Are Soul Ties Mutual?: Everything You Need to Know

As similar as it is with any other human connection, you may ask, are soul ties mutual?

Soul ties are deep connections between two persons on the emotional and spiritual levels. Having strong feelings for each other, however, does not mean that both feel the same level of connection. Soul ties, no matter how deep, can either be mutual or one-sided.

The types of relationships human beings have with one another are different, to each their own. You may have experienced a strong connection with another and have strong feelings and a deep emotional bond. This deep connection oftentimes leads to the creation of a soul tie.

Soul tie means a powerful emotional and spiritual connection between two people. Having soul ties can affect one’s life forever. And as similar as it is with any other human connection, you may ask, are soul ties mutual?

Are Soul Ties Mutual?

Are Soul Ties Mutual?

Many associate platonic and romantic relationships with another person with the concept of having a soul mate. But having a soul tie relationship entails deeper soul connections with someone that are more than the idea of soul mates.

While soul tie creates a deep emotional connection and spiritual ties between human beings, it begs the question: can soul ties be mutual? The straight answer is yes, soul ties can be mutual. Read on below to better understand the nature of soul ties.

Understanding Soul Ties

Soul tie means having a profound sense of feeling connected with another person. Although not described in the Bible, soul ties relate to the scriptures with similar citings, such as soul knitting or becoming one in spirit. In 1 Samuel 18:1, the Bible explained that the soul of Jonathan became one in spirit with David’s.

Soul ties are created either through physical, emotional, or spiritual connections. Physical soul ties or sexual soul ties come from having physical intimacy or sexual relations with another person. Emotional soul ties on the other hand stem from close friendships built-in trust and confidence. Spiritual soul ties result from having a spiritual understanding that brings two people closer to Jesus Christ.

Types of Soul Ties

There are different types of soul ties, but the common idea of having one’s soul tied to another is to feel strongly connected, no matter how it is formed.

Depending on the effects on one’s well-being, soul ties can also turn from positive or healthy soul ties to unhealthy soul ties. Positive soul ties follow a healthy relationship that encourages both people in the relationship to be the best version of themselves.

A healthy soul tie is also related to godly soul ties. Godly soul ties have a positive impact on your well-being while bringing you closer to God and deepening your connection with the Holy Spirit.

Unhealthy soul ties or ungodly soul ties are those that negatively affect you in real life. Unhealthy soul ties are those relationships built from guilt, doubt, pride, or even lust.

Like any other relationship, whether healthy or unhealthy connections, godly or ungodly soul ties can indeed be mutual between two persons.

Can Soul Ties be One-sided?

As human beings, people are not free from changing their minds or feelings toward another person. No matter how deep the connection is between two people, soul ties can also be one-sided. This article may help on how to identify a one-sided soul tie, its negative effect on one’s well-being, and how to break free from it.

Do soul ties affect men?

Contrary to popular belief, men do experience feeling hurt. Men are not exempted from hurting or feeling deeply connected to a significant other especially if the relationship is significant for them.

Society views men as strong and independent. They most likely cope with one-sided soul ties in logical ways. Regardless of how they respond to tough times compared to women, soul ties affect men the same. Their emotional response to the hurt they are feeling is to keep the hurt to themselves.

Indeed, soul ties affect men, especially one-sided soul ties with a significant relationship that they cherished. While men do not tend to show it in their actions in public, they deal with pain on their own and deal with their feelings over time.

Common Types of One-sided Soul Ties

Can soul ties be one-sided and difficult to know if you developed them? One-sided soul ties can be as common as the relationship we build in our day-to-day lives. We can develop one-sided soul ties with anyone we have connected on an emotional level with.

Being aware of developing one-sided soul ties may be difficult. This is because one could turn a blind eye to the red flags for the sake of the bond they have with another person’s soul. As opposed to mutual soul ties, take a look at the common types of one-sided soul ties below.

One-sided soul tie with a family member

At home, we first develop the model relationships we have. This is also where we develop one-sided soul ties with family members. We develop an emotional bonding with family members and tend to turn to them first when things go wrong in life. But sometimes, family members also go on with building their own lives. This may result in having less connection with you later in life.

One-sided soul tie with a significant other

One-sided soul ties can most likely develop with a significant other. These are the people that we want to feel connected to and have an emotional soul tie with. A deeper level of understanding of one another is a one-of-a-kind relationship we want to develop with them.

A one-sided soul tie is one where one of the couples tends to feel attached and dependent on the other. And the other person does not have the same level of emotional connection.

One-sided soul tie with friends

Our friends are our extended members of the family. They are the ones we enjoy spending time with and being goofy with without the fear of being judged. Yet, as we grow older, we seem to change our circle of friends, and so does our social environment.

This may form one-sided soul ties with friends by a person feeling left out of the friendship. A one-sided soul tie with friends may lead to betrayal out of spite.

One-sided soul tie with a sexual partner

One-sided soul ties with a sexual partner may be the most harmful among the common types of one-sided soul ties. This may result in a one-night stand or a purely sexual relationship that leaves one of the sexual partners feeling being taken for granted.

Much sexual passion extends to more than the act of sexual intercourse. One-sided soul ties with a sexual partner may take a toll on one’s mental health and spiritual self.

Are Soul Ties Mutual?

Symptoms of One-sided Soul Ties

While we can identify healthy relationship indicators, symptoms of one-sided soul ties can be difficult. Here are some common symptoms of one-sided soul ties:

Having unhealthy attachment

Having a soul tie with someone will entail having to deeply feel connected with another person. The feeling of being anxious whenever they are not around is a symptom of a one-sided soul tie. This is more clear at times when you feel like no one could understand or see your worth aside from them.

Experiencing emotional and physical pain

No matter how petty or serious, fights are normal signs in any relationship. Experiencing emotional and physical unresolved fights is a sign of having a one-sided soul tie. The fact that your significant other can go long without communicating with you is a sign of being in a toxic relationship.

Feeling incomplete

Sometimes, you may feel like a certain person completes you, especially with a significant other. This is when having a breakup or having your relationship on the rocks with a one-sided soul tie may lead to feeling incomplete. You may feel as if a part of you is missing because you’re no longer together with your significant other.

Reasons Why One-sided Soul Ties are Harmful


A one-sided soul tie may lead to obsession. When a significant relationship ends, chances are, you will still try to update yourself with their life without you. It may elicit a negative response from you by having the constant need to please them even when you are no longer together. A drastic effect may fall upon your daily productivity and goals in life.


More often, people in a relationship with a one-sided soul tie find it difficult to walk away from the toxicity. Due to blind loyalty, one can feel trapped in an unhealthy soul tie with someone for the sake of the time spent and memories they shared.


Like a drug, a one-sided soul tie may result in an undeniable need for one to be with the other person. It may feel as if you need them to make you happy even though they are also the ones who put you in misery inside the relationship.


A one-sided soul tie can be dangerous when abuse in the relationship occurs with manipulation. With having an unconditional connection or feelings, one manipulates the other. This may lead to the point where their efforts will be for the sole benefit of the other person.


A person having a one-sided soul tie will most likely be deceived. They can be given half-truths or be lied to and not notice it. This is a sad truth with one-sided soul ties due to staying silent and not confronting the other for the sake of having to stay in the relationship.

How to Break One-sided Soul Ties

Breaking one-sided soul ties may be difficult for one to start. When you are experiencing the symptoms of a one-sided soul tie above, it is high time for you to know how to break a soul tie.

Breaking unhealthy soul ties

Breaking Free

Start with distancing yourself from the things or places that remind you of the other person. This will shift your mind’s focus and transition to having other things to keep in mind other than your unhealthy one-sided soul tie.


As much as forgiving the other person is difficult, forgiving oneself is on another level. Learn to forgive the other person and yourself for the things that have hurt you in the past. Take note also of the things that led to the negative feelings to make sure you will know how to deal with the same in the future.

Move on

Transition with a new goal in life. It may mean doing the things you loved doing before. You may also try new hobbies, meet other people, or even try out a new business venture. These can help your mind and heart to keep away from the one-sided unhealthy soul tie you had.

Breaking ungodly soul ties


Pray for deliverance and guidance from the Lord and Holy Spirit to help you break the ungodly soul tie. Healthy spiritual soul ties are centered in Christ Jesus. Surrender all your pains and challenges with your ungodly soul tie with the Lord so He can guide you to be free of it.


Forgiving both those who have hurt you and yourself is an important step in breaking free from this kind of one-sided soul tie. This may start to heal yourself of the pain in the process.

Let go

Still clinging to the past may hinder your journey to break free from a one-sided soul tie. Learn to let go of the things that both hurt you and those that will remind you of the other person. Release these things completely and cut or limit connection with the other person. It may lead you to finally break free from the hurt the toxic relationship caused you.

Are Soul Ties Mutual?

In Summary

Having a soul tie with someone can be a beautiful or painful experience. Mutual soul ties affect the life of both persons healthily. An intimate relationship with someone anchored in mutual love and respect is one that a human being can aspire to have. One-sided soul ties, on the other hand, can harm a person in real life. Thus, it is important to identify one-sided soul ties and break these early on in the relationship.

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