The 5 Best Fog Machines

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Fog Machines

  • ETL tested, so the quality is verified and validated
  • It is affordable
  • The fog emitted is concentrated, and large

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Fog Machines

  • Built-in LED lights
  • Long-lasting
  • Start-time is fast


Fog Machines

  • Led heating indicator system in the tank
  • Single yoke to mount on a wall or from a trussing bracket
  • High fog output

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best fog machine is, then I’d recommend the Rockville R1200L 7 Channel DMX Fog/Smoke Machine as the best one.

People around the world use different equipment and technology for entertainment and production. They invest in these to help bring delight and enjoyment to their companions and audience. Many individuals use this equipment for personal, social, and corporate use. One of this technology and equipment that creates special effects is the fog machine.

Here are the Best Fog Machines we will be reviewing:

What is a Fog Machine?

A fog machine is a piece of equipment that releases a fog or smoke-like dense vapor. It is used in different fields and places. These industries include entertainment, academics, and even the military, and some industrial applications. Using the best fog machine as well adds to the mood and effect of a production or event.

Fog machine vs. Haze machine

A fog machine and a haze machine are often interchanged. Both enhance effects, but it is good to know how to tell them apart. The main difference is the type of vapor the machine emits. Haze is a vapor that scatters slowly. It creates a thin mist-like veil in the atmosphere and is primarily for lighting enhancement. 

On the other hand, fog is a white or colored and thick vapor. This kind of vapor scatters swiftly. It can hide an image from the audience before a revelation. This fog creates a dramatic effect on the production or event. It is also applicable to mimic fire or smoke in the entertainment industry. 

Are fog machines safe to breathe?

Fog machines are generally safe to breathe. However, there is additional care for individuals with breathing problems. A person should avoid prolonged exposure to fog machines with a chemical like Glycol. It is also best for all users to observe some precautions. 

One of these is to ensure that proper and sufficient ventilation is available. It is also best to make sure that the heating temperature is correct. You can find this measure in the machine guidelines or instructions. 

Uses of Fog Machines

Enhances lighting

Certain events and productions need lighting enhancement. The best fog machine emits a vapor that breaks in the given light. This mechanism magnifies the lighting effect and levels up a show or entertainment event.

Provides special effect

Fog machines provide added visual imagery for the audience. It can add spook, mystery, suspense, and dramatic effects.

How do Fog Machines Work?

The best fog machine is simple but works incredibly. The tank of the device contains fog fluid. This fluid is then pumped out into and heated in a heat exchanger. It then becomes vapor which exits the machine’s nozzle. Afterward, it mixes with the air in the atmosphere and creates a fog-like element. 

Components of a Fog Machine

Fog machine liquid

The fog machine liquid is also called fog juice. The tank stores the fog liquid. It is commonly a mixture of water or water-based liquid and Glycol. It is noteworthy to use the correct fog liquid according to the machine’s guidelines. It is because there are specific fog liquids for specific fog machines. Also, make sure that the fog fluid is clean and made with safe ingredients.


The pump is also called the piston pump. The primary role of the pump is to transport the fog liquid from the tank into the heat exchanger. You will hear a sound when the pump is working.

Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger heats the fog liquid into a vapor. This vaporizing process is called flashing. The heat exchanger also houses a thermostat that regulates the temperature in the exchanger. 


The nozzle has small openings that release vapor because of the high pressure exerted. The kind of vapor, whether fog or mist, is also dependent on the force. As the tension rises, the nozzle produces finer particles. Keep in mind that the nozzle is very hot and explosive.

Remote Control

The remote control makes it easy to operate a fog machine. You can press this single-button remote control to deliver the fog into the atmosphere. You can also use fog machines that have timers. The remote control also allows you to measure the amount of moisture the machine will let out.

Venues Where Fog Machines are Used


Fog machines are no longer just used for grand events and industrial settings. They are also applicable for events and parties like weddings, birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween. The fog machine used in this setting helps set the right vibe and makes them even more unforgettable.


You can use fog machines for production purposes like theatrical shows, film, and television settings. Fog machines are applicable for segments that imitate smoke and fire. It also enhances moods like mystery and thrill. Some institutions like schools, churches, and companies, use fog machines for special corporate events. 


A concert and or a fun night in a club is not complete without a fog machine. People have been using fog machines in these settings for many years. Fog machines amp up the excitement of the participants. 

Parks and Arcades

Theme parks and some arcades also use fog machines. Certain rides and activities like spooky houses gain their attraction with the help of fog machines.

Types of Fog Machine Effects

Just like any other equipment, it’s best to know the type of effect you want to showcase. For a more detailed understanding of the different kinds of fog machine effects, here are the most common ones that most people use. 


The vortex is a whirling fog effect. It’s pretty easy to get this kind of effect. You only need an image protector with your fog machine. Combine those two, and you’re all set!

On the ground

It is also called low-lying fog. It is the most common and probably most astonishing effect. It is the fog you see creeping from the ground in productions and events. The hot fog released from the machine rises. This effect gives this one the ground effect.

Seeping from the ground

This fog effect is like on the ground. But with a seeping from the ground effect, you can create an even more spooky and supernatural vibe. You will need some things to get this effect. It includes clamps, a hose, and a PVC line pipe. Secure the hose to your fog machine. Then put the hose under elements like leaves or soil. 


This kind of fog effect is what you see in settings like concerts, clubs, and raves. This effect is usually a vertical burst of fog. You may not be able to pull off this effect using your ordinary fog machine. You will need a fog machine that mainly emits this effect. 


Strobe is another effect that’s easy to produce. You just need to use a strobe light and your fog machine. Direct your strobe light at an angle into the fog for the best effect.

What to Consider When Buying a Fog Machine

When shopping for the best fog machine, this guide will help you find the best, spookiest, easiest-to-use, and highest-performing fog machines. Here are the things you need to consider first before you make that purchase. 


One of the primary considerations when buying the best fog machine is coverage. It also means the fog output. Make sure that the fog machine releases concentrated and heavy fog. 

Right wattage

The best fog machine comes in wattage between 300 to 1500 watts. Fog machines with higher wattages deliver more fog. The lowest wattage ranging from 300 watts to 400 watts is sufficient for home parties and small functions. A fog machine with wattage from 1000 watts and beyond is suitable for outdoor and huge events.

Size and weight

The ideal size and weight for the best fog machine you will purchase depends on certain factors. These factors cover the purpose and the place. For events like parties, you will want a more compact and portable fog machine. You can use a  bigger and heavier one for professional events like concerts and big productions.


As the fog machine works, it will create a sound. This factor is an important consideration when buying the best fog machine for intimate events like birthdays. The noise produced by the fog machine can distract your event. So you might need to look for a fog machine with the slightest sound.

Controls and Modes

It is best to buy a fog machine that has a remote control and a timer. These features make it easy to use and manage the fog machine.

Reservoir/content capacity

A more extensive reservoir or tank will hold more fog liquid. This capacity will be convenient for you because you will not need to refill it frequently. The downside to this kind of fog machine is it is not compact. Make sure that you can quickly gauge the liquid inside the tank to know when to refill it. 


More expensive fog machines do not necessarily translate to being the best. Make sure that the best fog machine is well-built. Consider also the quality of the fog machine to ensure that you are satisfied with what you pay for.

Rockville R1200L 7 Channel DMX Fog/Smoke Machine

Fog Machines

One of the exciting added features of the Rockville R1200L 7 Channel DMX Fog/Smoke Machine is its LED lights. These bright LED lights are fixed in the machine. It means that you won’t need to have a separate light source for a colored effect. The lights are also customizable, with six different colors to choose from. 

You can control these lights in three ways. One is to activate them via the beat of the surrounding sound. It can also be activated using the remote control. Lastly, it has a digital multiplex (DMX) control. This control comes in seven channels. It also allows you to use the lights only or the fog only. It as well allows both the use of the fog and the lights. 

Rockville’s tank capacity is 1.2L. It has a coverage capacity of 12,000 cubic feet per minute. Such coverage means that it is powerful to fill up large settings and places in a short time. It is solid and well-built.


  • Built-in LED lights
  • Long-lasting
  • Start-time is fast
  • Two modes: manual and wireless timer
  • It comes with fog juice


  • LED light colors may change abruptly
  • A short amount of time of continuous fogging

1byOne O00QL-0041 Wired Remote Control Fog Machine

Fog Machines

This 1byOne fog machine is light. It is easy to store, carry, and transport. But even with its compact size, it produces a dense and significant amount of fog. The fog can fill up about two rooms at a maximum of 10 feet with a coverage capacity of 2000 cubic feet per minute. The body is of aluminum material which makes for a better heating process. 

This fog machine by One Store is easy to operate. It is as simple as filling the tank with fog liquid and turning on the device. You can regulate the fog through the remote control. This remote control has a 6.5 feet cord. There is also a meter gauge that lets you know when to refill the fog liquid. You can use this indoors. The One Store fog machine can cover events like weddings, Halloween, and birthday parties.


  • ETL tested, so the quality is verified and validated
  • It is affordable
  • The fog emitted is concentrated, and large


  • The reheating process may take a while
  • The reservoir is small, so you might need to refill it often
  • Fog may not stay so long

AGPTEK 13 LED Lights Effect and 2000 CFM Fog Machine

Fog Machines

The AGPTEK fog machine has 500 wattage. It can cover about 2000 cubic feet per minute. It has a 250 ml tank for more prolonged use. The fog also lasts for about 25 seconds. The fog produced is non-toxic and high-powered. It means that the machine does not have toxic gases. 

The AGPTEK fog machine comes with 13 RGB LED light effects, which adds to the foggy atmosphere. It is also convenient, even if it is from iron and aluminum elements. But its solid structure ensures that you can use the machine longer. It is also very cost-efficient since it has an energy-saving capability of 20%. 

It is likewise easy to control and manipulate. It comes with separate remotes for the fog and lights. This way, the user can choose the desired settings for the fog and lights. The AGPTEK fog machine is perfect for weddings, concerts, weddings, family gatherings, and parties. 


  • Bright lights
  • Compact
  • Fog is thick
  • Remotes are easy to control


  • You will need a 110 to 130 voltage socket to operate it
  • Cannot sustain large quantities of fog
  • Machine gets hot during prolonged use
  • No auto cycle is available

JDR DJ LED Portable 2000 CFM Fog Machine

Fog Machines

The JDR Fog Machine can easily cover 2,000 cubic feet per minute. With a 400 wattage, this fog machine is robust. It takes only around 3 to 4 minutes for it to warm up. After 3-4 minutes, the fog machine is ready to use. It can produce a continuous fog of 14-30 seconds long. 

This fog machine comes with both wireless and wired controllers and has controllable LED lights. These lights can be turned off or turned on while the smoke machine is in use. This fog machine also has a preheating lamp. It is sturdy as it is built from aluminum and iron. It is also compact and easy to handle. It has fuse protection to support its warm-up and heating mechanisms. 

The JDR Fog Machine is perfect for weddings, Halloweens, and parties. You can also use this fog machine for disinfection. Most importantly, this item comes with a 90-day refund and 180-day replacement.


  • It takes only 3-4 minutes for the first warm-up and 14-30 seconds for spraying
  • It is equipped with advanced electronic thermostat control system and special piping technology
  • It has a unique wireless and wired remote control
  • It has a controllable light and visible preheating lamp
  • Compact, portable, and built from aliminum and iron for better heat dissipation
  • 90-day refund and 180-day replacement


  • 15-second long spray then shuts down
  • No automatic timer
  • Could not choose a single color

ADJ Fury 1000 II Fog Machine

Fog Machines

The ADJ Fog Fury 1000 II is a hi-tech fog machine. Seven hundred wattages power it. It is sleek, compact, and modern. It comes with wireless controllers. It comes with a unique heating design. It uses the oil type transmission. This technology prevents the pipeline from clogging. This machine also uses water-based fog fluid only. It ensures that the pipeline does not get clogged. It is a high-performance pump system. 

Such a system provides that the machine releases 4000 cubic feet of fog per minute. It has an internal tank measuring a .9 Liter capacity. One of its unique features is a visible fog fluid level. It ensures that the user is always aware of how much liquid is left. 

The ADJ Fury 1000 II Fog Machine also has an LED heating indicator system. This light changes colors to indicate when the machine is warming up and ready for use. However, the machine needs 4 minutes to warm up before use. 


  • Led heating indicator system in the tank
  • Single yoke to mount on a wall or from a trussing bracket
  • High fog output
  • Particular heating element to indicate heat level
  • Prevents pipeline clogging


  • Longer heating time
  • Fog thins out
  • No lights included


Fog machines set the feel and atmosphere of a place or event. With a knack for art, people also have a flair for dramatic atmospheres. The best fog machine is the perfect way to liven up any event. Fog machines have been used for concerts, theatrical plays, and special events. Fog machines are also known to enhance lighting. These can facilitate performance, entrances, and showcases. 

The best fog machine I’d recommend is the Rockville R1200L 7 Channel DMX Fog/Smoke Machine. It allows its users to customize their selection of light colors. One thing that sets Rockville R1200L apart from other fog machines is its 1.2L capacity for fog liquid. Such a capacity allows the fog machine to release continuous fog without a repeated change in fog liquid. It is efficient as well as impressive. With its sleek design and compact size, the Rockville R1200L fog machine is simply incredible.

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