The 5 Best Baptism Gifts

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Baptism Gifts

  • There are three colors options – Pink, Blue, and White
  • Excellent for kids to remember their baptismal date
  • Fast shipping times

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Baptism Gifts

  • Softcover
  • Stunning silver engraving and silver-lined pages
  • Beautiful illustrations


Baptism Gifts

  • Soft plush toy
  • Ready to gift packaging
  • Excellent customer service

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best baptism gifts, then I’d recommend the Let’s Make Memories Personalized My Baptism Baby Bible as the best one. 

Every time a baptism occurs, the whole family and community celebrate the child’s entrance into the Christian faith. This important event honors the cleansing bath that clears the taint of sin and rebirth into the Body of Christ. To commemorate this event, the baptized and their families receive baptism gifts.

Even if the baby may not enjoy the baptism gifts immediately, these gifts are integral to the story of the baptism day. Godparents, grandparents, relatives, and family friends give baptism gifts to honor the child’s first important spiritual milestone. The gifts are all about spiritual heritage, practicality, and meaningfulness. 

Baptism gifts offer inspirational and loving remembrance for the child. 

Here are the best Baptism Gifts we’ll be reviewing:

What are Baptism Gifts?

The first sacrament ever for a child to experience and receive is Baptism. This ceremony is a communal celebration and welcoming of the child to the Church. Christian faiths vary in the age of the baptism. But the most common age range is from infanthood to early childhood. 

During Baptism, the priest and/or pastor pours water over the head of the child. This symbolizes the cleansing of the soul from the taint of original sin. It is also here that the Holy Spirit enters the child to ready him/her for Christian life.

Baptism gifts are gifts that honor the welcome of the child into the Christian faith. These are treasured items for the child to cherish throughout their lifetime. It is customary for people invited to a baptism ceremony, especially the godparents and relatives, to give baptism gifts. 

Baptism gifts range from the traditional to the adorable to the personalized keepsakes. You could give white baptismal gowns, silver or gold jewelry, framed pictures of the baptism ceremony, rosaries, crosses, and Bibles.

Importance of Baptism Gifts

Baptism gifts significantly represent the integral primary milestone of the Christian life. The child finds welcome in the community of their faith. They receive special gifts from everyone invited to the baptismal ceremony and are invested in the child’s Christian life.

Baptism gifts are important for children and their families because:

  1. They help the family recollect the memories of the baptism ceremony
  2. They help foster the spirituality of the child as they grow up
  3. Strengthen the bonds of love and faith between family and the community
  4. They are practical, and usable for many years to come

Baptism Gift Etiquette

The baptismal ceremony is a solemn, integral occasion for the Church. So you need to exercise proper etiquette to respect the sanctity of the event. You also need to respect and honor the baptized and their families. Baptism gift etiquette includes attending the ceremony on time and wearing appropriate attire, and giving meaningful gifts after the ceremony.

Arrive on time for the ceremony

Baptism is a church service. So you need to be careful in the attire you wear for the ceremony. It should be formal and conservative. Men can wear suits and ties, polos and black pants, and general formal wear, Women usually arrive in knee-length dresses, or formal blouses paired with skirts longer than the knees. Avoid jeans and minis as much as possible.

After dressing up in formal attire, you need to attend the baptismal ceremony on time. Only go if you are invited. Then go to the family reception to celebrate with the baptized’s family.

Give after the ceremony

To respect the sanctity of the ceremony, wait until the reception to give your baptism gift. If you already gave gifts during a baby shower, you can give baptism cards. Present the gift to the parents in person. If you weren’t able to attend the baptism and reception, bring your gift for a home visit.

Prepare a meaningful gift

It is easy to think that you need to spend a fortune on baptism gifts. But don’t give in to the temptation of overspending.

Normally, baptism gifts run from $50 to $150, or none at all. Why the wide range of budgets? The essence of baptism gifts is the thought of honoring the baptized child. You need to get something that the child will find useful and long-lasting for the Christian life.

Whatever you choose to give, make sure that it is meaningful. Best include a message for the child, conveying your best wishes.

Kinds of Baptism Gifts

Baptism gifts vary in their senders, faith relevance, and styles.

Baptism Gifts From Godparents

Godparents traditionally give and receive baptism gifts. If parents choose you to be a godparent, you are required to give baptism gifts. These gifts are significant mementos of mentorship. Godparents, after all, are the guardians of the Christian faith to the baptized child.

Common baptism gifts from godparents are silver jewelry, engraved utensils (like silver spoons) with the child’s name, or religious items such as rosaries and Bibles. It is also customary for you to write an inspirational message to your godchild.

Parents of your godchild will also offer you a gift as a symbol of their thanks and appreciation for you and other mentors of their child.

Baptism Gifts from Grandparents

For grandparents, it’s usually the handmade items that win favors. Knitted, crocheted, and hand-carved items that Grandpa and Grandma made for their grandchildren are priceless. Antique items such as jewelry, books, and clothes are also great. Ultimately, baptism gifts are usually heirlooms for the family to give the child a connection to the family history. 

Catholic Baptism Gifts

Catholics mainly conduct baptismal ceremonies for babies. Priests pour water onto the infant’s head and ask the Holy Spirit to drive away Satan and the taint of original sin in the little soul. The sacrament of Baptism is special because the community witnesses the rebirth of the child to Christ and God’s grace.

Catholic baptism gifts commonly include statues of the patron saints and guardian angels of the child, rosaries, crucifixes, Bibles, children’s religious storybooks, and special photo albums of the baptismal ceremony.

Personalized Baptism Gifts

Personalized items are also excellent as baptism gifts. You can order custom rosaries, jewelry, crosses, prayer books, and Bibles. Engraving the child’s name in the gift offers a distinctive meaning that the child and parents will cherish for a long time.

Financial Baptism Gifts

Monetary gifts are always fine, especially if you aren’t particularly close to the baptized child. For such gifts, you could give cash envelopes and checks. Or set up a savings bond or investment account for the child.

How to Choose the Best Baptism Gifts

When it comes to baptism gifts, you should make them relevant to the occasion. Here are the three qualities you should factor in your decision: religious, keepsake, and practical.

Keep It Religious

Always remember that baptism is a sacred religious rite. So look for gifts that are relevant to the spiritual development of the child. Get rosaries, holy figurines, Bibles, and other faith-themed items.

Go for keepsake quality

Whatever you choose to give, make sure that it is memorable and beautiful. Baptism gifts are meant to be heirlooms and treasures of the child and family. So you should also find long-lasting items. That is why gold and silver jewelry are popular. So are handmade items such as embroidered gowns or carved blocks.

Make It Practical

Most importantly, your baptism gift should be practical. It should be used by the child in one way or another. It’s not just a decorative piece. Whatever item you choose to give you, must help whether in the child’s spiritual development, or daily routine growing up.

Finding the right baptism gifts can be a challenge. This could be because you come from a different faith or maybe, you find the sheer volume of choice in the market overwhelming. But don’t worry, we can help you choose great gifts.

Here are some of the best baptism gifts for you to give:

Let’s Make Memories Personalized My Baptism Baby Bible

Baptism Gifts

If you want a special, religious, practical gift of keepsake quality, the Let’s Make Memories Personalized My Baptism Baby Bible would be excellent for you. This Bible features elegant engraving in silver, a traditional color for baptism. You can delight many a parent with this Bible that they can read to their children.

My favorite feature of this Bible is its attractive, silver engraving and silver-lined pages. Choose either a blue or pink-covered Bible. Then add a special dedication message of one to two lines. You can write with up to 16 characters on the first line, and 18 characters on the latter. Engravings vary from personal inspirational messages to the names of the recipient.

Another impressive feature is its beautiful design. It highlights Jesus’ words in red. And it has a gorgeous foil debossed leather cover and full-color pages with illustrations of significant Biblical events.

This Personalized Bible spans four and a half inches in length and six and three-fourths inches in height. 


  • Softcover
  • Stunning silver engraving and silver-lined pages
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Responsive customer service


OllieByBeebz Personalized Baby Quilt Baby Blankets

Baptism Gifts

Want an irresistible, practical baptism gift? Consider getting this personalized embroidered baby blanket. Such a gift makes impressive, meaningful additions to the nursery room. 

An impressive thing about this baby blanket is its ultra-softness. They are cozy, multipurpose covers that offer a stunning accent to your nursery. Use them for everything for your baby from swaddle blankets to nursing blankets to stroller covers to play mats.

Another favorite thing about this blanket is its sophisticated design with customized details. This measures thirty-six by forty-six inches. You can coordinate with the artist on the colors, texts, font, and threads of the blanket. 

This cute cover comes from excellent craftsmanship and works great as an heirloom.


  • Soft
  • Artist coordinates with the buyer
  • Great as an heirloom
  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • There are 10 font options and a variety of thread colors for the name and center initial


  • Some find it not as soft as advertised

Ganz Serenity Lamb With Crib Cross

Baptism Gifts

Children love to cuddle. Cuddly toys such as animal plushies are excellent baptism gifts. They are practical and sentimental. And you can be sure that your plush gift will always be a treasure in the child’s life.

The Serenity Plush Lamb would be a sweet, adorable gift for baptized girls. The stuffed lamb is very soft and huggable. And it is also a perfect religious gift because the lamb holds an exquisite little metal cross.

I especially love how you add a personalized touch to this plush toy with fine, embroidered letters. You can have it written with the girl’s name, a special message, or the date of the baptismal ceremony.


  • Personalized
  • Sweet, soft plush toy
  • Comes with a nice, little removable cross
  • Sturdy 
  • Perfect size for kids to hug and sleep with


  • Sometimes they aren’t as soft as before washing

Palmetto Personalized Baby Wood Block

Baptism Gifts

A unique keepsake of the baptism day is a baptism block. The Palmetto Wood Shop offers prospective baptism gifters their Personalized Baptism Blocks. These wooden blocks are crafted by hand in the USA. 

Each block is crafted from solid maple wood. Palmetto professionally engraves the block on all sides with laser precision. At the top of the block is the first letter of the child’s name, and the first side is the full name. And the second and third sides show the baptism date and church details respectively. The fourth side depicts a cross. And the bottom of the block is for the sender’s special message to the baptized child.

You can order these wooden baby blocks in three sizes: 2 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3 inches. 


  • There are three colors options – Pink, Blue, and White
  • Excellent for kids to remember their baptismal date
  • Fast shipping times
  • Great value for the money
  • Excellent customer service


  • Colors Blue and Pink are always not available

Tickle and Main Praying Lamb and Book in Keepsake Box

Baptism Gifts

If you want to convey God’s blessings in an adorable gift, the God Bless Baby Gift Set is a fine choice. This gorgeously packaged set includes a lamb plush that recites a prayer when you press its tummy and a storybook with watercolor illustrations. 

The soft, cuddly lamb is seven inches tall. But its small size belies its luxurious and amazing details. It is embroidered to be strong and sturdy for children to use. It also comes in a kneeling position which complements its prayer recitation when you press its belly.

Another fine feature of this gift set is Jennifer Driscoll’s bedtime storybook which contains colorful illustrations about angels and God’s love.


  • Soft plush toy
  • Ready to gift packaging
  • Excellent customer service


  • Some incorrectly printed pages
  • Lamb topples over


Baptismal ceremonies are integral in the life of the community and the child. They welcome the infant, child, or adult into the faith. They introduce the baptized into the Church, the Body of Christ.

For attendees of baptismal ceremonies, you need to honor the child, parents, and the community. You need to arrive on time and wear conservative attire. And it is typical to present baptism gifts that are religious, beautiful, and practical.

The best baptism gift I recommend is the Let’s Make Memories Personalized My Baptism Baby Bible. This custom Bible honors the spiritual development of the child. The personalized engraving is made with the elegant color of silver, traditional for baptismal gifts. It fosters the bond of the child to God and one’s family with a Bible that the family read together. This is a good starter Bible that will also serve as a fond memory of the baptism day. So this is the best baptism gift if you need something beautiful for the baptized to cherish for a lifetime.

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