Do Soul Ties Affect Men?

Do soul ties affect men? Ever feel a deep connection with someone? That happens with relationships. And for men, that comes differently. Let’s find out the answer to that question.

Human life is defined by relationships. After all, no man is an island. We are molded and formed by the people who come into our life. And each person, each connection leaves an imprint. And in more profound relationships, there are deep connections that are called soul ties.

Time and emotion are the two basic elements of soul ties. So it’s a wrong misconception that men are impervious to them. Yes, women’s nature in the field of emotions is prevalent. Most say that women feel more soul ties than men who are more logical and cynical. But that isn’t true. 

Do Soul Ties Affect Men?

Soul ties happen to everyone, regardless of gender. Men are just as susceptible to soul ties as women are, they just define it differently.

Men might have some other way of identifying a soul tie meaning they might also experience the symptoms of the connection much later than usual.

Soul Ties Meaning?

Soul ties definition mean “knitting of souls”. This is a strong bond and connection. Not just pure physical attraction but also a spiritual connection between two people.

And these soul ties happen with someone who has a significant role in your life. It usually gives positive and healthy results. They influence you to grow and perhaps heal if, for instance, you are suffering through trauma. Nonetheless, it’s the spiritual and emotional connection that are important factors contributing to these soul ties.

Do you remember the part in the movies where they always refer to connections with someone when there is a spark? Well, soul ties kind of work that way but it does not necessarily include sparks. Contrarily, it revolves around bonds and deep connections with the other person.

Such deep connections carry a great weight that the moment you call it quits, it’s hard to emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally move on with your life. Thus, soul ties do bring so much life into your life. However, the downside is that you cannot learn how to break with these. But you can start with praying. Prayers will always be the best weapon to use in warfare in life. Especially those that you cannot see but can feel.

Types of Soul Ties

There are many types of soul ties you can have in your life:

Spiritual Soul Ties

You can have a religious soul tie with multiple folks throughout your life. Plenty of times you’ll feel a religious affiliation to the person who leads you to Christ. That might be your church leader or fellow Christian.

Emotional Soul Ties

It usually happens with people and with other people to whom they convey their problems. This comes from someone who listens and understands and has a deep emotional and spiritual connection. The feeling of being familiar with the person and that you feel safe whenever you confide with them and there is no sense of judgment. With that, you have found your soul tie.

Physical Soul Ties

Physical soul ties are often created with sexual partners. Whenever you grow intimate with each other physically, you show the person the rarest of the rarest. It’s not only about exposure or intertwining of the bodies but the exposure of the rawest part of yourself. 

Therefore, it’s quite common for couples to make soul ties if they’re sexually active. Sadly, sexual soul ties are often the toughest to stop. It is considered an unhealthy soul tie particularly if it was only casual sex.

do men get soul ties

Evidence of Soul Ties

You may scoff at the existence of soul ties because you can’t see them. O ye of little faith, everything has a reason. Anything can be explained by Science even if it concerns intangible stuff. But of course, biblical evidence also carries a different weight.


Scientifically speaking, soul ties can happen even outside of marriage or friendship. In sex, couples release happy hormones and pleasure hormones which makes sex pleasurable and satisfying. Here, we are talking about physical soul ties. The release of hormones such as oxytocin is scientifically proven which shows that soul ties can happen. Oxytocin is the hormone that causes women to be emotionally glued to men.

The more oxytocin is released, the more emotionally glued women get with men. In most cases, unlike other women who also know emotional boundaries and simply draw a line between sex and emotions. 

Internal secretion of oxytocin is made naturally within the brain. And at sexual peaks, it creates strong bonds between the partners. In addition, for women, emotional bond during and after sex increases trust and eventually produces feelings.


Biblical soul ties are much more prevalent, especially if the soul tie relationship is God-centered. Spiritual and emotional soul ties are likely to come together between couples. And this is illustrated in happy marriages between couples who are still happily in love. 

A godly soul tie evokes you to look for Christ and deepens your faith. There is a strong connection and intense feelings shared in romantic relationships.

The term “soul ties” is not mentioned outright in the Bible. However, we tend to see the bond or attachment that God wished to form through sex in a few passages.

For instance, in Genesis, God said that man would take the woman to be his wife and become one forevermore. The bond between husband and wife was meant to last forever. This bond wasn’t meant to be split apart or broken.

We also read about the deep relationships people such as David, Solomon, the Virgin Mary, and many others have in their lives. 

Are soul ties significant?

Soul ties meaning, in general, are significant as long as they do not get in the way of our lives. And we know how to remove it from our lives once it’s broken.

It is healthy soul ties in the sense that you have someone to communicate with. It helps a person surpass many challenges in life, especially when faced alone. Because soul ties can:

  • Form good relationships.
  • It energizes you because of the kind of positive energy your partner gives you.
  • It keeps you sane amidst all the tremors and chaos life has to offer because you have a shoulder to lean on.

Soul ties aren’t bad and won’t put someone in jeopardy as long as it gives you positive feelings. The only time that soul ties are no longer significant is when the other person already feels suffocated and unsafe.

Can soul ties be one-sided?

As much as soul ties can be mutually shared, they can also be one-sided soul ties. You may feel immense feelings towards someone and believe that you have a connection but the other may not reciprocate it. We cannot always expect other people to reciprocate the weight of love and care we show them. You can feel powerfully connected but not receive the equivalent bond.

A common example of a one-sided soul tie is an online affiliation. The obscurity permits you to open up in ways that you haven’t before. So it creates a deep bond that the opposite person might or might not reciprocate.

This sometimes leads to unhealthy soul ties. If the deep emotional connection of this other person continually plagues the individual without the ability to focus on other things, then it is considered an unhealthy soul tie.

How Do Soul Ties Affect Men

As much as men have the nature of being logical and cynical, soul ties affect them too and sometimes cause them emotional stress. They also have feelings but carry them way differently than women. Furthermore, they are not as vocal with their feelings as how women are. But just like women, they also feel pain and loneliness. It depends on the person. 

Take for instance a man who doesn’t have any parental figure and who seeks someone who can give the same comfort a parent would give to their child. So an emotional soul tie is present between that person and the other person with that he feels a connection. 

Soul ties affect men just as much as women. It’s just that men are more lowkey in their feelings. And they are less likely to be moved by their emotions than women because men are keener on logical reasoning and actions. And they are also more prone to keeping their emotions in check and not going hysterical. 

But you can see it in subtle changes in their body language. A smile here or there, a freer countenance, or even the tendency to spend more time and attention towards another person.

do men feel soul ties

How Men Know They Have a Soul Tie

There are notable signs for men to know that they have a soul tie. And knowing the signs would help men identify what kind of soul tie they are experiencing. 

Here are the things to let you know that you have a soul tie:

Always feeling extra excited

Soul tie bells will ring if you are keen to know more about the other person. You feel excited whenever you spend the day with the person and curious about their interests in life. It would seem like still meeting the person for the first time even if you have been with them for a long time.

More energized

Another sign of a healthy soul tie may be a sharp urge to grow and become the simplest version of themselves. Every kind of soul connection has one similar purpose, which is to realize non-secular development. One’s soul tie can facilitate one to gain a lot of confidence and convey positive energy to their life.

You keep thinking about them

You just can’t get them out of your head even when you’re at work busy doing your tasks.

Something always reminds you of them

Have you ever smiled because you saw her favorite flowers on the market? Well, you are feeling the goodness of positive soul ties. 

How Do Men Handle Soul Ties

Men handle it with logic and facts. They might miss you but they would not call you. Funny right? They love you intensely, but they won’t show you off. Familiar, right? 

Men can often permit the logical part of their brains to speak out of their feelings. This means they’re going to either hide or numb their emotions. Thus, men often need more understanding, given their natural state of keeping their emotions to themselves as they value actions and logic more.

This self-control is nice but it depends on the person. They can have sensitivity to connections in varying degrees. They can even have deep feelings bottled up inside. But at the end of the day, the soul ties they have shaped the way they live. They deal with them with as much sincerity as their own life.

How Men Can Break Ungodly Soul Ties

Once again, men handle stuff differently and it may always take us toward logic and facts than emotions. Breaking soul ties in past relationships or romantic relationships takes on a different angle for men.

Here are the different ways many men deal with breaking bad soul ties:

Purge your life

Remove the person in your life. That person should not be controlling your life and you should not allow it to happen. The sole reason why a soul tie would possibly still keep you enslaved is that you just permit it to. Perhaps you’re still hopeful that you can reconcile even if you’re still angry and can’t relinquish the past. 

No matter what it is, you’ve got to unlock the connection and then take that one away from your life completely. And this is an absolute: never establish contact ever again. 

Maintain Distance

Distance will give you enough space for yourself. Keeping the person close will only make it harder for you to break off the soul tie. Allow yourself to grow. 

Distance might be hard. But it will make a big difference and will help you stand up once again. It’s best to stop communicating with the person. Not meeting and reproving them is somewhat simple. Breaking the emotional bond and physical association you have is the tough part.

Seek professional help

Emotional distress can be very dangerous. Do not ever feel scared of seeking professional help because it will not harm you. It can even help you achieve good ways to step out from the stress slowly yet surely. 

No judgments shall be made. It’s not only about the medical treatments. Instead, the most benefit that you can get is someone who will listen to you and help you move on.

Pray and Meditate

Meditation permits individuals to connect to God. You need to go back to God so you can have the strength to break off the bad soul tie. Doing meditation exercises will assist you in arranging your thoughts and feelings and building sound choices. And you will find a better grounding in your life when you reconnect with the Holy Spirit. 


One of the worst things that result from ungodly soul ties is that we get hurt and wronged. So forgiving the person is a final, vital step. You’ve got to inform yourself that he or she doesn’t owe you happiness. You do. And the moment you acknowledge this, you set yourself free from the burden of ill feelings. You have peace of mind, after breaking off soul ties. 

do soul ties affect men?

Free Will Changes Soul Ties

The human being is gifted by the Lord with free will. If we practice it correctly, we can avoid putting ourselves in circumstances that will change the course of our actions in our lives. Soul ties will only work if two persons are into it and give effort to making it work. However, if you still push through with it regardless of the red flags, then that is the time when you are already risking yourself in a battle that has already been won. 

With the free will that we have, we must use this correctly. Walking out from a poor relationship full of red flags despite how much we want the person to be tied with us, is never wrong. It means that you have practiced your free will and discerned the truth about the soul tie.

In Summary

Many believe that soul ties don’t affect men. Thanks to this misconception, men tend to have a harder time handling an ungodly soul tie. Men can also get soul ties. 

They do feel emotions, albeit in a lowkey manner. They also experience a vast variety of soul ties from the spiritual to the physical. And they can get hurt by ungodly soul ties or negative soul ties.

So it is my earnest hope that this article can help many men to realize soul ties. That they will have an informed decision in handling a soul-tie relationship. And know when to break soul ties off a bond that corrupts them.

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