outdoor speakers are not as excellent as indoor ones. But the AWR-650-SM brings the fidelity and quality of an indoor speaker to a superb outdoor sound experience. 

The AWR-650-SM model has a dual tweeter design and a 6.5-inch dual voice coil woofer. Thus, it offers precise and clear stereo signals covering wide frequencies. With even just one speaker, you can get to a level of sound quality that’s top-notch. It has a vast volume capacity that’s fit for huge outdoor spaces.


  • True two-way design
  • Dual voice coil polymer woofer
  • Dual polymer dome tweeters
  • Durable UV-resistant enclosure
  • Available in a granite or sandstone finish


  • Price is relatively expensive
  • Distortion can occur in a mono output

Theater Solutions 12R8SG Outdoor Slate 8″ Rock 12 Speaker

Rock Speakers

Goldwood’s Theater Solution has provided theater-like audio devices for homes since 1991. Theater Solutions 12R8SG offers great sound at a low price for a cost-friendly rock speaker. It is a passive two-way speaker. You can listen to music during a pool party or backyard bonfire with this rock speaker. It provides sharp and rich audio that gives life to outdoor gatherings and events. 

Its design delivers resistance against elements such as snow, ice, and pool chemicals. The woofers and tweeters have a 20-degree upward angle that allows sound to be directed to listeners. The package comes with 12 speakers that you can install in various parts of your backyard, lawn, and other outdoor spaces.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable and weatherproof against rain, snow, salt, ice, pool chemicals, and more
  • Speakers have deluxe 8-inch Poly Mica woofers
  • Offers Ferro Fluid cooled soft dome tweeters for clear sharp sound
  • Cabinets are multi-layer composite and silicone sealed with rust-resistant steel grills


  • The receiver and wire are sold separately
  • The design is not as lifelike as other brands in the market

Alpine Corporation QLP952SLR-2 Solar-Powered Rock Speaker

Rock Speakers

Founded in 1999, Alpine is a forerunner in innovative home and garden needs. Alpine Corporation uses a patented solar power technology to power this speaker. That means you don’t have to hassle yourself with cords and cables. But it does still come with a micro-USB charging port. The Bluetooth connection allows you to play music straight from your smartphone up to 15 meters of distance. You can even pair the two speakers at the same time! 

This speaker packs powerful sound with rich mid-range and can blend easily in your outdoor area. There is also minimal distortion in increased sound levels. For excellent durability, it’s weatherproof and splash-proof.


  • 100% solar powered
  • Outdoor Bluetooth speakers with 50ft range
  • Dual pairing functions up to a distance of 25 feet apart
  • No complication usage; a plug and play rock speaker
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Environmental friendly with renewable energy powering it


  • Since the device is solar-powered, the power may diminish during overcast weather
  • It lacks a deep low bass tone

In Summary

Imagine having a bonfire, throwing a barbecue, or relaxing in your backyard with quality sound coming out of your speakers. However, it can be challenging as there might be concerns regarding using speakers outdoors. These challenges include installations, portability, or other damaging elements. Rock speakers are a durable and convenient way to get fantastic sound out-of-doors. They bear a resemblance to natural rock to blend seamlessly in your landscape. Rock speakers provide the appeal and sound that your outdoor entertainment spaces need.

The best rock speaker I’d recommend is the Rockustics Grey PowerRock 8″ High Power Outdoor Speaker. This rock speaker has a mega realistic resemblance with natural rocks. This primary feature allows for inconspicuousness in your outdoor space. It offers a stellar sound experience with broad frequency coverage, high volume capacity, and wide-range dispersion. It’s a durable rock speaker that will last a long time.

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