The Best Homeschool Furniture: Complete Guide

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Homeschool Furniture

  • The depth of the shelves is excellent, especially for thick board books. 
  • The wood is of good quality and can withstand frequent use.
  • It’s easy to move around, even if they made it with pure wood.

Best Overall

Homeschool Furniture

  • The smooth porcelain board is easy to write on, and there’s no ghosting when you erase the writings.
  • The stand of this magnetic board is very sturdy. 
  • It’s quick to set up and assemble.


Homeschool Furniture

  • The minutes are all precisely numbered and labeled. It’s easy for kids to see and learn that there are sixty minutes in one hour. 
  • It may look like a lot is going on with its design, but it makes understanding and learning to tell time easier. 
  • It’s quiet and doesn’t make the “tick-tock” sound that most clocks do.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best homeschool furniture is, then I’d recommend the Kamelleo Magnetic Double-Sided Mobile Whiteboard as the best one.

Choosing the perfect homeschool furniture can be confusing and overwhelming. If you need help in knowing where to begin, we have gathered here some valuable information that might help you make informed choices. Let’s look at the things we need to know when choosing the right tools for home learning. 

Here is the Best Homeschool Furniture we will be reviewing:

What is a Homeschool Furniture?

If you want to spruce up your kids’ study space, you need to know what homeschool furniture would work for your space. It may be a combination of desks, chairs, cubbies, chalkboards, and all you need for school tasks and projects. Take a good look at your study area and combine it with what you think your kids need for learning. It will give you an idea of what homeschool furniture to get. 

What are the Benefits of Having a Homeschool Furniture?

It is without a doubt that homeschool furniture is essential to learning. Its role is significant in contributing to the factors that positively impact the ability of the students to work and concentrate.  

Improves child’s performance

UNESCO has emphasized in their report that one of the keys to high-performing students is school furniture. Even in a homeschool setting, we can utilize this essential information. They are not only for design and aesthetics, but they serve as tools for learning. Journal of Learning Spaces also discussed this in one of their papers. Using the right furniture can boost the child’s focus, engagement, stimulation, and involvement. 

Provides comfort

The right homeschool furniture brings comfort and ease of movement to the kids. It is essential because they need to sit, read, write, and study comfortably. They need something that will allow them to move so they can focus on learning freely. 

Conducive for learning and creativity

Does your homeschool furniture create a space that inspires learning or looks more like a storage area? Having furnishings that spurs excitement in your kids can help foster learning. Also, if they spark the kids’ interests, such as their color or design, it can help boost their creativity. Even matching them with the type of learner they are can allow them to learn faster. For example, boards with posters or chalkboards where you can draw illustrations can encourage visual learners. 

It helps focus on studying

Even as adults, we feel restless when sitting on uncomfortable chairs or using tiny desks when working or attending a workshop, meeting, or seminar. Like when the chair is too low, or there’s not enough legroom, or it’s too high. It’s the same when our desks are too small or narrow, and we can’t write or read properly. It goes the same with students. 

Uncomfortable homeschool furniture is a distraction. Having the right furnishings for your space will help them concentrate on their lessons. Not only are they comfortable, but they will also have good posture and will be more productive. 

Easy access to homeschooling materials

Homeschooling can be overwhelming to parents. You will need tons of school materials like worksheets, crayons, pens, papers, markers, etc. Having homeschool furniture where these are within easy access can lessen the stress. It benefits not only the parents but the kids as well. Imagine the time and energy you and them will save from having to look for materials. It can even increase their productivity since they don’t have to go all over to look for their needs.

Reduces Mess or Clutter

A medical review shows our health can be affected by clutter. Clutter can create stress, cause our thoughts to wander because of so much going on, and cause poor working memory. Having homeschool furniture that helps us organize stuff can reduce clutter and mess. And once again, because things are neat and arranged, kids can focus more on learning and creating. It is because aside from schoolwork, nothing else competes for their attention. 

What are the Different Types of Homeschool Furniture?

You can pick from different types of homeschool furniture. But also, you don’t have to have everything to homeschool effectively. You can choose from them depending on your family’s needs and preferences. 

Homeschool desks

Dining room table, craft table, coffee table, you can choose whatever desk you want to. It would mean taking into consideration the needs of your kids and your learning space area. A kids’ table would be perfect for little ones. This desk would be excellent for those still in the early learning stage (Pre-K and K). 

There are also space saver desks that can be attached to the wall. You can choose between single or multi-user if you are homeschooling multiple kids. Also, for two or more kids, you can select a table and chair set. It can be both a budget and a space saver. 


Having the right kind of chair is very important in the homeschooling experience of your child. As we have mentioned earlier, discomfort can be a distraction. It’s essential to choose something appropriate for their size. It also has to be a comfortable chair to sit on while reading, writing, or attending online classes. Using the right chair can promote active listening, creativity, and good posture. 


A bookshelf not only encourages reading but also helps in staying organized. Inadvertently, it also teaches your kids organizational skills. You can even incorporate the task of organizing books by subject, by color, or alphabetically in your homeschool activities. It also reduces the clutter because there’s a dedicated space for their reading materials. 


Natural lighting is sometimes not possible in some homes, so choosing a suitable light or lamp is the next best option. Good lighting in the learning area can help protect the kids’ eyesight. Selecting an excellent fixture ensures that they are not squinting or straining their eyes while reading or writing. A well-lit area also sets a positive mood and gives a soft and comforting feel while studying instead of a dim room. 

Chalkboard or Whiteboard

Chalkboards or Whiteboards can be beneficial tools in interactive learning. You can help engage your child by using it like a teacher would in a classroom setting. It is also great for visual learners, those who learn fast when they can visualize the lesson. Or, if you are juggling with other chores or work, you can use the board to write instructions or questions that they can answer while away. It is environmentally friendly as well since it saves on paper. 

Cubbies/Storage shelf

Just like bookshelves, cubbies are a great way to avoid clutter. You can use these organizers or storage shelves to store materials like pens, pencils, crayons, markers, paints, bond papers, crafting materials, etc. These are so helpful, especially for the kids, since they know where to get what they need for their school projects and tasks. 

Like bookshelves, this teaches kids cleanliness and organizational skills. They learn to pack away their things once they finish using the school materials, and the kids also learn to put stuff where they belong. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Homeschool Furniture

Here are the things you need to factor in or take into consideration when selecting homeschool furniture. 


Before starting, you must know first how much is the budget allotted for homeschool furniture. The homeschool furniture need not be expensive for it to be excellent or ideal. But also, don’t sacrifice quality just for the sake of small cost. You can work within your budget and still find the perfect furnishing to fit your homeschool needs. Take advantage of discounts and scout the stores (or even online stores) for the best deals. Checking out the reviews and researching would help you get the best ones without breaking the bank. 


The function of your homeschool furniture should match your homeschooling goals and style. How does it fit into your daily school routine? How will you use it? Will you use it regularly, or will it just gather dust in the corner? Will it help you and the kids be more efficient and productive? Knowing these would help you trim down your list and know which ones you need. It would help you avoid unnecessary expenses as well. 


Comfort is one of the most important things to consider as this directly affects their learning experience. They need to sit and study for long hours, which means they need to be comfortable concentrating on learning. Discomfort can lessen their interest in school, and they may see it as a burden. 

Number of Children

The number of children you are homeschooling would also determine the size and quantity of the homeschool furniture you would buy. For example, you need a large desk with multiple chairs if you have four kids. You would also need more cubbies or storage space so their stuff wouldn’t get mixed up. 

Personality of Kids

A minimalist style of learning area may not suit kids with very energetic and colorful personalities. Knowing and being familiar with their character is also an important factor as this can help spark their interest. A bright area can be too much for a child who likes a more simple design. 

Size of Room

It can be helpful if we know the measurements of a room. It will make it easier for us to see if the homeschool furniture we are buying would fit. It can even give us ideas on maximizing the space, whether it’s a small or spacious area. 

How to Set up Homeschool Furniture for Your Space

Speaking of maximizing space, here are some things to consider when setting up our homeschool furniture. We can always set them up the way we want; however, it’s also good to learn how to do it in a manner conducive to learning. 

Make it Comfortable

Comfort doesn’t rely solely on the furniture but also on the way we set it up. You may have found the best desk and chair for your kids; however, it might defeat its purpose if it’s all crammed up in a corner and doesn’t allow much space for them to move around. 

Make it Simple

A simple setup also means it’s easier to get stuff, organize, and tidy up. As we had previously discussed, it can distract the students when a lot is going on around them. An organized and straightforward setup can help them concentrate on studying. 

Keep it Organized

Knowing where to get stuff when they need it makes the students productive and efficient. And again, when we, as parents, are organized, our kids learn by example. It forms a habit that they can take with them as they grow up. 

Proper Lighting and Ventilation

Natural light is always the best; however, we can use an overhead light or different lamps if it’s not possible. Various sources of light could create great lighting in the area so that it’s still comfortable for the kids to read and write. We also need to make sure that the furniture doesn’t cram the space creating a suffocating atmosphere. There should be proper ventilation where the kids can breathe comfortably. 

Consider Aesthetics and Style

Making the setup of the homeschool furniture doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics and style. There are a lot of samples online where we can get ideas and inspiration. It is possible to create a comfortable learning space yet attractive and pleasant for the eyes. 

Kamelleo Magnetic Double-Sided Mobile Whiteboard

Homeschool Furniture

The Kamelleo Magnetic Double-Sided Mobile Whiteboard is a dry erase, movable magnetic whiteboard. It has a large surface that allows generous space for idea organization, lessons, and presentations. It also has a marker tray that allows easy access to the writing materials. The package also comes with instructions to easily set the board up. 

This whiteboard is also double-sided, so that allows the user to be able to write more of their ideas. It is also reversible to make it easier to switch to the other side of the board. It has rotation buttons on the sides and a flipper. It can be rotated for up to 360 degrees and can also be locked in place. The surface is of high quality and makes for a smooth and comfortable writing experience. Even wiping down and cleaning up is easy, without worrying about leaving marks. 

Kamelleo used high-quality materials not only for the surface but also for the whole structure of the board. It is lightweight but very durable too. It has a rust protection coating, and the frame has a solid and durable construction that makes it safe and long-lasting. It can also be moved around easily and has a locking system on the wheels to stay in place if needed. 

The package also comes with bonus papers for the flipchart, two holders for the flipchart, and a magnetic eraser. This Magnetic Whiteboard by Kamelleo is a fantastic tool for learning and creating. 


  • The smooth porcelain board is easy to write on, and there’s no ghosting when you erase the writings.
  • The stand of this magnetic board is very sturdy. 
  • It’s quick to set up and assemble. 
  • The hooks on one of the sides of the board make hanging up the flip board chart easy. 
  • The magnetic eraser that comes with it is also durable, and it sticks well. 
  • The material of the flip chart pad that comes with it is bleed-resistant. 


  • You can only adjust the height to make it higher, but you change or adjust it to lower.
  • Sometimes it bounces off the U clasp when you flip the board, and it doesn’t automatically snap.
  • You need to reinstall the marker tray whenever the height of the board is adjusted. 

ECR4Kids ELR-0339 Birch Hardwood Single-Sided Bookcase

Homeschool Furniture

The ECR4Kids-ELR-0339 Bookcase Stand for Kids is natural birch hardwood that makes it extremely sturdy. It is a combination of smooth design and strength. It also has a finish of natural wood lacquer, easy to clean, and is scratch-resistant. Its charming natural grain surface would go well in any space. 

It has five shelves, and its height is just perfect for allowing toddlers and small kids to reach their favorite reading materials. It also allows the effortless organization of the books and makes it easy for the kids to put them back on the shelves. The forward-facing design encourages early reading. It allows kids to easily see the book’s covers to attract them to pick the books up and read by themselves. It promotes the love of reading by making the books within reach. 

This bookcase display stand is perfect for home, daycare, classrooms, and playrooms. It is made safe for kids as they had crafted its corners to be rounded and not sharp. The materials used to manufacture this bookshelf are lead-free, BPA-free, and non-toxic. It is Greenguard (Gold) certified, meaning it is safe for indoor use. This bookshelf is excellent for fostering learning in homes, classrooms, daycares, and playrooms.  


  • The depth of the shelves is excellent, especially for thick board books. 
  • The wood is of good quality and can withstand frequent use.
  • It’s easy to move around, even if they made it with pure wood.
  • The rounded edges make it kid-friendly and safe for kids and toddlers. 
  • The simple and natural design is charming and attractive. 


  • Some of the shelving pieces are not cut evenly. 
  • Some parts have splinters. 
  • The baseboards tend to split after you screw them together. 

IKEA Birch Veneer Billy Bookcase

Homeschool Furniture

The Birch Billy Bookcase by IKEA is a space saver piece of furniture that you can add to your space. It has shelves that are small and narrow where you can place small items. IKEA launched the Billy bookcase in 1979 and has been a favorite among book lovers. These shelves are also adjustable so that you can arrange them according to your needs. It means that the tiny space can become a large storage shelf if need be since you can adjust it. It is perfect for smaller spaces, but it requires a minimum height ceiling of 80 3/4 inches.  

They used natural wood veneer for the surface. It’s also easy to set up and assemble and is very sturdy.

You can affix or attach it onto a wall with its device made for wall anchoring. Just make sure you only put light items to avoid them from detaching or falling apart. Also, you need to familiarize yourself with the wall materials to where you are attaching the bookshelf. The fasteners you would use here should be suitable for your walls. 

When cleaning, just use a damp cloth with a mild cleanser, and then you can use a dry clean cloth to dry it out. 


  • It doesn’t take up too much space, but it can hold a lot of items. 
  • It’s very versatile, and the shelves are adjustable to fit your needs. It has various holes for the placement of the shelves and even allows space for extra ones. 
  • It’s easy to assemble and put together, and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. 
  • It’s very sturdy. The shelves can hold a lot of books and don’t sag. 
  • It has a notch at the bottom back part that makes it ready to be attached to a wall should you choose to. 
  • Its design goes well with any space, and you can even place it in the bathroom. 


  • Particleboard, not pure wood, makes up this bookcase’s material, and the surface feels like plastic.  
  • It cannot withstand regular use and bumps. 

Guidecraft Children’s Media Desk and Chair Set

Homeschool Furniture

The White Children’s Media Desk and Chair by Guidecraft is both a computer and study station designed for elementary and middle school kids. This set comes with a spacious desk, chair, and drawers for storage. The storage that comes with it has thick corkboard panels where kids can pin their notes and essential keepsakes, and it has cutouts to hide wires and cords. 

It also has large cubbies or drawers and shelves for storing school materials such as craft supplies, books, and papers. It also comes in various colors that allow you to pick the one that matches your child’s bedroom or your learning space at home. The design is modern and makes an excellent addition to your homeschool area.  

The workspaces are large and flat, giving sufficient room for doing projects, organizing homework, and using computers comfortably and efficiently. The chairs are also sturdy enough to support weight up to 125 lbs. It’s a desk and chair set that grows with your kid. 

The materials used in this furniture are solid and durable birch wood. It has a finish that is non-toxic and easy to clean. The edges are also safe, smooth, and sanded. It’s ready to assemble and comes with instructions that you can easily follow. 


  • It’s very spacious and roomy. Perfect for studying and doing homework. 
  • It’s an ideal desk for crafting, drawing, and creating projects.
  • The material of the desk and chair is solid wood and of excellent quality. 
  • It’s an excellent buy for younger kids because, with its size, it’s a desk that will grow with them. 
  • The colors are vibrant and pretty. 
  • The storage has plenty of space and can fit a Chromebook and all the needed books for school. 


  • It has a strong chemical smell that can last for days and weeks before it goes away.  
  • The paint can easily chip away and come off when bumped by a hard or sharp object. 

Owlconic Analog Telling Time Teaching Clock

Homeschool Furniture

The Telling Time Clock by Owlconic is an analog wall clock specially designed for kids. Through the colored numbers, they can see what time it is. It is a versatile and functional clock as it makes telling and learning time fun and easy. It even has labels such as “o’clock,” “half-past,” “quarter to,” and “quarter past” that make it easier for them to understand these terms. 

This clock allows efficient learning of telling time for kids. It uses color coding and a design that makes for easier understanding and familiarization. For example, each quarter has its unique color for the hours and minutes. It makes it easy for the child to associate the different numbers on this analog wall clock. To avoid confusion, the hours and the minutes are also both labeled. They also show every minute so the child can view the exact time. 

The Telling Time Clock by Owlconic is also easy to clean and maintain. You only need AA batteries to power it and keep it working. It has a clear face that you can easily wipe when it becomes a bit dusty. They also used lead-free paint for this clock, so it’s safe for kids. You can place it anywhere since it’s lightweight. 


  • The minutes are all precisely numbered and labeled. It’s easy for kids to see and learn that there are sixty minutes in one hour. 
  • It may look like a lot is going on with its design, but it makes understanding and learning to tell time easier. 
  • It’s quiet and doesn’t make the “tick-tock” sound that most clocks do. 
  • It’s amazingly lightweight, and it’s easy to hang anywhere. 
  • The labels are big enough to be read easily. 
  • The shades of the colors used are just right and not visually distracting. 


  • The battery needs to be replaced often because it quickly drains out. 
  • It’s not made of sturdy material and can easily break.


These are all great addition to your set of homeschooling furniture, but among them, it’s the Kamelleo Magnetic Double-Sided Mobile Whiteboard that takes the cake for me. Firstly is because it’s a combination of stylish design and durability. The next factor would be it’s mobile, effortless to move around the room or space and at the same time, has locking mechanisms to keep it in place.

It’s also a great tool to encourage interactive learning and engage the kids to participate in lessons. On the other hand, you can leave written instructions on the whiteboard if you must attend to another chore or work. It’s even easy to clean and put away. 

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