10 Calming Bedtime Prayers for Adults and Kids

Bedtime prayers are a sweet way for adults and children to end the day and prepare for sleep.

It’s been a long day. But before you do, you take a few minutes to say your bedtime prayers. Prayers that offer thanks for the good things that happened during the day, prayers for those who are hurting, and prayers for protection as you sleep. 

Night prayers are an important part of many people’s lives, and they can be a source of comfort and peace. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind bedtime prayers, and share some bedtime prayers for both adults and kids.

What Do Bedtime Prayers Mean?

For many people, bedtime prayers are a way to connect with God before they go to sleep (Psalm 3:5). They offer thanks for the good things that have happened during the day and ask for guidance and protection during the night. Bedtime prayers can also be a time to reflect on your own life and ask for forgiveness for your mistakes.

Prayers at bedtime can take many different forms, from simple one-line prayers to longer ones that include specific requests. Some people like to say traditional prayers like The Lord’s Prayer, while others prefer to create their prayers based on their own needs and concerns. No matter what form they take, bedtime prayers are an important way to end the day on a positive note.

Bedtime Prayers

5 Bedtime Prayers For Adults

Bedtime Prayer #1: Restorative Sleep

Dear God,

The end of the day is coming, and I’m ready to go to bed. But before I do that, I want to say thank you for being here today. Even when things don’t go as planned or the world seems to be falling apart, it’s always a good day because you are in charge.

God, thank you for all the times I felt your help today and felt like you were so close even though I couldn’t see you. But thank you, Lord, for all the things you did behind the scenes that I didn’t know about, like when angels from heaven helped me in ways I’ll never understand.

God, give me a good night’s sleep tonight so I can wake up refreshed and ready to start loving you again tomorrow. Thank you again for your many gifts that I haven’t done anything to deserve. I love being your child, and I want “faithful” to be the word that describes how I serve you every day of the year. 

May I wake up in the morning with a happy smile, not in a bad mood. May your protection and presence bring peace and safety from the enemy to this place. Good night, Lord. In the name of Christ.


Bedtime Prayer #2: During Difficult Days


I acknowledge that there are times when it seems as though nothing but bad things are happening. Please do what you can to awaken my memory and remind me that you are always here with me and that you will never abandon me.

Please help me in trusting You and enabling me to be empowered by Your Spirit so that I can stop letting my emotions run the show. I want to stop worrying about the things that could happen and instead concentrate on the things that have already occurred.

As I do this, I will remember and praise You for being trustworthy in my life. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Bedtime Prayer #3: Gratitude

Dear God,

We want to thank you for the good day and the special way you always care for us. Thank you for the times we had fun outside and quiet times inside, and for teaching us something new every day.

Bless our family and thank you for the good times we’ve had together and on our own. Bless our loved ones and friends, like our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Thank you for giving us a place to live, sleep, and eat good food. 

Help us get a good night’s sleep, give us peaceful dreams, and send your angels to guard our home all night long. Show us how to trust you more and love you more. God, you’re good, you’re great, and you’re reliable. We love you, too. Good night. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Bedtime Prayer #4: Protection Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven,

I appreciate you helping me get through today. I’m glad you told me what to do and kept me safe. And tonight, Lord, I’m asking for Your forgiveness. If I’ve done or thought something bad, please forgive me. Use Your precious blood to clean up my life. You are the only one who deserves my praise and adoration because all glory and honor belong to You.

Holy Spirit, please feel at home here. I stand and believe in Your Word as I end my day. Your Word tells me that if I put my trust in You, I will be like a tree planted by the water. I won’t be afraid when it gets hot. In a drought year, my leaves will be green, and I won’t worry. I’m grateful to you, Lord, for your words, which help me know I can trust you.

I ask You to put a protective barrier around my health and my home so that the enemy won’t come any closer and won’t be able to hurt me or my family. I ask You to give me the strength and faith I need to stay true to Your Word.

My dear Lord, I ask that the blood of Jesus Christ, the risen King, guide my steps. You have everything I could ever want or need. Only you can bring healing. The blood of Jesus, which never loses its power, is my protection. I praise Your name, and I know that You will look out for me. I’m glad you heard my prayer. In the power of Jesus’ name,


Bedtime Prayer #5: Peace Prayer


I hold your hand as I go to sleep.

Your hand is my strength and comfort.

Strength to put my worries and fears to rest,

Fears that keep you from being at peace are not yours.

You make me feel safe because you are a loving father.

It’s safe to relax, let go, and feel at peace.

Peace is a gift and a promise from you.

Promises are what I live on, so I’m going to go to sleep.


5 Bedtime Prayers For Kids

Bedtime Prayers

Bedtime Prayers #1: The Lord’s Prayer

Dear Father,

We want what you want to happen.

Please provide for us and give us something to drink, and help us love everyone.

Please forgive us when we mess up.

I’m glad you didn’t keep score.

Help us love even more the people who have hurt us.

Please keep us safe from harm and evil, and never stop loving us.

God, you are a wonderful Father, and we love you.


Bedtime Prayers #2: God, My Friend

Dear Lord,

My closest friend, the time has come for bed.

It’s time to put my drowsy head down for a nap.

I come to you in prayer before I act.

I beg you to point me in the direction of the road that leads to truth.

Please, God, bless not only my mother but also all of your children, whether they are sisters or brothers.

Oh! And last but not least, there’s Daddy. Daddy says that you gave him me as a gift.

God, my friend, the time has come for me to go; nevertheless, before I do, I want you to know that I am grateful for my blessing as well.

And God, my dear friend, you have my love.

Bedtime Prayers #3: God, I’m Glad You Love Me

Dear Father,

The sun is going down, and it’s time to go to bed.

God, thank you for loving me from the tips of my toes to the top of my head.

Tomorrow will also be fun, silly, and full of things to do.

Please watch out for me as I run, jump, laugh, sing, and play.


Bedtime Prayers #4: Taking Stock of My Blessings


Now, I lay myself down to rest and thank the Lord. My life is good; I have my family and my home, as well as the freedom to roam if I so desire.

My days are filled with blue skies and my nights are filled with pleasant fantasies, and I have no reason to beg or plead because I have been given all I require.

I praise the Lord beneath the faint lunar brightness, so He will know how glad I am for my life in times of glory and hardship.

The glory days give me hope.

Strife teaches me how to cope.

As a result, I am considerably stronger in turn but still grounded, with plenty to learn.

Now, I lay myself down to slumber, thanking the Lord for another day on earth, grateful for its great worth.

This day has been a personal fantasy of mine.

From the first light of dawn till the final moonbeam

However, if the coming dawn brings me pain, I’ll rise grateful that I’ve made it to tomorrow.

Bedtime Prayers #5: Help Me Feel Safe At Night

Dear God,

Sometimes, when the lights are turned off and my parents say their goodnights, I get a little bit of a chill because it causes me to worry.

Even though I am aware that I am not in danger, the atmosphere in the room makes me feel uneasy, and I find myself fidgeting and turning around.

Help me in sensing that I am protected, and show me that even when it is dark, you are here with me.

Help me in falling asleep and keeping me asleep throughout the night with the knowledge that you will always love me, just as I will always love you.


Why Are Bedtime Prayers Important?

Bedtime prayers are important because they offer a time of reflection and connection with God before going to sleep. They can be a source of comfort and peace, helping us to end the day on a positive note. Additionally, bedtime prayers can help us to remember the things that are most important in our lives and to be grateful for all of our blessings.

Praying at night can also be a way to ask God for protection and guidance during the night hours (Psalm 56:3). For children, bedtime prayers can offer reassurance and help to ease any fears they may have about the darkness or going to sleep. And for adults, praying at night can provide a moment of calm amidst a busy day or stressful week.

No matter what our age, bedtime prayers can be an important part of our daily routine and a cherished part of our relationship with God.

Bedtime Prayers


Whether you grew up saying bedtime prayers or are just starting to explore the idea, there is no wrong way to pray at night. Bedtime prayers can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. The most important thing is to be sincere in your communication with God and to listen for His guidance in your life.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our list of five bedtime prayers for adults and five bedtime prayers for kids. And remember, the best time to start praying at night is whenever you feel called to do so.

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