The Best KJV Bibles

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best KJV Bible is then I’d recommend KJV, The King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition is the best one.

The debate over which Bible version is the best rages on. Some Christians say that the King James Version is the superior English translation. They are so enthralled with the KJV that they scorn to give credit or use any other translation. 

The King James Version of the Bible by far has helped innumerable people to find and know God. Having your own Bible will help you to get to know Him better. But before we dive into which version of the KJV Bible is best, let’s take a peek at how the King James Version came to be.

Here are the New King James Bibles we’ll be reviewing:

What is the KJV Bible?

Based on King James Bible Online, the KJV is a translation named after King James I of England. It is also called the Authorized Version and sometimes as the English version of 1611.

In 1611 A.D., King James authorized the England churches to read and publish the new translation. Six panels of leading biblical scholars in England divided the work among themselves. Three panels led the Old Testament, two panels for the New Testament, and one for the Apocrypha.  

Since then, the KJV has become the most important book among English-speaking Christians. Later regarded as one of the major literary achievements of early modern England. It is also recognized as the most published book in world history.   

Is the KJV Bible the best?

Some people find the KJV quite difficult to read and understand. But for some churches, they decided to still stick to only using the KJV of the Bible. They prefer its “majesty of style” and poetic feel that seems to flow with a rhythmic quality. They believe that the KJV texts were built and collated by the best scholars who had high regard for the Word(s) of God. For them, the KJV is the most accurate and authentic version of the Bible. 

You may be aware but there are different Bible translations on the market to help you with your walk with God. One important tool is a good Bible that can help you understand the scriptures. 

To aid you in your journey, I will be sharing with you the best KJV Bible on the market today. 

KJV, The King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition

From all the KJV Study Bibles in the market today, the King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition stands out. Unique for its extensive commentaries, doctrinal articles, comprehensive book introductions, and archaeological insights. It is the most complete and thorough KJV study Bible if you want to experience the richness of God’s Word in your life. 

It also boasts stunning full-color designs and impressive images of the Holy Land. Included are exemplary works of art, charts and maps, and extensive concordance. 

And as you grow in your biblical knowledge, you will need an extensive study Bible to help you. Choosing the King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition will guide you to the beauty and authority of God’s Word. 


  • Impressive full-color pages and features
  • Easy-to-read 10-pt type large print
  • Helpful center-column references with translation notes
  • Comprehensive introductions with historical insights on each book
  • Over 200 entries on Christian doctrines
  • With topical indexes that are easy-to-navigate
  • Time-honored KJV Bible text


  • The commentary is not as comprehensive and in-depth

The KJV, Open Bible

First on the list is the Open Bible by Thomas Nelson. It is a collection of 66 books written by many writers over a significant part of history. The Bible offers easy navigation with a complete reference system trusted by many. 

You can do your own study as it includes a detailed article about studying the Bible. The article covers personal and family studies and the principles of biblical interpretation. The interactive book introductions and outlines provide historical context and themes as well. The KJV Open Bible looks superb with the Comfort Print typeface. 

The Bible provides a lot of tools to aid you to do your own studies. The tools include a topical index, a complete cross-reference system, articles, and concordance. The Visual Survey of the Bible represents an easy-to-follow diagram of the Scripture. The paper and print quality are of the highest quality.  


  • Easy-to-navigate
  • Comprehensive topical index with 50,000 entries
  • Complete cross-reference system (over 72,000 cross-references) located in the center column
  • Newly-designed Visual Survey of the Bible provides an easy-to-follow diagram
  • The typeface is a Comfort Print at a readable 9-point print size
  • Available in thumb indexed options


  • The print was much smaller than described as Comfort Print typeface
  • Not user friendly to senior citizens who have poor eyesight
  • A bit expensive
  • The pages stuck together

KJV, Thinline Large Print Bible

Highlighting the King James translation is the Thomas Nelson KJV Thinline Large Print Bible. Most of its features strike the perfect balance between portability and readability. One of its features is the large and readable font size that can enhance your reading experience. It is also built for travel as it can fit in purses, bags, and glove compartments – perfect for everyday use. 

It has a beautifully-designed cover that suits your style. The double ribbon markers and elegant typesetting font will boost your reading experience. 

This Bible is a great gift to give on special occasions like Christmas, Easter, and birthdays. You can have it personalized by having your name embossed or printed.   


  • Lightweight and convenient, easy to read
  • The words of Jesus Christ written in red to provide visual emphasis
  • Full-color maps for enhanced visualization
  • Exclusive Thomas Nelson KJV Comfort Print, 11.5-point type
  • Double ribbon marker for easy navigation
  • Thumb Indexed options available to locate specific books in the Bible


  • It comes in imitation leather, not genuine leather
  • The pages are thin that when you try to highlight a verse or write notes it tends to bleed on the other side

KJV Study Bible, Black Genuine Leather Indexed, Leather Bound

The KJV Study Bible is one of the bestselling translations of all time for it is the ONLY full-color Study Bible. It gives importance to the beauty and magnificence of the KJV to those who love the rich heritage of God’s word.  It includes features and tools intended to help you appreciate the Bible more. There are 15,000 study notes, center-column cross-references, and a glossary of 17th-century expressions.   

The illustrations, photos, charts, timelines, and maps scattered throughout the Bible enhance visualization. These illustrations recreate the architectural structures found in the Bible. Descriptions beneath the photos help you connect how they coincide with biblical events.  


  • Genuine Leather
  • It has full-color photos and illustrations
  • It has a book introduction on each opening page with an illustration and a brief overview
  • It has essays to give in-depth coverage to major biblical issues
  • The words of Jesus Christ written in red to provide emphasis
  • A Bible reading plan


  • The pages are thin and the edge color sticks the pages together
  • It is not easy-to-carry as it is heavy
  • The notes are also printed in a very small, very thin font

The KJV Study Bible – Indexed by Barbour Publishing

If you are looking for a full-featured study Bible, the Barbour’s KJV Study Bible is an excellent choice. This is a good option for personal study, church service, or small group preparations.  

The 20 cut-in tabs highlight this popular Barbour KJV Study Bible. The indexed edition makes searching specific books in the Bible fast and easy. 

Some features include individual book introductions, dictionary/concordance, notes, and full-color maps.  It is available in three beautiful and durable covers to suit your style.


  • Index and study notes found at the bottom of the page for easy reference
  • Full-color maps for better visualization
  • The Bible is light and compact
  • Jesus Christ words written in red are best for emphasis
  • Fast shipping


  • The font is a little small, not suitable for senior citizens with poor eyesight


Choosing the best KJV Bible is a very important step in growing your walk with God. Everyone learns at different levels and some have their personal specifications. It depends on what features you want that could enhance your learning experience.

As for me, I still prefer to use the King James Version of the Bible because of its superior translation. Built on the solid foundation of faith and translated as close as possible to English, it is still by far the best. 

In summary, I recommend the KJV, The King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition. Everything about this book is beautiful. Indeed the full-color map is its greatest feature. The stunning imagery puts you in the story so you can understand the scriptures better. I also like the 10-point type large print and typeface that makes reading easy and enjoyable. 

For over a period of time, Thomas Nelson has earned the trust of millions with its popular books. Their tradition and commitment to produce the best-selling King James Study Bible continues. 

I’m curious: What’s keeping you from using the King James Version of the Bible?