The 5 Best Christian Books

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Christian books is, then I’d recommend Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis as the best one.

It is a known fact that God uses different ways to communicate with us. It can be through the Bible, another person’s journey, or symbolism from a fictional story. Through Christian books, we can be inspired whenever we feel like nothing is going as planned. Christian books can also be a source of comfort and encouragement for those times where we’re at our lowest point.

Christian books can also be our source of knowledge. Christian books on Theology, Evangelism and historical events are some of the examples. These types of books teach us the belief and practices of Christianity. We can also learn how the early Christians taught the Gospel to those in the past through Christian books on Evangelism.

This applies to everything, including how much we know about God and Christianity. Besides the Bible, Christian books can help us understand who God is and His plan for our lives. This article will go through what Christian books are, why we need to read them, and so much more!

Here are the Best Christian Books we will be reviewing:

What are Christian Books?

Christian books convey the message of the Bible through either a person’s biography, a plot of a fictional story, or even a historical event in the past. These books feature the real-world application of Christianity that appeals to all kinds of readers. They can also be a guide to help us trust in God fully and finding our life’s purpose.

There are many types of Christian books, for sure one of them can appeal to your interests. Depending on your wants and needs, a Christian book can help you overcome that challenge.

Benefits of Reading Christian Books

There are many ways we can enjoy reading Christian books. Here is the list of reasons to read Christian books:

To build a close relationship with God

Although the Bible is essential to our faith, it isn’t the only book God can use to speak with us. The book doesn’t have to be about theology; God can speak to us through another person’s spiritual journey. Any Christian book can be God’s tool to teach us how to know Him on a personal level. Plus, we can also apply the lessons others have learned to our journey.

For personal and spiritual growth

Paired with the Bible, a Christian book helps us learn more about God and His ways on a personal time we dedicate to read and convey God’s love through our words and actions, return we are letting God change us into His liking. Stories about loss and defeat and their lives changing the moment they laid everything down and trusted in God’s plan. Stories such as these are lessons we can apply to our relationship with God. As we continue to choose to trust in God and surrender our worries and insecurities, unknowingly, we change for the better.

It helps you worship better

When we worship, we lay all our worries down and empty ourselves so that God may fill us with His love and mercy. But did you know that worshiping God does not only pertain to singing and dancing in Church? When we give our undivided attention to God and offer Him our best, that is a form of worship.

It helps you find your purpose

Finding our life’s purpose is one of the most challenging questions that we yearn to answer. What makes it hard is that there is no one correct answer; God has designed a unique plan for each one of us. But if you trust in God and set your heart to His desires, you will find that God has been speaking to you through the Christian book you’re reading. It doesn’t matter which type of Christian book you’re reading; God uses even the strangest situations to speak and teach us something.

You learn how to be a better leader

You do not become a good leader overnight. Improving your leadership skills takes a lot of trial and error, together with a lot of reading. There are Christian books that can help you become a better leader. Besides the people God used in the Bible, we can also learn from biographies and personal testimonies.

To broaden your knowledge of history

Besides Christian books on theology, we can also learn about history through Christian biographies. By reading these books, we make ourselves aware of the struggles of Christians at a given period in history. At the same time, we are moved and inspired by the immense trust and faith they have displayed despite the greater odds against them.

Types of Christian Books

There are so many types of Christian books to choose from, for sure you will find one that is to your liking. Here are the best Christian books you can choose from:

Christian books on General Theology and Evangelism

This type of Christian book concentrates on the belief and practice of Christianity. Through these books, we learn more about the Old and New Testaments and Christian traditions.

Christian books on Sanctification

Sanctification simply means to purify for God’s particular use and purpose. Thus, Christian books on sanctification help us to know and understand how God wants us to live. This type of book teaches us to grow our faith in God so that we put our trust in Him, despite our worries and insecurities.

Christian Biography

Christian biographies are a great source of encouragement and inspiration. Through Christian biographies, we learn more about God’s power and unfailing love. We also know how the author’s trust in God has helped them overcome even the most impossible challenges. Reading through this book comforts and reassures us that God is with us, just like He had promised.

Classic Christian Nonfiction books

This type of Christian book ranges from historical events and accounts to motivational and self-help books. These books give an in-depth look at people who have dedicated their lives to serving God. Books in this category teach us the cost of following Jesus and the incredible blessings that follow.

Contemporary Christian Nonfiction books

This type of Christian book shows the Christian worldview through the author’s journey. Contents can range from personal devotions to spiritual journeys that lead them to Jesus. Books such as this show us that God’s promise is never late and comes at the best time, always.

Christian Fiction books

Christian fiction books are always a delight to read. Different authors have various ways to express elements of Christianity through fictional characters. Christian fiction can have non-Christian aspects in the story. But, there is always a consequence that follows after that particular act. This type of Christian book appeals most to the younger generation and the young-at-heart.

How to Choose the Best Christian Books

Here is a list of things to consider when choosing the best Christian book:

What challenges are you facing?

Usually, when someone is looking for a Christian book to read, they have a seemingly unanswerable problem that’s been bothering them. Whether you’re having a hard time trusting in God fully or you’re having doubts about your faith, knowing these can help narrow down your choices.

Ask your Christian friends for recommendations

If you have friends who love reading, their book suggestions are usually the best ones. Usually, when you ask for their recommendations, they also share how they used that book to overcome their problem. This can be an excellent process of elimination, plus you are sure that it’s a good book if your friend likes it so much.

What are the author’s worldviews?

The author’s worldview usually reflects in their writings, so be sure to research first. At times, it may seem that the author’s worldview is reasonable, but some points contradict God’s teachings as you read on. Remember, Christian books aren’t supposed to replace the knowledge we learn through the Bible. Christian books should build on it and help us better understand God’s intended message.

What do the reviews say about the book?

Before we buy something, we read the product’s review first. The same applies to choosing and purchasing a Christian book. Look for a credible source, and read as many reviews as you can. Sometimes you can read a brief excerpt from the reviews; this way, you can assess if that book is what you want to buy.

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Authored by C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity is a revised and expanded version of his broadcast talks during World War 2. Although some points in the book may seem repetitive, keep in mind that this is a compilation of three separate books. This book aims to explain aspects of Christianity that are familiar to believers. Mere Christianity dives into the spiritual journey of the author before finally, Christianity.

As you delve into the book, you learn to appreciate the author’s metaphors in explaining the Christian doctrine. I believe this is a good read for both Christians and non-Christians alike. The author does not assume, but he extensively explains the aspects of Christianity in this book.


  • The tone of the book is refreshing and, at times, hilarious; it keeps the reader informed and entertained.
  • Even readers that have a different religious background can read this book.
  • This book aims to enlighten the reader of God’s bigger plan and its specific part in that plan.


  • Some delivery services may not handle the book with care; please contact them beforehand.
  • The print on some of the books is not organized; there are no separations on the paragraphs.
  • The ebook version has no page numbers; some only contain questions and not the original content.

The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

If you want to learn about Theology and apply it to our lives, then this book would be a good read. This book is heavily devoted to using Sermon on the Mount and New Testament teachings in the life of a believer. The Cost of Discipleship will help you worship and follow God the way the Bible intends us to do.

This book teaches the readers the importance of sacrifice and how to live consistently through God’s word and wisdom. This book also gives insight on how we should follow and worship God, in a way that fits His stature.


  • The tone of the book is convicting and full of authority.
  • The author explains and expands the beatitudes very well.
  • Offers one page of Bonhoeffer’s blessed commentary for spiritual contemplation
  • Includes discussion of the “Riddle of Predestination”


  • Due to the era and language differences, some points are a little challenging to follow and understand.
  • Some delivery services may not handle the book with care; please contact them beforehand.
  • The new version strays from the original author’s message and includes their agenda; please buy the older edition instead.

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Besides being a bestselling nonfiction book, pastor Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life is a timeless Christian book staple. This book, in particular, is designed to be read in 42 days. But, you can read it at your own pace and meditate on a specific chapter for more than one day. Each chapter helps you discover why, how, and what on earth are we here for? As you read through this book, meditate and practice the steps you have learned to live out your life’s purpose.

Together with the physical copy, you will find three-minute video introductions and a 30 to 40-minute audio Bible study message for each chapter.


  • The tone of the book is uplifting and thought-provoking.
  • This book is a good guide for a new believer.
  • This book can be an excellent tool for small groups at church.


  • The verses are only excerpts and not the whole Scripture.
  • The author’s use of Scripture tends to support his point rather than the valid message of the verse.
  • Some chapters are repetitive.
  • The language of the book may come off as condescending and judgemental to non-Christians.

The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller

If you’re looking for a Christian book that gives you a sense of hope and salvation, then The Prodigal God is the one for you. This book explores a different take on “The Prodigal Son” parable in the Bible to show us God’s love for His people. At the same time, we also get a glimpse of our hearts-whenever we choose ourselves over God’s calling.

Besides the prodigal son, this book also touches on the elder son’s attitude when his younger brother comes home. Often, the spotlight is on the son who has gone astray but finds his way home at the end. We learn that we tend to be the elder brother rather than the prodigal son through this book. This book is a perfect read because it gives the reader a fresh perspective on the classic parable.


  • This book is easy to read.
  • The analysis of the parable is new and refreshing.
  • The Prodigal God is an excellent book to use for meditation.


  • Some may find the author’s interpretation as strict and literal.
  • There are some verses that the author mentioned but did not explain their relevance.

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

Knowing God is an updated version, written in Americanized language and spelling. This book tackles the crucial sides of Christianity, which are knowing about God and having a close relationship with God. Through this book, we would learn that knowing God is more than just reading the Bible. For us to have an in-depth relationship with Him, we have entirely given our trust in Him. Together with faith, we naturally love, obey, forgive, honor and glorify God in everything we do.

This book has three parts that explain who God is and how we can have a personal relationship with Him. The first section discusses how and why we know God. The second talks about the attributes of God, and the last area show us the benefits of having a personal relationship with God.


  • This book combines spiritual guidance and intellectual facts that can be very compelling for a Christian reader.
  • Knowing God is an excellent book to use for small groups and Bible studies at church.
  • The author’s take on getting to know God and being a Christian is well written and straightforward.


  • The language of the book may sound hostile and too complicated to non-Christians.
  • The author jumps from one point to another without giving a conclusion for the first topic.
  • Some may find this book lacking depth.


Christian books nowadays cater to Christians and non-Christians and those new to the faith as well. If you’re looking to delve deeper into having a personal relationship with God, Christian books, together with the Bible, are an excellent place to start.

Out of all the Christian books in the market, I’d recommend Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis as the best one. I highly recommend this for both Christians and non-Christians. The author does a great job of explaining Christianity without being forceful and boring. Because this contains his spiritual journey, you can relate to the questions and doubts raised by the author in the book. Even with the big time gap, the lessons from this book are still applicable today.

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Alex Shute
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