9 Best Prayers for Healing for a Family Member

A prayer for healing for a family member teaches us to find comfort and protection to ease our anxiety and put our trust in the Lord!  

Family is the basic unit in society and it’s also our first ministry. They are the ones who will stick with us no matter what happens. That is why when someone is sick in the family, we all feel helpless and stressed. 

We all know that prayer is something that we can turn to in times of struggle. God has gifted us the ability to ask Him for guidance through prayer. We tend to turn a blind eye when engulfed in so much pain, but prayer gives us warmth and hope. Saying a prayer for healing for a family member assures us that God is in control and that He is the true healer. 

Prayer for Healing for a Family Member

What is a Prayer for Healing for a Family Member?

Like Joshua in Joshua 24:15, let’s make a stand with our commitment to our dear God – that is to pray for our family members especially those who are sick, physically or mentally. The prayer for healing is asking Lord Jesus Christ for a safe recovery from any sickness that our loved ones are going through. A prayer for healing is putting your faith in Jesus that He is the true healer. You are lifting the burden of healing away from you and passing it to Christ. 

Sometimes, we tend to forget that Jesus is always with us. We tend to forget that we are privileged and that we can call upon Him anytime. During this physical and emotional pain, God provides comfort and restoration to the family, especially to the one who is sick (Matthew 9:2).

Keep in mind to always say a prayer for healing for a family member to deliver and protect our loved ones from any danger. Let each family member seek God’s will at all times no matter what the circumstances are.  

Best Prayers for Healing for a Family Member

Prayer for healing from physical illness

Jesus, we set upon you our powerful prayer to heal us. Get rid of all our random physical pains and distress. We worship you for all your glory because you are our healer. We thank you for granting us the rest we need to recover. May the Holy Spirit aid us with the pain in our bodies. We defend ourselves from the enemy. Lord God grants us the strength to be physically fit. Amen. 

Prayer for someone sick in the hospital 

Heavenly Father, we lift to you our loved one who is sick in the hospital. We ask for your healing powers and your divine mercy to be upon him. Let your healing powers flow in their souls. Give them the courage they need to fight the sickness that they are going through right now. We also lift to you the nurses and doctors who are currently taking care of him. We pray for wisdom that they will be able to find a cure for his sickness. Comfort those who are sick in the hospital and may they find hope in you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for someone whose relative is sick

Dear God, please heal our family member who is currently sick at the moment. Comfort them as they go through this difficult time in their life. Have mercy on them, Lord, and may your healing powers comfort and heal them. Let them recover so they may be strengthened and have faith in your hands. Show compassion for their family as they comfort them. May the Holy Spirit replenish their bodies and soul. Grant them the courage to overcome the pain and illness they feel. Amen. 

Prayer for a sick family member who is dying

Abba Father, provide comfort to a sick family member on his deathbed. We are comforted to know that he will be home with you in eternity. We pray that he will accept you as his Lord and Savior. Remind him, Lord, that you will be with him in eternity. To the family members that he’s leaving behind, strengthen their hearts and take them under your wings. May they find solace in your word that their loved one will be with you forever. Amen.

Prayer for healing from addiction

Almighty Father, I know that one of my family members has strayed from your commands and is now after worldly pleasures. He became addicted to the works of men and forgot about you as his true and only Savior. He may be at a point in his life where he doesn’t need you, but I pray for restoration and deliverance to be upon him. 

Have mercy on him, Lord Jesus. Break the bondage of sin and addiction so that he may find hope and comfort in you Lord. Wash away his unwanted desires and cleanse him with your sacred blood. I pray for protection from any temptation that he may be able to stop them. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. 

Prayer for Healing for a Family Member

Healing prayers for a broken family

Dear God, there is nothing more that You would desire than for estranged relatives to patch things up. However, we acknowledge that we cannot do this alone. We beg the Holy Spirit to envelop us in Your love for that reason. May love overflow within us, overflowing into our family as we share it with them. Help us to genuinely repent and seek forgiveness from family members we have hurt. Empower us to forgive those who have wronged us. Empower us to respond to each other with respect and affection. Amen. 

Healing and restoration prayers

Father God, please extend your healing hand to me as I come before you today. Everything is possible for you. Refresh my mind and soul by reaching forth my heart. Even though I’m lost, I’m singing. You gave us life and the gift of boundless joy. Give me the strength to push forward with the journey you have bestowed upon me. Give me the knowledge to recognize those you have put around me to support my recovery and lead me toward better health. I supplicate in your name, Amen.

Prayer for healing from pain and suffering

I ask you, loving Jesus Christ, to give me consolation in my suffering, to strengthen the hands of those who treat me, and to bless the methods employed to treat me. Through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, grant me assurance in the strength of your grace that I may put all my trust in you even when I am terrified. Amen.

Short prayer for a sick family member

Heavenly Father, we pray for our family member who is battling a medical condition. Let your healing power flow from the pain they are going through. Give them the bravery and hope they need to overcome this illness. Your calmness will envelop them as you ease their suffering and alleviate their pains. We call upon the righteous Father to aid them with strength. Amen.

Why do we Need to Pray for our Family Members?

Our family members are the people who we will spend the rest of our lives with. They are the ones that we can depend on in times of difficulty. They are the ones who’ll stick with us through thick or thin. So, it’s just proper that we pray for our loved ones so that they become strong and faithful in the eyes of Christ. 

Praying for our family members is a type of love language for some people. It shows that you care for the well-being of that person. Praying for one another can also be a bonding experience for the family. It will deepen your relationship with your family members and make your family closer to God as well.

Prayer is a way for other people to go through their struggles and the pain they are feeling. That is why it is crucial to say a prayer for healing for a family member who is sick. It gives them the faith and hope they need that Jesus Christ is always with them. It creates unity in the family since they talk about their struggles and pain through prayer. 

Prayer for Healing for a Family Member

In Summary

Prayer can be a small gesture, but in reality, a big step of faith in our relationship with Jesus. He has bestowed us the gift of prayer to help people in need, especially the less fortunate ones. Being able to pray for someone sick shows that you care for that person. You ask God to heal that person you care for because that person is your family. 

Praying for healing for a sick family member offer protection for your family and loved one who may need it the most. These prayers can calm the anxieties and fear that often come with illness. Use these prayers for healing to find comfort and strength in the loving arms of our Creator. 

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