The 5 Best Prayer Journals

Editor’s Choice

  • With scriptures included
  • With journaling prompts for ease of writing
  • A perfect companion for individual worship or group Bible study

Best Overall

  • Moonster is giving a percentage of its profit to a charity for every purchase made
  • It has a 365-day replacement policy in case of damages
  • Comes with a free pen that is perfectly compatible with the paper


  • Not bulky and can fit on small purses
  • Has simple layout
  • Premium matte cover design

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best prayer journal is, then I’d recommend the Psalm 46v10 Genuine Leather Journal Lined Notebook by Moonster as the best one.

Prayer serves as our channel to communicate with God. He speaks to us through His Word, and we speak to Him when we pray. But prayer, despite being an important part of the Christian life, has been neglected by many Christians.

James said in James 4:17 that knowing what is good but not doing it is a sin. Prayer is good because it strengthens our relationship with God and it helps us grow as Christians. And when we neglect prayer, we’re sinning against God.

Praying is connecting with God and getting close to Him. Praying is also where we can personally ask forgiveness from God for all the mistakes we have made, and ask for His help in times of trouble. But sadly, many Christians forget to thank God in times of joy and only seek to speak with Him in times of need.

If you are a Christian who wants to change this bad habit of neglecting prayer, then keeping a Prayer Journal is one way to help you.

Here are the Best Prayer Journals we’ll be reviewing:

What is a Prayer Journal

A Prayer Journal can be anything like a simple pad of paper, a notebook, or a stationary notepad, in which you write your prayers in. It is a personal space between you and God where you write down everything you want to tell Him. A prayer journal doesn’t have to be so extravagant or expensive, because what matters are the words written on it. You decide on what your Prayer Journal looks like.

Purpose of Prayer Journaling

The main purpose of keeping a Prayer Journal is to help Christians who are struggling to have a healthy prayer life. But more than that, here are some of the important purposes of Prayer Journaling:

To help you focus while praying

We’ve all been in that situation where sometimes we can’t focus and don’t know what to pray for. Prayer Journaling will help increase your concentration and have better control over what you want to pray for.

To help you track how God has been so faithful

If you have ever been in a situation where you easily forget what you prayed about the other day, then you are not alone. It happens. So keeping a Prayer Journal can help you track what things have you already prayed for, and track if God has already answered them.

To provide you with a list of everything that you should pray for

Sometimes, when a friend asks us to pray for them, we could easily forget it. But if you keep a Prayer Journal, you can easily list down prayer requests and you can pray for them every day.

To help you make praying a habit

The prayer journal serves as your visual reminder to pray. Eventually, keeping a prayer journal will be a part of your daily routine and you will be surprised how regularly you are now praying.

How to Create Your Own Prayer Journal

In creating a Prayer Journal, what you need to do first is get a pen and a paper or notebook and just start writing. While it sounds so simple, starting a new habit is hard. And sometimes, inscribing your thoughts into words can be difficult.

Once you have something to write down, you can now start creating your Prayer Journal.

Writing a Prayer Journal

Decide first on what you would want your prayer journal to look like. You can choose to do it in bullet points, paragraphs, or a mix of both.

You don’t have to write everything down the first time. The key here is to start small.  Then start writing down the things that you are thankful for, your dreams, the struggles you are facing, and moments that made you happy.

You can also add some important lessons you had throughout the day. A scripture that inspired you or a song or poem that you have read. Make it personal and make your Prayer Journal your own.

Organizing your Prayer Journal Sections

Prayer Journals don’t have to be fancy. One mistake that some Christians do is to keep their prayer journal so pretty and focus on it being perfect rather than being personal. While maintaining a pretty and clean Prayer Journal is good, this is not the purpose of maintaining one. To avoid this, you should organize the sections of your Prayer Journal.

One important section in your Prayer Journal should be for the things that you are thankful for. In any prayer, you should always start with praising God and thanking Him. No matter how small or big it is, we always have something to be thankful for.

Another section that your Prayer Journal should have is your prayer lists. This section can be divided into sub-sections like Family, School or Classmates, Work or Workmates, etc. The list doesn’t have to be so lengthy but you have to make sure to put in specific requests. While it’s true that God already knows what we want before we even ask for it, we should still ask Him for it specifically because it honors Him.

A section for all the things you should ask forgiveness for is also important. No matter how small or big it is, you should write it down and admit it to God.

Other sections that can also be added are:

Sample Prayer Journal Template

A Prayer Journal should be personalized and your own. But if you are not sure how to make a Prayer Journal, here is a simple template you can use to start with:

  1. Praise and thank God. Specify the things that you experienced that manifested the faithfulness of God in your life for the day.
  2. Confess all your sins. Ask God for forgiveness for the wrong things that you have done for the day. This will help you stand and talk with God clean and with no guilt at your back.
  3. Write down your needs for the day. Whether it be wisdom or safety on your travel, be specific in your requests.
  4. Write down the need of others. Pray for those people in your life who are struggling or those who want to know God.
  5. Write down your prayer for your family.
  6. Pray for something you want God to teach you for the day. Something that will help you learn to grow as a Christian.

Other prayer journal ideas you can add are:

  • Who will I uplift today?
  • What will I strive to improve today?
  • How can I help others today?

Remember, you don’t have to put everything in one go. The key is to focus on the day and be realistic about what you want to achieve. Use your prayer journal daily and don’t skip a day.

Here are the best Prayer Journals you can use so you can have the best out of your personal prayer life:

Psalm 46v10 Genuine Leather Journal Lined Notebook by Moonster

Best Prayer Journals

The Psalm 46v10 Leather Journal Lined Notebook by Moonster is one of the best I have used yet. It has 320 ruled pages to write on. This journal is made of 100% genuine water buffalo leather and looks vintage because of its brown color. One feature of this notebook journal is that it has refillable premium 70gsm white-lined milled paper that is perfect to write on.

The best thing about this journal is the verse written on its cover. It is inscribed with Psalm 46:10 verse which serves as a beautiful reminder that God is always at work and we don’t have to worry. It also includes a pen holder so you can write it down with ease.

What I admire about Moonster is how they love to give back to the community. All of their leather-bound journals are handmade by local artisans. Their materials were ethically sourced using recycled and sustainable materials from India. 


  • Moonster is giving a percentage of its profit to a charity for every purchase made
  • It has a 365-day replacement policy in case of damages
  • Comes with a free pen that is perfectly compatible with the paper
  • Papers can be refilled
  • Designed for pen and paper enthusiasts


  • When you fold the sheets, some of the hard parts of the journal cracks
  • The paper on the front page was really thin and could be easily ripped

Prayer Journal for Women by Shannon Roberts

Best Prayer Journals

The Prayer Journal for Women is a big 232-page journal that gives you more space to write on. It also has sections with themes ready like Things on My Heart, Prayer Requests, and Highlights which can easily give you an idea of what you need to write down.

The Prayer Journal for Women also includes Scriptures to reflect on for a day. So it doesn’t only serve as a Prayer Journal, but also a devotional. 

This prayer journal includes Bible verses and reflections on the scripture to guide your walk with God and strengthen your faith. Each week contains two full pages to journal your prayer requests, your praise for God, and the things in your heart. It also includes a space that serves as a tracker for your answered prayers. 


  • With scriptures included 
  • With journaling prompts for ease of writing
  • A perfect companion for individual worship or group Bible study
  • A generous 8 x 10 trim size with plenty of space to write
  • Four full pages for each week of the year


  • Targets women only
  • Bad printing quality 

Be Still A Prayer Journal For Women by Christian Art Publishers 

Best Prayer Journals

The faux leather Be Still Prayer Journal is a 128-page journal for women. It comes in classy teal and white color with a floral design. The edges of the pages are also in teal. Each page of the journal comes with a short quote, a scripture, or a devotional prompt.

The Be Still prayer journal is a perfect companion for women to help them cultivate the spiritual habit of a fervent and faithful prayer life. The 30 faith-building prayers can encourage women who desire to draw closer to God through prayer. 

The front faux leather cover of this journal is adorned in sublime watercolor floral hues of green and blue and silver foiled accents. This interactive journal has lined pages with Scripture, prayers, and inspirational quotes. I can say this is the perfect gift for women – from prayer warriors to those new to the faith.


  • Its small size can make it easy to take on anywhere
  • Paper is smooth
  • Perfect gift for women who desire to draw closer to God through prayer
  • Full-color interior with 128 lined pages
  • Faux leather in a watercolor floral design and teal gilt-edged pages


  • Small space for writing because of its small size
  • Targets women only

My Prayer Journal by Lettering Design Co.

Best Prayer Journals

The My Prayer Journal by Lettering Design Co. is not your ordinary prayer journal, as it also comes with a unique and modern calligraphy design. Aside from that, it also has a 3-month guide on how to journal. It has 108 pages in total and is best for Christians who love to doodle or do lettering as it provides enough space for such.

My Prayer Journal is not at all over-complicated. Each page has prompts for “Today’s verse”, “Lord teach me”, “I am thankful for”, and “Prayer Requests.” This is a perfect tool for group Bible study in building a stronger relationship with God. 


  • Not bulky and can fit on small purses
  • Has simple layout
  • Premium matte cover design
  • Printed on high-quality stock and sized at 8 x 10
  • Modern and trendy layout


  • Can be used for a limited number of months only
  • Its fancy design can distract users to focus on keeping the Prayer journal pretty

Live in Light Journal by Melanie Redd

Best Prayer Journals

The life of a teenage girl is exciting but very challenging. You need something that could uplift you and show you the way through any struggle. This inspirational journal is here to encourage every teen girl to let faith light the way. It guides teen girls to explore the truths of God’s Word.

The Live in Light Journal by Melanie Redd is beautifully designed for Christian teen girls. It contains 150 Biblical passages, practical writing prompts, and reflections. It has short, easy-to-understand, and encouraging devotionals that focus on topics relevant to teen girls. The pages also offer enough space for writing.

Explore everyday issues with wisdom like navigating social media, dating, and big emotions like insecurity and envy. Discover Bible verses every day along with short devotions and artistic prompts to help you reflect on and apply the lesson. 


  • Has colorful illustrations
  • Includes short stories, personal examples, and lots of practical wisdom on every page
  • It has plenty of space to write (or draw!)
  • Includes topics relevant to modern-day teenage issues
  • Perfect companion alongside Live in Light: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls


Final Thoughts

Prayer Journaling is like a letter you are writing to God. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, but it needs to come from your heart. God will not look at how you beautifully arranged your Prayer Journal, God will look at the thoughts of your heart. Prayer Journals are just a guide so you can be international in your prayer life.

I highly recommend using the Psalm 46v10 Genuine Leather Journal Lined Notebook by Moonster as it offers you enough space and pages to write. It is simple and will keep you focused on what you are going to write, not how fancy your Prayer Journal is. The verse Psalm 46:10 embossed on the cover speaks so much and is a good reminder that God is there and is waiting for you to speak to Him.

It is a good journal, especially for Christians who are not sure how to pray. It helps maintain daily prayer time. Because prayer is an important tool in our daily life. Prayer is not just something we do, it’s a way of life.

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