Guide to the 5 Best Bible Tabs

Editor’s Choice


  • A Bible tab placement guide is included in the package
  • There are different colors to choose from
  • The sticker has a strong adhesive

Best Overall


  • Allows the user to apply each Bible tab very easily
  • It has a large printed font for every tab.
  • Easy to flip through book pages



  • The product is highly affordable for new buyers
  • Each Bible tab is printed on laminated stickers.
  • Printed words are easy to read.

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the best Bible tab is, then I’d recommend DiverseBee Laminated Bible Tabs as the best one.

While still in school, I often used sticky notes and highlighters to help me with my studies. I would have struggled with pop quizzes and final exams without them. These things made it easier for me throughout my school years. 

Being a Christian is an amazing journey. To deepen our relationship with God, reading the Bible is the most effective way to do so. The Bible is enough to supply us with guidelines on navigating life. The teachings of Jesus Christ serve as a blueprint for how we should live.

Today, there are a lot of tools that can help us get into the scriptures easily. From devotional books to Bible commentaries to Bible study guides, it’s easier to dive into the word of God every day. And if we don’t know where all the 66 books in the Bible are, the Bible tabs come in. 

Here are the best Bible Tabs we’ll be reviewing:

What are Bible Tabs?

Let me put it this way, it does what it says on the tin. Each Bible tab references the name of each book found in the Bible. That is why they are also called Bible Index Tabs. 

Bible tabs, as the name suggests, are simply tabs that show you where to find each Book in the Bible. They are decorative tabs that could mark pages, so it’s easier to locate a particular Book in the Bible later. The lovely and practical designs add visual interest to help you find the correct page at a glance. 

They are most commonly placed at the beginning page of each book of the Bible. They come in many different designs, shades, and styles. So choosing one for your Bible is a fun way to customize it as your own.

Why Use a Bible Tab?

There are several reasons why you should opt to use Bible tabs for Bible reading. In this case, it always boils down to three main factors:

They make Bible reading easier

Compared to how bookmarks function in marking pages in the book we’re reading, Bible tabs point you to the correct page at a glance. There are plenty of Christians out there who have each page of the Bible memorized from the heart. And kudos to those people! Being able to commit to memory 1200 pages of the Bible isn’t a simple feat. 

For some Christians, especially casual Bible readers, using tabs is a lot of help. I remember my grandmother owning an indexed Bible. She was the one who inspired me to use them as a young Christian. And I will always keep that memory with me.

To help familiarize with the scriptures

As we acquaint ourselves with the scriptures, we come closer to understanding the intentions behind the Bible. We can better comprehend the sermons dictated because we religiously read the contents before going to mass. Similar to studying for a topic found on the syllabus a day before the actual lesson. It’s always better to be prepared rather than not be prepared at all.

To add style to your Bible

Owning a Bible is similar to owning a priceless heritage. It contains millennia-old wisdom that has helped countless other Christians for centuries. We live in a time when we can freely practice our faith. And the better way to honor our faith is by customizing our Bible. Adding these helps us navigate each page and eases us into accessorizing the Bible as our own. Plus, it helps you better identify what your Bible looks like amidst a sea of other Bibles if it ever gets lost.

How to Use Bible Tabs?

If you choose to purchase Bible tabs, there are usually instructions that can help you apply them to your Bible. Most of them are stickers or cardstock. The first step is to locate the beginning of each book in the Bible. The placement is up to you. Some prefer the top, but most people find placing them on the side of the Bible makes the most sense.

Then simply add to the edge of your page and fold over to apply. Make sure you have just one page, as Bible pages are very thin. Make sure that you don’t miss a single book in the Bible. Lastly, you can reinforce if necessary. Since the pages of the Bible are very thin, there can be issues with pages ripping where the tabs are. It’s safer to reinforce the page using a decorative washi or basic scotch tape. 

How to Make Your Own Bible Tabs

Are you the type of student who enjoys making arts and crafts? In that case, I can show you a few different ways we can use your sense of creativity and resourcefulness. 

Making things out of our own hands can be very fulfilling. So here are a few Bible tab templates you can make in the comfort of your home.

Sample Bible Tabs Template

Making a personalized Bible tab template is easy. Just follow this simple guideline so you can create your very own Bible tab design.   

  1. Think about your preferred Bible Tab design. In this step, you will be using your imaginative skills to think of the perfect Bible tab aesthetic. You can base it on your favorite color, your favorite animal, or your grandmother’s Bible tab. If you’re not feeling inspired, you can search the web for Bible tab designs.
  2. Decide on which paper you will be printing. Ask yourself what kind of quality you want your Bible tab to have. Do you want the matte finish of the sticker paper? What is the durability of the card stock? Or the familiarity of the copy paper? If you can’t choose one, then you can print on all three of them. It never hurts to have extras.
  3. Gather the necessary tools and materials. For this step, you will need a printer, a pair of scissors or a tab punch, a Bible tab printable, and your own Bible.
  4. Print your design. Since you already chose your preferred design, all you have to do for this step is to print it out. Assemble all the papers and make sure you printed all of them. Make sure you don’t miss a single book in the Bible. 
  5. Cut out the printed tabs. If you have steady hands for cutting, then you can complete this step with ease. This part takes a lot of time to do since you’re snipping a lot of individual names. 
  6. Fold each Bible Tab in half. Take your time to carefully fold each tab so that you will not make any unintended paper folds. 
  7. Arrange each Bible Tab. Use a blank piece of paper to lay out each Bible tab in the precise order. 
  8. Put them on your Bible. Here comes the tricky part. Start from the beginning of each chapter to stick to the Bible tab. You can take all the time in the world. So take care in applying each Bible tab.

And voila! You just made your very own personalized Bible tab. I hope this simple guide has helped you to explore your options for customizing your own.

How to Organize Bible Tabs

To properly organize your tabs, you have to make sure that the name on each page correctly corresponds to the name printed on the tab. Otherwise, you would find it confusing if you mislabeled Exodus to Deuteronomy. 

You can choose to place your tabs on the top, bottom, side, or wherever you feel is best. We naturally turn pages on the side, so the side makes the most sense. 

Common Types of Bible Tabs

There exists a variety of design choices for every single Christian out there. When choosing the best design depends on what your preferences are.

For Young Christians

Do you want a cartoon-themed Bible tab like Veggie Tales? Or a rainbow-themed Bible tab when it comes to customizing? As beginner Bible readers, there are no limits when it comes to personalizing your Bible to suit your needs. The first few steps of your faith journey must allow you to explore yourself and your relationship with God. One of the first steps can come in the form of choosing the best kind of Bible tab to help you in reading the Bible.

For Christian Women

Comfort and style aren’t mutually exclusive when choosing the best tabs for your Bible reading pleasure. There are floral-themed that come in any combination of colors. They are most commonly found in a pleasing sight of pastels. There are also cursive-styled prints. I would recommend it to women who want to make their Bible reading feel a little fancy. 

For Christian Men

There is a common misconception when it comes to men and style. People think men are just plain and monotonous. However, Christian men like to accessorize too. Bible tabs have designs for men, like sleek monochrome and khaki-colored designs. There are also colorful designs if you want to add life to your Bible. We can use these to answer both our style and utilitarian needs.

They make Bible reading easier. To help you hunt for the best tabs in the market today, here are my recommendations.

DiverseBee Laminated Bible Tabs

Bible Tabs

DiverseBee Laminated Bible Tabs wants to bring joy as you spend time in God’s Word. It comes in 66 pieces and 14 blank tabs for you to write anything on. Each Bible tab is a matte-textured, appropriately shaped, and pastel-colored dream. The black font color ensures that the pastel background helps the user read the names better. 

The design of each Bible tab can help you differentiate the name of each book chapter. Since each Bible Tab has specific print designs that match each printed name. I think that any Christian man or woman who owns a Bible and has an eye for style can see themselves using it for a better reading experience.


  • Allows the user to apply each Bible tab very easily
  • It has a large printed font for every tab
  • Easy to flip through book pages
  • It is soft to the touch
  • Each Bible tab is flexible


  • They are made of thin and flimsy stickers
  • The product covers the words beyond the margins
  • Overpriced for first-time buyers

Colorful Floral Laminated with Matte Film Bible Tabs

Bible Tabs

This product comes with 90 Bible tabs in total. It includes 66 tabs for the Old and New Testaments and an additional 24 blank tabs. The semi-transparent white background highlights the stark contrast of the black font color of the printed words. It allows for the color to pop, which makes the Bible tab’s design stand out more. 

It is fascinating to look at the new Bible tab since the designs are beautifully printed on each Bible tab. The cartoon-styled flowers make it adorable and perfect for any Christian lady, young and old.


  • A Bible tab placement guide is included in the package
  • There are different colors to choose from
  • The sticker has a strong adhesive
  • The Bible tab product includes a free bookmark.
  • The texture feels smooth and does not look like plastic


  • It does not have bendable edges
  • It is not laminated as advertised

Idyllic Grace Creamsicle Bronze Foil Bible Tabs

Bible Tabs

The product has 66 Bible tabs and an additional 9 blank tabs to mark special quotes in your Bible. With its bold gold foil lettering, the Bible tabs can give the impression that they can glow in the dark. There are various artworks chosen for the Bible tab design. 

All the printed Bible tabs are distinct in color and aesthetic. The back-to-back gold foil letter print makes it easier for you to read the words on the Bible tab. This Bible tab design is great for those who like to add quirky and stylish compliments to their Bibles.


  • The product is highly affordable for new buyers
  • Each Bible tab is printed on laminated stickers
  • Printed words are easy to read
  • The quality of the Bible tabs is sturdy
  • A misplaced Bible tab can be repositioned easily


  • There is a possibility that there are missing printed Bible tabs in your order.
  • The differing patterns may confuse you

Suit Laminated with Matte Film Bible Tabs

Bible Tabs

The Suit Bible tabs have 90 tabs in total. It includes 66 Bible tabs for the Old and New Testament with an added 24 blank tabs. This product has a monochromatic design that is easy on the eyes. The printed design exudes a woody and stocky vibe that can look down to earth for any interested Christian man. 

Unlike floral and colorful designs, this Bible tab design gives off a certain sophistication. If you prefer a more mature Bible reading experience, this Bible tab may be just for you.


  • Bible tabs are pre-folded
  • The product comes with a lovely packaging
  • It has an easy-to-read printed font
  • Each Bible tab has a matte finish
  • It is highly durable in quality


  • The Bible tab can be awkward to install on the Bible
  • Some Bible Tabs are in low-printed quality

Mr. Pen 3 Different Designs Bible Tabs

Bible Tabs

This beautifully styled Bible tab product comes in a set of 3 different styles. It has 222 individually personalized Bible tabs to choose from. Bible tabs like these can be applied to any non-Bible books and notebooks, journals, files, and so on. 

Since this product comes in 3 sets, you have plenty of Bible tabs to spare when there comes a time that you accidentally tear a Bible tab. You can even choose to share your Bible tabs with others if they have a missing Bible tab they need to replace. It is the perfect Bible tab product to gift to your friends and family on any given occasion.


  • Bible tabs are solid in quality
  • It is made of thick laminated card stock 
  • It is available in various styles
  • Printed words are highly legible for the reader
  • It is easy to remove


  • It can make book edges bulky and thick
  • Some letters on the Bible tabs are printed in small


Being able to read the Bible, which is the closest sacred object we can own as Christians, is a blessing. That is why using Bible tabs to ease ourselves into reading the Bible doesn’t just help us with reading the Bible. It also helps us better internalize God’s teachings to apply in everyday life. 

For this reason, I recommend the DiverseBee Laminated Bible Tabs to all Christians who are interested in purchasing Bible tabs for a better reading experience. It’s easy on the eyes and easy on the pocket. This Bible tab product can be used by every type of Christian. And I believe that its usage will help you familiarize the Bible in a meaningful way.

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