The 5 Best Family Devotional Books

Editor’s Choice

43024: The One-Year Book of Josh McDowell"s Family Devotions

  • Stories are relatable to things we deal with in our everyday lives
  • This family devotional book is good for pre-teens and teens
  • The stories are well-written and entertaining

Best Overall

978553: Kingdom Family Devotional: 52 Weeks of Growing Together

  • A perfect resource for busy families
  • Includes fun Friday activities each week that range from arts and crafts to charades
  • With useful topics dedicated each week


20995X: Jesus Calling Family Devotional: 100 Devotions for Families to Enjoy Peace in His Presence

  • Includes a bookmark ribbon to keep track of your page
  • The questions are engaging for the whole family
  • The vibrant cover is perfect for a coffee table or travel bag

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best family devotional book is then I’d recommend Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans as the best one.

Isn’t it amazing to have a great connection with your family while developing a deep relationship with God? Well, that’s great for engaging. That is what a family devotional can do to every family.

When I say family, it means even your kids from toddlers to teens, can enjoy such a relationship with God.

I can honestly say that this kind of activity is good and effective, especially for families who have busy schedules. They are practical to those who can only set a short period for family bonding.

This activity will not only strengthen your relationship with your kids but will also have a good impact on their growth. It will teach and encourage them to live their lives following God’s words.

The success of your family devotion depends on the family devotional books that you’ll be using.

Here are the Best Family Devotional Books we’ll be reviewing:

What is a Family Devotional?

A family devotional is an activity to strengthen your family’s spiritual growth together.

It is a simple way where you can slowly introduce God’s words to your children. Through family devotionals, you can start a good conversation with the family. It is where even kids and teenagers can relate and enjoy.

Family devotionals can also be your family’s bonding time. The best part of it is it will not take up too much of your time. In a short period, you can enjoy a fruitful discussion with your children. 

Starting a family devotional proves to be beneficial for the whole family, especially for your children’s growth. 

What Creates a Good Family Devotional?

The success of every family devotional depends on the resources you have. You need to consider other factors such as:

Simple and age-appropriate

Do not make family devotionals complicated. It should be simple yet enjoyable. It should be easy to understand that even younger kids could cope during the discussion.


Give your children the chance to collaborate. Let them read certain passages. Let them share their thoughts. Involve them during your discussion. This will make them feel excited to be part of your family’s devotion.


The language and style of your family devotionals should always be biblical. Topics should always be based on the Bible to achieve your goal of having a deeper connection and relationship with God as a family. 


On the other hand, consistency is really important. Make family devotional as part of your family’s daily routine. Do not break the momentum. Your children might lose interest if you are inconsistent and that is something you don’t want to happen.


Make family devotional as fun as possible. Kids always love fun things and fun moments. They look forward to activities that are enjoyable and lively.

Importance of Doing Family Devotional

Family devotions play an important role in molding our spiritual lives. It can initiate a deep relationship among the family. Family devotions create an atmosphere for our children to flourish in their walk with God.

It unites the family

Family Devotional strengthens the relationship between parents and their kids. Parents need to be intentional in sharing the scriptures. Doing family devotionals sets the mood and atmosphere in the family. A family devotional is a chance for the family to pray for each other. 

It creates a meaningful conversation with your children

Family devotional allows your children to understand the Bible and connect it in their lives. It helps your children reflect on life through God’s words. Parents can teach kids how to live life following God’s will.

It is a good investment in your children’s spiritual growth

Family devotion is the perfect investment if you want your kids to follow God’s character. Modeling is the most effective way of teaching. Model Christlike character to them. Modeling reading the Bible and praying set a firm foundation in their spiritual life.    

When is the Best Time to Do Family Devotionals?

The best time is to make time. Every family is unique. Take into consideration that even your kids have their busy schedules too.

You can schedule a time when every member is available. For some families, the best time to do family devotion is before eating their breakfast. They wake up earlier than usual to make time for their family devotional. That way, their mind is fresh from the hassle of the day. 

Other families do their family devotion before bedtime. They could spend more time with each other in prayer and thanksgiving. Also, they have more time to share stories and play games. They prefer nighttime because they are not rushing to go out of the house. 

Remember that we are teaching our kids a habit. For them to copy that habit, we must be consistent with the appointed time. 

How to Start your Family Devotionals?

Family devotions are a set time when parents and their kids sit down, pray, and read the Bible together. Initiating a habit of doing family devotion can be tough. In the end, it is a worthwhile investment for your family’s spiritual growth. 

Set up a schedule

Make sure that everyone is available. When you set time, remember to include the schedule of your kids too. Look at their schedule and see what fits best. Perhaps Saturday evening or Sunday mornings. Find what works best and make sure to be consistent. 

Start with a Prayer

It’s always best to start everything with a simple prayer.

It could be a prayer for Lord’s guidance as you go about your family devotional. It could be a prayer for the family’s good health. You could include any other type of prayers you wanted before doing your family devotional.

Look for the Best Family Devotional Book

You can start your family devotional by reading passages in the Bible. You can let the kids take turns in reading Bible verses. Let them express their thoughts and learnings from what they read. It is also best if you could read stories from family devotional books. Discuss biblical principles to them as you read to them. 

Choosing the Best Family Devotional Book

There are factors to consider before buying a devotional book for your family. Here are some of them.

Age Target

In engaging your kids with family devotions, make sure that the book you’re reading to them is appropriate for their age. Some families have toddlers, pre-school, and elementary kids. Some have teenagers and young adults. Ask questions. Is this book suitable for kids? Does it pique the curiosity of teenagers and young adults? 

Colorful Illustrations

For toddlers and elementary kids, they prefer to read books with colorful pictures. You can engage them more if they can see images. They can enrich their imaginations through illustrations. One of the most effective ways to teach kids in this age group is through visualization. Teens and young adults are different. They prefer books with relatable illustrations. 

Story Content

One of the key points you need to consider is the content of the book. Is it easy to understand? Is it relatable? The main objective of family devotionals is not just for kids to retain information. We want to see life transformation inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. Family devotional books encourage the whole family to be Christlike in all their endeavors. 

Let me help you find the best family devotional in the market today. 

Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans

978553: Kingdom Family Devotional: 52 Weeks of Growing Together

Kingdom Family Devotional is a new devotional written by Dr. Tony Evans and his son Jonathan Evans. It is an excellent way to build a spiritually strong family week by week. What’s amazing about this book is that it’s perfect for single and married parents. This book is a perfect resource tool for parents to enhance the family’s spiritual growth.

This book has 52 separate topics. One topic is meant for each week of the year, and five devotionals within each topic will guide devotional time Monday through Friday. Topics span from the basics of the faith to the essentials of living as followers of Christ. In addition, the subject matter is made simpler for young kids to understand.


  • A perfect resource for busy families
  • Includes fun Friday activities each week that range from arts and crafts to charades
  • With useful topics dedicated each week
  • The devotions are not very long, great illustrations
  • With themes relevant to today’s problems, lifestyles, etc.


  • Not suitable for families with teens and young adults

The One Year Book of Josh McDowell’s Family Devotions

43024: The One-Year Book of Josh McDowell"s Family Devotions

Josh McDowell’s family devotion is a daily devotion intended for the next generation. It is a “Right from Wrong” devotional book that will help your family discover the truth about always making the right choices. It is designed to help kids make godly decisions by teaching biblical values to them. 

Each of the 365 readings includes a short Bible reading, a key verse, and an inspiring short story. Discussion questions help families think through how to make the right choices in a particular situation. What I love about this book is its helpful feature at the end of each reading. It encourages families to pray, invites them to discuss the issue further, or gives them a practical task to perform.


  • Stories are relatable to things we deal with in our everyday lives
  • This family devotional book is good for pre-teens and teens
  • The stories are well-written and entertaining
  • Includes a daily scripture reading


  • The language of the book is too cheesy

Jesus Calling Family Devotional by Sarah Young

20995X: Jesus Calling Family Devotional: 100 Devotions for Families to Enjoy Peace in His Presence

Sarah Young is one of the bestselling authors of the 365-day devotionals Jesus Calling. Her ministry is to encourage her readers in their journey toward intimacy with Christ. Families can read and talk through each devotion together. They can also pray together and read scripture verses.

This family devotional book has a total of 100 devotions for kids. It is designed to bring families together. The devotionals offer the family a deeper relationship with Jesus. It has a page meant for parents and another page with exact content meant for kids. The words used in the kid’s section are easy to understand. 


  • Includes a bookmark ribbon to keep track of your page
  • The questions are engaging for the whole family
  • The vibrant cover is perfect for a coffee table or travel bag
  • It is a wonderful gift for families
  • It features parallel content for parents and kids


  • The devotionals are repetitive
  • The language used is very direct

The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous by Shoemaker

735552: The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions: 52 Activities Your Kids Will Never Forget

From the title itself, you’ll know that this devotional book is not your typical family devotional book. Shoemaker aims to create family devotionals creative, fun, and engaging. That is what this family devotional offers. 

This book is perfect for families who are already tired of the boring devotional books we see in the bookstore. If you want to laugh, build, explode, and bring the truth of the scripture to life in your household – then this book is for you!

The 52 activities aim to deliver the spiritual impact you desire for your kids. Everybody will enjoy the hands-on, kinda dangerous, totally unforgettable object lessons included here. You’ll be surprised that even dads and “killjoy” teens get to enjoy your weekly family devotional time.


  • Spot on activities for your family’s spiritual growth together
  • One of a kind, unique, over the top devotional
  • Recommended for families who love to be active
  • Includes activities categorized by age group


  • The activities included requires too much work for parents
  • Not recommended for families with toddlers

All Together: The Family Devotional by Steve Legg

596929: All Together: The Family Devotional

The All Together family devotional book is written by Steve and Bekah Legg to bring families together. It is written to encourage families to share the big things and small things in their everyday lives. They can explore the Bible from Genesis to the birth, life, and resurrection of Jesus. 

Discover something new each day with a healthy dose of humor and insight. The twelve-week devotional is very down-to-earth and accessible. The family gets to read a short Bible passage, a thought to consider, questions to get you talking, and simple prayer every day. It also includes entry suggestions each weekend that the family can do together. 


  • It is perfect for the whole family
  • This devotional encourages discussion and prayer together
  • You’ll be able to explore Christianity as a unit
  • It keeps all the family members involved in the discussion
  • It is very biblical


  • Not recommended for families with teens and young adults


Making time to do family devotions initiate deep relationships with God and your children. Making it a habit establishes a sense of unity and direction within families. Family devotionals are a set time designed to build up each member and expand opportunities to pray with and for them.

To make your family devotions fun and engaging, I recommend Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans. The partnership between this father and son offers a year-long study of themes of spiritual growth. The format provides a lot of flexibility for busy families. They could either read together Monday through Friday or have two nights off each week in the evenings. The best part of this book is it’s focused on younger kids to older teens. 

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