The 5 Best Christian Devotionals

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Christian Devotionals

  • Encourages readers to study the passage on their Bibles
  • The tone of this book is straightforward
  • This devotional is appropriate for all moods

Best Overall

Christian Devotionals

  • The tone of this book is personal and intimate
  • The morning and evening portions are quick and easy to read
  • Guided thought for you to focus on just before going to bed


Christian Devotionals

  • Easy to relate to real-world scenarios such as career and life in general
  • It encourages you to connect with people who have also read this devotional
  • Journal-based format

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best Christian devotionals, then I’d recommend the Jesus Calling Morning and Evening by Sarah Young as the best one.

Are you trying to get started on doing your devotions? But get overwhelmed whenever you open your Bible to look for a verse or chapter?

Don’t feel discouraged. I’ve been there before. How about giving a Christian devotional a try?

Christian devotionals, together with the Bible, are always present in a Christian household. Most especially in the morning, these two go hand-in-hand in guiding us into our quiet time.

In this article, you’ll realize why you need a devotional and why we must have a daily devotional. We also have a guide on how to choose the best Christian devotionals.

Here are the Best Christian Devotionals we will be reviewing:

What are Christian Devotionals?

Christian devotionals are usually an author’s testimony supplied with a Bible verse. Each day has a different lesson so that we may grow closer to God.

Most of the time, devotions are during the mornings. The purpose of this is to take a step back from our daily routine and focus on God’s word. But this should not discourage you from doing it at any point of the day.

You can immerse yourself in God’s presence at any time of the day.

So for those who are new to doing devotions, there is no definitive way to do this. The whole point is to set aside a time per day to immerse yourself in God’s message. Dwell in His presence and remind yourself of His love and mercy.

Purpose of Reading the Best Christian Devotionals

But why do we need a Christian devotional? For me, using a devotional serves as a guide.

When I do my devotions, I read the excerpt for that day, and then I look through my Bible as well. So that I can read the entire verse and chapter and know the complete story. In the end, I can understand how and why the author is using that verse.

Every morning is a new day; with it comes new challenges. So start your day with the reassurance that God is in control. God also uses other people’s stories to communicate with us. In a way, you can also bond with the author that has gone through the same situation as you.

Knowing that someone is also on the same journey gives you a sense of assurance that you’re not alone. And that if the author has overcome it, you can too. This is the reason so many people find it easy to meditate on the message of their devotions.

Importance of Reading Christian Devotionals

The Bible is one of God’s ways to speak to us directly. But let’s be honest, some verses in the Bible can be hard to understand. That’s when a Christian devotional comes in.

An excellent Christian devotional provides a fresh perspective to a Bible passage. It can also show how to apply a particular verse in our daily lives. Look for something that does so without straying from the original message. It should help you appreciate the Scripture without blurring the intended meaning.

Keep in mind. Devotionals should not replace reading the Bible. Simply, it should encourage us to read the Bible more.

Choosing the Best Christian Devotionals

Choosing the best Christian devotional can be overwhelming. There are a lot of factors to consider. But the most important thing when looking for the best Christian devotional is how it will impact your life as a Christian.   


Know what your spirit needs and at what stage you are in life.

Are you a single mother looking for a way to renew her strength? Then maybe a devotional written by someone who has risen above the same situation years ago is for you.

Is it getting harder to trust in God’s plan and timing on top of being a stressed-out college student? Why not try reading how this author stayed true to God’s promise. Even when every effort they’ve made looks as if it accounts for nothing.

Find out what your spirit needs the most, that way, you can narrow down your choices.


Isn’t it so much easier to form a bond with someone going through the same issues?

Well, the same goes with choosing your devotion. Usually, the best Christian devotionals are those that a lot of people relate to.

The quickest way an author forms a bond with their readers is by sharing their struggles. We gain a sense of reassurance, and it encourages us to push through and trust in God’s ways.


The devotional you pick must be Bible-based. Our main goal is to grow a deeper connection with God.

How will we be able to do that when the focus is on other words besides Scripture?

Devotionals should fuel our faith and love for Jesus, not turn us away from Him. It should guide us into reading more of the Scripture, not make us lose interest.

Does the author build on the verses?

The author should only provide a way for us to understand what God intends for that verse. Meaning it is without the author’s personal opinion.

Often what pulls us in isn’t the verse that’s written but the testimony of the author. And that’s fine. Yet when the main point touches more on the author’s triumphs, maybe that’s not the one.

Keep in mind that you aim to have a deeper connection with God and not with the author.

Do they heavily involve their interpretation?

Interpreting the Bible is hard; what more is trying to understand it. And we need to give credit to authors that have analyzed the scripture that is easier for us to digest.

But we must be cautious of interpretations that heavily involve the author’s standpoint. It is these types of writings that can alter our perception and confuse it with the truth.

To help you choose the best Christian devotionals in the market today, here are our top recommendations.

Jesus Calling Morning and Evening by Sarah Young

Christian Devotionals

Sarah Young is best known for her 365-day devotional Jesus Calling. Her books are a direct reflection of her daily devotions and prayers. Jesus Calling Morning and Evening is easy for readers to feel a personal connection through each devotion.

There are two entries per day, one in the morning and one at night. Meaning you can start and end your day with the word of God. It’s a well-thought-out format, especially for those who are new to doing devotions.

Each morning entry serves to remind God’s desire for our lives. Together with the verses for that day, the author encourages us to follow the path that God has designed for us. The tone is not at all pressuring but conveys love and patience.

The evening entries remind us of God’s unfailing love for us. After a long and tiring day, it is so refreshing to receive such kind and loving words. The author has such a way with words that it feels as if God is the one talking to you.

I’d recommend this to those who are looking to start doing devotions. Also, for those who are struggling to form a personal relationship with God.


  • The tone of this book is personal and intimate
  • The morning and evening portions are quick and easy to read
  • Guided thought for you to focus on just before going to bed
  • It comes in an imitation leather softcover, perfect for gift-giving
  • The deluxe cover with foil gives a classic feel


  • There are no Scriptures printed on the page for the morning entries, only the references.
  • The morning devotion is an exact excerpt from her 2004 daily devotional

The One Year Uncommon Life by Tony Dungy

Christian Devotionals

The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge by Tony Dungy focuses on seven themes. Core, family, friends, potential, mission, influence, and faith.

Before your start reading, the authors include a guide on how to read this devotional. Each devotion stands on its own, so there is no pressure to start from the very beginning. 

Every devotion has a Scripture and an Uncommon key that engages the readers to think and reflect. Coming from a sports background, this book reflects on conditioning your mindset. But you are also training your body so that you are also physically well. This book wishes to convey is that our spiritual wellness should translate throughout our bodies as well.

This book also showcases the author’s journey throughout his professional sports career. So if you’re an avid sports fan, you will enjoy reading this devotional.


  • Easy to relate to real-world scenarios such as career and life in general
  • It encourages you to connect with people who have also read this devotional
  • Journal-based format


  • There are instances the author strays too far from the Scripture
  • The author wrote some of the Scriptures as references and not the whole verse.
  • Non-sports fans may find it hard to relate

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

Christian Devotionals

This whole year’s devotional aims to provide a fresh perspective on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The author wishes to break our sense of familiarity with the general message of the Bible. That we may be in awe of His presence and fall in love with God again.

Stemming from his struggle, the author wants us to remember who God is. Refresh our memories of why we chose to follow Jesus. Remember His unfailing love and grace that has saved us from our sins. Remind us that there we are, living for something much larger than ourselves.

True to the title, this book shows us that His mercies never run dry. It may only seem that way from our perspective. So the author shows us that His mercy can be in the form of anything in our life. His blessings come when we least expect them and at the time we need them the most.

If you want a devotional that tackles real-world struggles, this is the book for you.



  • The theme of the book gets repetitive
  • The language of the book may not appeal to the younger generation

Seeing Beautiful Again by Lysa TerKeurst

Christian Devotionals

Seeing Beautiful Again aims to do as it says in the title, to see the beauty in life again. Her book reflects the struggles and triumphs she experienced in life.

This book has a good blend of the Scripture and the author’s monologue. She wrote it in a way that feels personal and intimate when you read on.

The author captures the emotions and frustrations most of us choose to keep to ourselves. Yet, she provides hope through Scriptures that helped her through her own experiences.

The Scriptures and essential points have a different text colors, making it easy for readers to look back on.


  • The tone of the book is comfort and encouragement
  • Aesthetically pleasing fabric hardcover, perfect for gift-giving


  • There are only 50 devotions

Trusting God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer

Christian Devotionals

Trusting God Day by Day is a devotional that covers the whole year.

Each devotion has its theme and Bible verse for the day. Then as you read on, Joyce shares her thoughts on the book supplied with evidence from the Bible.

And at the end of the devotion, the author reminds us to trust in God. This part has compelling questions and suggestions that help strengthen our trust.

This book’s theme as a whole is to become more positive and to know more about God’s grace intimately. The author can make each devotion easy and quick to read, yet the substance is still abundant. It’s the perfect length for those who are always in a hurry.


  • Easy and quick to read
  • It comes in a hardcover and an e-book version


  • Sometimes the Bible verses have no connection with the message.


Devotions should point us towards Christ and not away from Him. The best Christian devotionals are ones that convey His love and mercy as if He was talking to us in person. Although there are many devotionals out there that claim to do so, keep in mind that they should be Bible-based. They should also provide a fresh perspective without bias.

So I’d recommend reading Jesus Calling Morning and Evening by Sarah Young. Those who are new to devotions would find this book helpful. Among the many reasons to love it is its ability to communicate on a personal level. It is because most of the contents of her books involve her journey and quiet time.

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