Church Live Stream Setup: The Ultimate Guide

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  • 48 Input Channels
  • DEEP Processing ready
  • 7-inch capacitive touchscreen

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Church Live Stream Setup

  • 4K full-frame HDR
  • Hybrid autofocus
  • LCD touchscreen high-resolution


Church Live Stream Setup

  • Touch screen live production
  • Picture-in-picture templates
  • Cross platforms streaming

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best church live stream setup, then I’d recommend the Sony Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Digital Camera Accessory Bundle as the best one.

Live streaming of various activities has become popular among churches. This popularity was given more emphasis due to the imposed worldwide lockdowns. Many religious institutions have begun broadcasting their services in real-time. Technology has provided a solution for those who cannot attend church activities in person. With the help of live streaming, a convenient way for members to participate in the church has emerged.

Here are the best Church Live Stream Setups we will be reviewing:

What is a Church Live Stream Setup?

Bringing church members together is also the church’s responsibility, and this has become exceedingly challenging in recent years. There has been a renewed openness in shifting from physical to online. Anyone with internet access can watch a live church service, one of the many benefits of live streaming church activities. 

When it comes to encouraging new members and retaining current ones, churches should not focus solely on the traditional means of faithful participation. To attract and engage the community in innovative ways, the church should focus on reaching and engaging the public in new ways.

A Church Live Stream Set-up is the equipment and gadgets for broadcasting church services through the internet. These platforms may include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Why Use a Church Live Stream Setup?

Ministering to church members who can’t attend in person

There are instances when church members cannot attend church services. Churches have always followed tradition. Tradition requires personal appearance and participation during religious worship. This tradition is why the pandemic forever changed how it conducts church services. 

Due to social distancing requirements, people have no choice but to remain at home. This distance is why live streaming church services is essential. Church members may continue expressing their faith and taking part in church activities from anywhere in the world.

Expand reach

With live streaming, more people watch and view church events. They can do this regardless of where they are. Until the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic, many churches had never heard of online worship services. Digital streaming has helped churches reach new audiences. Some churchgoers admit to never being present before attending online church services. It is essential to engage and connect with church members. This connection must be both in-person and online and share the Word of God regardless of the medium.

Help church members stay connected and engaged

Social media platforms offer ways to engage viewers and listeners during a live stream. These are tools that a church can use to expand and connect with its audience. For example, viewers and listeners may quickly respond by posting comments or clicking on the reaction buttons, like on Facebook.

Build a community

When people comment and react to live streams, they understand their feelings more. People tend to be more uninhibited online. This openness is why online streaming makes them feel heard and valued. They may also finally feel as if they belong to a community.

Make and store recorded services and events available to watch anytime

One of the most critical features of live streaming is the possibility of scheduling viewing and listening. This method is especially crucial for individuals who find time management or prioritization difficult. They are the ones who are most likely in need of flexible schedules of worship. Live streaming gives them this power while allowing them to be participative church members.

How to Build a Church Live Stream Setup: Essential Equipment


Streaming from a simple camera is possible. But the most straightforward solution and more technical gadget to use is a computer. A computer serves as a hub to combine multiple devices used in live streaming. The computer must have a good processor, memory, and hardware.


It is possible to live stream church services using a variety of cameras. These cameras are usually small, light, and packed with useful functions. The church’s budget and willingness to invest play a role in deciding which camera to buy. There are basic cameras that can produce high-definition videos for live streaming. There are professional cameras with the highest video quality. They allow complete manual control. Also, users have more creative control over shots than consumer-level cameras can provide.

Video Switcher

A video switcher is a necessity for live streaming or recordings. This tool is handy when using many cameras at once. Using a video switcher allows switching between various audio and video sources. These devices mix video and add video clips or special effects to a secondary source. They also select between audio and video sources.

Video Encoder


Images and video clips captured by cameras are uncompressed video and audio files. To live stream church services, compressing files becomes necessary. Devices that transform video files from one format to another are encoders. It is for capturing, compressing, and delivering audio and video data. A hardware encoder is also capable of streaming videos over the internet.


Software encoders are programs that are installed on a computer to encode files. With a software encoder, you can tweak or change most aspects of a file’s codecs to get the desired bitrate and video quality. Beginners find software encoders enticing due to their relatively inexpensive and customizable features. 

In comparison to hardware encoders, software encoders are significantly slower. They are slower because a computer can’t fully commit all of its features to encode. After all, it is run by different programs simultaneously. However, using software encoders requires the presence of hardware encoders.

Microphone and Audio Interface

The microphone is the foundation of any live stream’s audio quality. Excellent audio quality is necessary to keep viewers engaged with your streams. Poor voice and sound quality and distracting background noise are the biggest deterrents to watching a video.


Live streaming will not appear as appealing with inadequate lighting. Viewers and listeners may be distracted by too vivid or too dark lighting. So that they can take in the service’s message, they need to be kept interested through the perfect lighting.

Live streaming platforms

Using a live streaming platform enables you to broadcast your services worldwide. Broadcasting software has various options and features that can be used to support the stream, from a free trial to a paid subscription. The church can broadcast services via YouTube or Facebook Live to save money. Still, these platforms only provide limited time and capability and risk losing control over one’s stream.

Other important tools


The camera tends to stay in one place for a long time during most live-streamed church services. A tripod is a must-have accessory for taking steady and hassle-free videos. Consider purchasing a sturdy, adjustable, tilting, and panning tripod to avoid jerks while filming.


For wireless live stream equipment and gadgets, cables are not a requirement. However, cables are necessary to connect live streaming equipment and devices in most cases. High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables, jack adapters, or USB cables may be required to utilize live streaming equipment’s input and output features.


Live streaming requires access to an independent internet connection. The internet connection must meet strict quality standards to Livestream good quality images and videos. Reliance on internet speed for a seamless broadcast is crucial. A successful live stream is achievable when the internet connection has no other systems or devices connected to it.

Things to Consider When Building a Church Live Stream Set Up

Set goals and expectations

Make sure you have realistic expectations before launching a live stream for church services, even though new opportunities and technology are exciting. You must clearly define your goals and expectations for live streaming to monitor its success after applying it. 

For example, if the live streaming goal is to cater only to church members, private streaming platforms may be used compared to public ones like Facebook.

Decide on what to stream

It is also essential which church service, worship, or activity to Livestream. In this way, it also becomes easier to identify the broadcast’s target audience.

Think of your budget

The expenses of live streaming are heavily influenced by the goals of the broadcaster or streamer. Anyone who has a mobile device and social media platform may live stream for free. But professional-quality live stream necessitates the purchase of specialized software and equipment. Your broadcasting budget will depend only on the resources you need to achieve your specific live stream goals.

Consider the church workforce to take on the task

Live streaming church services and worship requires a group effort. It will be beneficial to consider members who know or specialize in technology and live streaming. In this way, it is easier to achieve seamless live streaming. Some churches even build a tech ministry to cater to live streaming needs and other technology-related church activities.

Do a test-run

There is too much going on to keep up within a live setting, so you must plan. Preparation is the key to reducing the stress of going live online. It pays to try to meet the needs of your target audience by anticipating their wants and needs. Conducting a test run enables you to identify problems to troubleshoot before going live.

Sony Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Digital Camera Accessory Bundle

Church Live Stream Setup

Sony Alpha a7 III is a mirrorless, 4K high-resolution digital camera. It is an excellent upgrade from the a7 variant. The a7 III comes with a BIONZ X processor. This processor allows condensation of data twice the size of the a7 variant. It comes with a rechargeable battery, which works on 2,000 milliamperes (maH) per hour. It captures high-quality images with its 24.2 megapixels. Its contrast and phase detection create its hybrid autofocus. 

The Sony Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Digital Camera Accessory Bundle is also perfect for capturing extraordinary and stable images even in low-light situations when adjusted correctly. 

Purchasing the a7 III comes with an accessory bundle. It has a tripod, a ball head, an additional battery pack, a strap, a dual charger, a professional microphone, and a gadget bag. This bundle also comes with Corel Photo Software for photo editing, designing, and processing. 

The a7 III’s outstanding capabilities allow superior capture performance. It gives its users the power, accuracy, and freedom for self-expression through images.


  • 4K full-frame HDR
  • Hybrid autofocus
  • LCD touchscreen high-resolution
  • Sensitivity range up to ISO 51200
  • Wider, faster, more steadfast AF and AE performances


  • Not capable of 10-bit recording
  • An LCD could not be inverted
  • AF may be too dark 

Allen & Heath SQ-6 Digital Mixer

The SQ-6 has everything its users need to provide high-quality sound for events such as religious worship. With the SQ-6, users can take on the toughest live sound challenges. Thanks to its high-resolution sound and ultra-low response time, the SQ-6’s strength and audio fidelity are unmatched. 

Twenty-four onboard preamps, eight stereo FX engines, and access to RackExtra’s FX library are all included in the SQ-6 mixer. Because of SQ’s DEEP processing architecture, users can select their custom sound settings. There are no additional setups or latency issues when using DEEP plug-ins in the mixer’s inputs and channels.

 The SQ-6 comes with Slink Intelligent ports, which enable its integration and installation with other SQ-6 systems. Accompanied by an array of illuminated, high-grip encoders, the SQ dashboard features a high-resolution capacitive touchscreen surrounded by a cluster of tactile controls. These features make the SQ-6 an ideal partner for in-ear monitoring settings and setups.


  • 48 Input Channels
  • DEEP Processing ready
  • 7-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • SLink port for remote audio/expansion
  • The ultimate IEM mixer


  • The device may appear too big
  • Requires an external display or screen

Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K

The ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K allows seamless live streams with ease. It has eight 12G-SDI inputs for working in HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. This setup enables its users to simultaneously use multiple cameras, consoles and feeds. It has a control panel, which allows users easy camera control. It will enable users to multi-view, monitor, and control with a single modem. 

Switchers have full low bandwidth standards converters that automatically resync each input to match its format. Its audio mixer has been upgraded to include dynamics, 6-band parametric EQ, dual mono channel split, and sound system simulator with sound delay on the input or output. 

In addition to the ATEM Advanced Chroma Key, Ultra HD multi-view, and motion clips in the media pool, ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K has these features.


  • Multi-view monitoring
  • HD/Ultra HD
  • Built-in control panel with camera controls
  • ATEM Software Control Panel included 
  • 8 video inputs/12 outputs


  • The device might be bulky
  • Requires an external display or screen
  • Software may be challenging to set
  • ATEM may need input converters

YOLOLIV YoloBox Portable Live Stream Encoder Switcher

Church Live Stream Setup

The YoloBox Portable Live Stream Studio Equipment is easy to use and control with its touchscreen LCD. The LCD screen shows the input and broadcast streams and the control panel at the user’s resolution of choice. It is capable of simultaneously broadcasting three live streams across three different platforms. 

Another great thing about the YoloBox is that users can connect up to 6 video sources. It can also record the stream directly to the user’s storage device. Connection to Wi-Fi or cellular networks is seamless. 

With its modern features, the YoloBox allows users to add comments and logos while the Livestream is ongoing. The user may choose from an array of available picture templates and graphics. 

With its customized PIP feature, the YoloBox allows an interview mode option. It is also directly integrated with social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube, allowing even more channels for a live broadcast.


  • Touch screen live production
  • Picture-in-picture templates
  • Cross platforms streaming
  • Multi-camera capture
  • Independent Audio Input/Output


  • Short  battery life of 3 hours
  • Only has mono sound

PTZOptics 20X-NDI Conference Camera, Mount, and Controller Bundle

Church Live Stream Setup

This camera bundle comes with three 20X-NDI cameras from PTZOptics Store. Each camera can allow users to broadcast videos from various sources connected to different networks. With its 1080p full high-definition display resolution, the 20X-NDI takes crisp and clear videos and pictures. It also has a zoom range which is 20 times more than the ordinary camera, making the use of various cables unnecessary. It performs very well, even in low-light settings.   

This performance makes the 20X-NDI ideal for events such as worship, sports, and live performances. ­It can be powered through the internet or its power source. It also has noise reduction capabilities. Reducing 2D and 3D audio is essential in enhancing the Livestream experience. While it includes ten presets, its camera is fully customizable by its user. 

Also, the NewTek NDI License is already included with the 3-camera bundle.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to deploy
  • It has multiple applications
  • 2D and 3D noise reduction
  • Simultaneous 1080p via HDMI, SDI, NDI/IP


  • Not a plug and play camera
  • Color rendition may be difficult
  • May require nearby internet access 


Due to the worldwide pandemic, churches worldwide are being forced to reevaluate how church services are conducted. Thus, finding the perfect live streaming equipment is crucial, especially in this age of technology when churches across the globe have begun streaming their services. 

For the best church Live Stream setup, I’d recommend the Sony Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Digital Camera Accessory Bundle. Why? It’s because it’s an all-in-one Livestream setup package. The bundle includes everything you need to live stream your church services. Its handy exterior and advanced features can seamlessly capture high-definition images and videos without breaking the buck.

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