7 Christian Prayer Networks That You Can Join

Prayer networks will help deepen your relationship with God and meet other people who have the same devotion. 

Prayer is essential among Christians and sheds light on the gospel and what it has stored for us. We are given this gift from God by being able to communicate with Him. Prayer makes us feel safe and empowered in everything we do. Prayer acts as a weapon on the battlefield of life. Whatever you are facing, there is always a prayer for that.

Connecting with people with the same love as the Lord is good. Here are a few details on what a prayer network is. Also, all of the types of prayer networks you could join. Prayer networks are essentially online churches where you could ask for guidance. We have a few well-known networks that could help you with your spirituality and faith

Prayer Networks

What are Prayer Networks?

Prayer networks are essentially online churches where you can ask for prayer requests. Having a person pray for you is heartwarming; it shows the gratitude that person has for you. Being in a prayer network is the chance to able to be with people that have the same faith as you and create a community. 

A prayer that has all of us connected gives us a sense of unity. It makes the experience more meaningful. Being able to pray with other people strengthens our faith in God. 

It also paves the way for getting to know the person on hand. Through prayer requests, you get to know their struggles and inner goals. This makes you resent them and support them if you have similar interests. 

Most importantly, the Bible tells us to pray for others, not just ourselves. Prayer is used against Satan and his plans. That is why we have prayer networks, to connect with people with the same faith as you.

Top 7 Christian Prayer Networks

We have here seven essential prayer networks that you can join. 

International House of Prayer

An evangelical missions organization called the International House of Prayer is dedicated to praying for the fullness of God’s power and purpose as we actively win the unbelievers, heal the sick, feed the hungry, make disciples, and have an impact on every aspect of society, including family, education, government, the economy, the arts, media, and religion. 

The most significant ministry of the International House of Prayer, or IHOP, is its 24-hour prayer and worship room. IHOP is a group with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

You can still join in their webcast at any time for worship and set apart that time for prayer even if you don’t reside in Kansas City.

The Joshua Project

The Joshua Project is an international prayer network that benefits worldwide. You could pray from people no matter where they are. They even show you information on prayer networks and how you could start your own prayer group.

To support pioneer church-planting initiatives among every ethnic group and to enable efficient coordination of mission agency efforts, Joshua Project collects, integrates, and communicates information about people groups. The Joshua Project combines the knowledge of various missionaries to create a comprehensive list of all ethnic groups. The information may contain mistakes, duplicates, or overlaps and is constantly updated. You are very open to praying for people from other nations. 

Global Prayer Network

The Jesus Saves Network in Cleveland, Tennessee, runs the Global Prayer Network. You could use the library of resources to further their relationship with God. It also houses prayer ideas that can make your prayer life enjoyable. Followers can post requests and pray for others in a global prayer network. All were advertised on social media.

The JSN pushes hope through the eyes of God. Invites new believers and teach them how to spread the gospel with social media. 

24/365 International Prayer Network

This network’s primary goal is to motivate pastors to become role models for the church. When your church joins 24/365, you can set up prayer times for various church members and departments. 

Through personal encouragement, challenge, accountability, and achievement, their ministry aims to equip pastors to become champion role models for all people. They also aim to bring unity to the “Body of Christ” through love, trust, prayer, and close personal relationships so that our Lord Jesus can say: “Well done, my good and faithful Servant.”

Here are some of their goals: 

  • Local churches and pastors will begin to love one another rather than criticize one another.
  • Pastors should possess a kingdom mindset and heart.
  • Pastors should engage in daily marital prayer.
  • Pastors encourage strong, wholesome, and virtuous marriages and families
  • After years of hostility and discrimination based on race and culture, what will fill our hearts with forgiveness for one another?

They focus more on pastors on how they shaped their church. If you rely on supporting pastors more, you should check them out here.

Prayer Networks

Nation Wide Prayer Network

The network’s goal is to keep unifying the followers of Christianity in the city so that it might push them to carry out Jesus Christ’s mission. Their mission includes feeding the hungry, giving to the needy, and rescuing the lost.

The network uses media like radio stations, organizations, schools, colleges, etc. The plan is to execute their goal by seeking the gospel through social media and technology. 

The Nation Wide Prayer Network was once known as City Wide Prayer Network. They took inspiration from their “The Day of Pentecost.” They try and reach out to fellow Christians through live streaming

Hollywood Prayer Network

The Christians employed in this profession are becoming a stronger community and are more aware of God’s presence than ever. Through their One-to-One Prayer Partnerships and Incognito Prayer Team, they are dedicated to having every industry Christian covered in prayer by an intercessor outside Hollywood. 

They organize various prayer programs for and in their nearby Hollywood community and sponsor Studio Lot Prayer Walks. HPN encourages and mobilizes Christians worldwide to pray for those who work in Hollywood. 

The network envisions all the followers of Christ united in miracles. They saw through the eyes of the gospel while working in the entertainment industry. 

The HPN encourages everyone to pray for the people who work in Hollywood. This fellowship also makes prayer time for the whole industry and the projects they produce. They try to create a safe haven for all the workers in the industry who want to know Jesus better.

The Christian Prayer Network

The Christian Prayer Network has the tools to give prayer to the workers and assists them in spreading the gospel. This gives the heart of Kenya’s transformation. The Christian Prayer Network is a group that collaborates with churches and people to pray for Kenya. 

The prayer network started in 2009, intending to create prayer unity. The church is based on the Nairobi Baptist Church. They have all kinds of prayer guides for your faithful life. 

Why do Christian Prayer Networks Matter?

Prayer networks are weapons used to help you fight your battles in life. It’s a good practice to test your faith and relationship with the Lord. Be more open with Him and how we communicate with Him. A prayer network is a chance to heal your soul and connect to other people. It makes us experience the Kingdom of Christ on this earth. 

This further gives us the feeling of yearning for the calling of the Lord, for this is what Jesus wants. He wants us to seek Him. Networks introduce us to a new community dedicated to the Kingdom of God. The sole purpose of prayer networks is to bring nations together. 

Prayer Networks


So what are you waiting for? Go out there and join them, meet new people. Prayer networks matter because it is fighting for the people of God. We work together to cast out the demons and the devil in our lives. Remember that Jesus’s mission to us was to spread the gospel. The churches are supposed to bring people together through prayer requests. Jesus heeds the prayers of the united people.

We pray for the people who are less fortunate than us. We pray that they may see the light that Christ has given us. It’s called “network,” meaning connecting with other followers. It is a holy network of God bestowed upon us. 

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