5 Best Remote Controlled Video Camera for Churches

Editor’s Choice

Remote Controlled Video Camera

  • Full HD Progressive scan sensor
  • With an advanced digital image processor 
  • Effective noise reduction for motion video without blur

Best Overall

Remote Controlled Video Camera

  • 20X Optical Zoom
  • IP Streaming with RJ45 input
  • Dual streaming with H.264, H.265 & MJPEG


Remote Controlled Video Camera

  • Elegant and compact design
  • It has a super quiet and smooth pan/tilt mechanism
  • 1920 x 1080 high-resolution output

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best remote-controlled video camera for churches is, then I’d recommend PTZOptics-20X-SDI GEN-2 PTZ IP Streaming Camera as the best one.

Over the years, the Church has seen exponential growth in size and number. More and more people have come to know and hear the gospel in all corners of the world. This is thanks to many faithful missionaries who have answered the call of God. 

But because of these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we all found ourselves doing everything from home – including attending church. This pandemic has not stopped God’s people from continuing to worship as one, even if it’s just virtually. 

Due to this shift, there is now a heightened need to use the best equipment available. That includes remote-controlled video cameras for churches.

Here are the best Remote Controlled Video Cameras for Churches we will be reviewing:

What is a Remote Controlled Video Camera for Churches?

God deserves our best. We want an environment where we can worship God and give Him the praise and glory only He deserves. To ensure that people hear God’s Word clearly during the sermon, having a high-quality remote-control video camera for the church is a must.

A remote-controlled video camera for churches is a device you can use to remotely record and broadcast your church services. A computer or joystick controller is usually used to operate this camera.

Benefits of Using a Remote Video Camera for Churches

Having a remote-controlled video camera for churches has its benefits. The mandate for social distancing has led to having fewer volunteers or operators in church during services. One operator could be managing multiple cameras at the same time, on top of dealing with the lights and audio. 

Being able to operate everything remotely from one place is a huge help in making work more smoothly at church. A remote-controlled video camera for churches makes a difference in two major aspects: Live Streaming and Live Feedback.

Live Streaming and Video Recording

For those who are unable to attend church, live streaming of church services and video recordings of sermons are very important. The availability of well-thought technology provides an opportunity to still set apart the Sabbath Day for the Lord. People get to hear the Word and become refreshed and renewed even virtually.

In many cases, there is a need to review previous sermons. Whether to remind ourselves of truths that are crucial to our situation or to help someone who we know will benefit from the Word.

It is important to note, as we speak about Sabbath, that the rest we are looking for is God himself. He is the one who refreshes us and renews our strength for another week of living out his mission for us – to give Him Glory and enjoy His presence forever!

Live Feedback 

Whether we like it or not, how things look on stage matters to avoid unnecessary distractions. Using a video camera with remote control for church and, in particular, on stage helps preachers, musicians and other pulpit people remember proper blocking and address any visual issues in real-time. Most churches have TV screens or monitors placed on stage as well for song lyrics, announcements, and urgent messages.

Huge churches can also benefit from remote-controlled video camera for churches that project to screens. This ensures that people at the back still get a good view of the preacher and listen well to the Word.

Types Of Video Cameras That Can Be Used in Churches

There are different types of remote-controlled video cameras available in the market. Perhaps the most basic is phone cameras. Most cell phones have excellent built-in cameras. It’s readily available and very easy to set up. But to provide an even more excellent output, the following are better options:

Video camera or camcorder

Unlike cell phones, camcorders are built specifically for video recordings. It has no other function so one can rely on its sole purpose to work well enough. Some brands are better than others, of course. It is helpful to use video cameras with an HDMI output to connect to screens or projectors. Some video cameras even have either 1080p or 4K video features. Although the 4k option has higher quality than 1080p, people with slow internet connections may have difficulty with streaming continuity.

DSLR or mirrorless camera

For better video and camera resolutions, a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) or a mirrorless camera is a good choice. These cameras are good for video recording and taking photos during church services and events.

PTZ IP Streaming Camera

PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras are a great addition to any church. Its features make setup and usage very easy and efficient. Program presets can be created on the camera according to the church’s needs and these can be controlled from just one location. This is beneficial when a minimal number of people/volunteers are allowed to be in the church sanctuary.

Pan Tilt Zoom refers to the movements that the camera can do – panning from left to right, tilting up and down, and a zoom in and out feature. This gives better coverage and more options. Because they are remote-controlled, movement is also more steady.

What To Consider In Selecting Remote Controlled Video Cameras for Churches?

There are a few things to consider when selecting a remote-controlled video camera. Quality, Capability, Ease of Use, and Cost-Effectiveness.


To be able to serve the church excellently, the quality of the remote-controlled video cameras should also be excellent. The most basic level of resolution quality is SD or standard definition. Over the years as technology has improved, HD or high-definition (1920 pixels across) and 4K (4,000 pixels across) have been developed. 

The perfect quality for streaming is in HD. Although 4K is a higher quality, it is harder to stream especially on social media platforms. SD has become a thing of the past, as people are now used to clearer images and consequently a better viewing experience.


Connections are also important to consider. Even if you have an HD or 4K video camera, if you won’t be able to connect it to streaming devices, it won’t serve its purpose. The 4 types of connections or signals are the following:

  1. USB (Universal Serial Bus) – Connects your camera to the computer thru a USB port. This is not advisable for remote-controlled video cameras as it requires proximity to the computer.
  2. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) – This is the most commonly used signal for transferring audio and video thru a cable. HDMIs are limited though and most have a maximum of 30 feet proximity requirement. Any farther would require the use of an HDMI signal booster.
  3. SDI (Serial Digital Interface) – Similar to the HDMI, the SDI also needs a long specific cable to be able to connect to and control your camera.
  4. NDI (Network Device Interface) – this is the latest and most ideal type of signal technology for streaming purposes. It enables high-definition communication over a network, instead of cables.


Camera capability refers to the angle or width the camera lens can capture in one shot. Proximity to the subject is the main factor that this is dependent on. Here are the suggested zoom capabilities:

  • 40 feet distance – 12x capability
  • 65 feet distance – 20x capability
  • 100 feet distance – 30x capability

Ease of Use

Using the video camera and the remote control should be simple and easy to learn. It should not be rocket science. This way anyone can manage or control the devices, and there is no need for a special technician. It would also be helpful if there are photos and video instructions available from either the manufacturer or other users.


It is wise to look not just at the price but at what the video camera also offers in terms of features. Sometimes, our default is to choose the cheapest one available without considering the trade-off. Choose one that is within your budget and yet has all the best features. 

Here are the best remote-controlled video cameras for churches that we recommend. 

PTZOptics-20X-SDI GEN-2 PTZ IP Streaming Camera

Remote Controlled Video Camera

The PTZOptics-20X-SDI GEN-2 PTZ IP Streaming Camera is a great choice for streaming services, as it offers flexibility in connection options – HDMI, 3G-SDI, and IP. It also has the VISCA RS-232 cable control which makes it suitable for bigger churches as it can be used for large spaces. It can be mounted as far as 65 feet from the subject with its 20x zoom capability. 

Camera capability has coverage of 60.7 degrees wide and lens resolution is 1920×1080, which is the perfect video resolution for streaming. The video camera comes with a general tripod or mount as well as a remote control and also has an app or software for control.


  • 20X Optical Zoom
  • IP Streaming with RJ45 input
  • Dual streaming with H.264, H.265 & MJPEG
  • Simultaneous 3G-SDI, IP, and HDMI Video Outputs
  • With noise cancellation via the latest 2D and 3D noise reduction


  • Setting up may require assistance from an experienced technician 
  • There is no audio recording feature
  • An external recorder is needed and can be purchased separately.

Mevo Start All-in-One 1080P Live Streaming Camera Bundle

The Mevo Start is a useful camera that can perform multiple tasks. It can be used for streaming and recording simultaneously. With a video resolution output of 1080 pixels, it is an awesome choice for online church services. 

What’s great about this camera is that it has a well-developed app – the Mevo App – where everything can be done. From live editing (zoom and pan, crop and cut shots) to adjusting video settings (brightness, exposure, contrast, image flip, etc) to streaming on different social media platforms. All of these can be efficiently done through a mobile phone using the Mevo app!

What’s more? It is bundled with a Flashpoint Screw Adapter and Azden SMX-10 Camera Microphone.


  • The camera is slim, compact, and lightweight
  • 1080p HD resolution with crisp and detailed imaging
  • Stream anywhere using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or even your smartphone’s LTE network
  • Wireless control with features like Auto-Director
  • It can connect up the three Mevo Start cameras
  • Simultaneously stream to your favorite platforms


  • The camera stand has to be purchased separately
  • A monthly fee is required to be able to stream on 2 or more platforms

Logitech C922x Full 1080p HD Pro Stream Webcam

Remote Controlled Video Camera

The Logitech C922x is a professional streaming camera, mostly used by people to stream on gaming sites, and can be an asset to any church! It features a full HD glass lens that produces vibrant, high def 1080p images. Even in low-light settings, video quality is still good because of the camera’s auto-light correction feature. 

There are 2 built-in omnidirectional, noise-canceling mics, and included in the set is a 5 feet cable. The purchase of this camera also comes with a free 6-month license of Xsplit, a streaming app where you can edit and adjust the settings of your stream. Interestingly, Logitech C922x utilizes its technology for replacing the background without the need for a green screen.


  • Designed and optimized for professional-quality video streaming 
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Xbox One, Chrome OS, Android v5.0
  • Full HD glass lens and premium autofocus
  • With automatic light correction in dim or poorly backlit settings
  • With 1 – year limited warranty


  • A third-party software needs to be installed
  • The camera settings do not save


Remote Controlled Video Camera

The PTZ-X12-IP is a full HD camera that has its streaming technology using High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). It comes with a remote controller and mounting bracket. The full HD camera consists of a sensor allowing the capture of high def images even in low-light settings and also has 3 outputs – USB, SDI, and HDMI. It also has the capability of streaming thru IP using a VISCA cable. The sensor scanner and processor improve the HD image and video capture of the camera.


  • Full HD Progressive scan sensor
  • With an advanced digital image processor 
  • Effective noise reduction for motion video without blur
  • 3G/HD-SDI, HDMI, RJ-45, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 for versatility and seamless video performance
  • With up to 12X power optical zoom capability 


AViPAS AV-1081G 10x HDMI PTZ Camera with IP Live Streaming

Remote Controlled Video Camera

Light, compact and elegant, the AViPAS camera is a pan tilt zoom device that produces high def imagery and output. It has good angle coverage of 60.9 degrees with a frame rate of up to 60fps. With an excellent noise reduction feature and a great zoom capability, it is an awesome choice for churches!


  • Elegant and compact design
  • It has a super quiet and smooth pan/tilt mechanism
  • 1920 x 1080 high-resolution output
  • High SNR of CMOS sensor combined with 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm
  • RS-232 VISCA over IP and IR remote control


  • The camera may not be easily accessible through the Zoom app
  • Functions of the remote control are limited


Remote-controlled video cameras are typically used for broadcasting and video productions. But now, they are becoming famous in houses of worship as well. Having a remote-controlled video camera in your church is a powerful tool for you to use to make high-quality videos and send out powerful live streams. 

I’d recommend the PTZOptics-20X-SDI GEN-2 PTZ IP Streaming Camera because of its ease of use. This video camera produces a great video output even in low-light areas. It can simultaneously stream thru all 3 signals – HDMI, 3G-SDI, and IP. The video camera is compatible with iOS and Windows 10. Once set up and connected to a network, the use of the camera is pretty easy.

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