5 Motivational Prayers for Men in Your Life

Prayers for men is an armor we cloak our men as they set into the world to fulfill God’s mission for them.

Prayer is important to the Christian life. It is not only a means to communicate to the loving Father but also to experience His grace, glory, power, and love. Likewise, prayer is our weapon against life’s obstacles and the schemes of the devil.

In our Christian lives, we have prayed not only for ourselves but for others as well. The truth is everyone needs God. That is to say everyone needs prayers and someone to pray for them, regardless of how strong they may seem. In our society, men portray themselves as strong, a provider, and not easily swayed. However, they are not exempted from the attack of the enemy and someone needs to pray for them.

What are Prayers for Men?

Prayers for men are among the best gifts we can offer to the men close to our hearts. Praying for them is a manifestation that they are special in our lives in a way that they are included and not forgotten during one of the most special parts of our day – talking to our Father above.

We are all aware that life will test us on many fronts and our brothers in Christ are not immune to this. There will be times that they will be facing trials that would test their faiths be it in their family, career, finances, and relationships among many others.

There is no telling of the extent of God’s powers and how He answers our prayers in ways we can never comprehend. Prayers for men would be an armor we cloak our men as they set us into the world to fulfill God’s mission for them.

Prayers for Men

How to Pray for Men?

Pray while believing. As you pray, acknowledge that there are areas in the lives of the men we are praying for which are not known to us but known to our God. In your prayers for men, praise God for their lives and ask the Spirit to guide them in all their undertakings.

As we ask for God’s help in prayer, bear in mind that God’s will shall always be beyond ours. With this, let us not impose what we want on God, but ask the Lord to fulfill His divine purpose in their lives. God always knows better – He knows the best. As we pray for our men, let us also pray to God and ask the Spirit to guide us to pray for them properly.

Why Should We Pray for Men?

There are many reasons why we should say prayers for men. To start, it is an act of acknowledging that we need God in our lives and that there will always be matters beyond our control. This being said, no matter how great or accomplished a person is, apart from God, he is nothing.

Second, praying for our men is important as it shows we care. In our way, praying for them goes to prove we deeply care for them to the point that we talk about them and ask help for them during our special moments with our everlasting Father.

Lastly, praying for our men is a show of our trust and faith in Jesus Christ. There is no point in praying if we don’t believe that God can answer us. We make our prayers for our men known to God because first and foremost, no matter how grand we plan to help them, without the help of the Lord, we are doomed to fail. 

Likewise, praying for them is also a way of showing our faith and trust that while we may not understand what is happening, as we pray for them, we acknowledge that what is not known to us is known to our everlasting Father.

What are the Things to Pray for Men?

There are many things we can ask for in prayer. We can ask for anything in prayer. As we pray for men, we must not forget to include the following:


Ask for wisdom. Compared to the wisdom of this evil world, the wisdom of God is divine, peaceful, and productive. Men need God’s wisdom to guide them in making all the right choices following God’s will. We pray:

Heavenly Father,

We bring honor to your glorious name and acknowledge that You, Lord Christ, are the author of wisdom. We, implore you, Lord, to grant your heavenly wisdom to our men as they make their way into this world. In a likewise manner, help them to not only acquire Your wisdom but use Your Holy Spirit to encourage them to apply Your wisdom in whatever they do especially when the world tells them not to. Amen.


Ask for purpose and trust God to fulfill whatever purpose He has for our men. (Ephesians 2:10) There will be times that our men may feel lost and look for their purposes in all the wrong places. But can things happen without our Lord Jesus Christ ordaining them? No. The universe is designed to follow the will and purpose of Christ. In everything we do then, His purpose prevails not ours. Walk in faith that God knows exactly what He is doing. We pray:

Heavenly Father,

Our mighty God who appoints every purpose for every being, we ask that you touch the hearts of our men to seek your greater purpose for their lives. We beseech you Christ to help them live life according to your purpose and not of this wicked world. Lord, help them not to divert from your plans and try to forge their way apart from you. Amen


Ask for strength. Everyone no matter how strong they may appear on the outside is in constant need of God’s strength to see them through. Pray for strength in all forms – strength to resist evil, strength to keep choosing what is right, and physical strength of the body to enable them to fulfill their many responsibilities for our strength will never be enough. (Psalm 46:1-3) We pray:

Heavenly Father,

God of grace and giver of strength, we acknowledge our weaknesses and accept that apart from you we can never be strong enough to stand on our own feet. We pray that you grant strength to our men in all their undertakings and teach them to accept their weaknesses for denying them won’t do any good. Teach them to take joy in knowing that You can turn weaknesses into strengths and can multiply to a greater extent whatever their strengths are. Amen.


Ask for provision. A godly man acknowledges that He cannot achieve everything expected of him and meet all of his needs on his own. Let us pray that Lord Jesus provides for our men with whatever they need both known and unknown to us because there is no better someone to ask for help than the divine Provider Himself. We pray:

Heavenly Father,

The giver of life and everything in it through our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we ask that you provide our men with whatever is lacking in their lives and help them make their ends meet. Help them acknowledge that there will be areas in their lives that they cannot fill on their own and that they need your provision to sustain them throughout their lives regardless of how far they get in life. Amen.


Ask for direction. Our men are always in need of prayer warriors to help see them through the temptations life throws at them. (Proverbs 3:5) There will be times that they will feel lost and forget that their rightful place is under God’s wings. In times like this, they are prone to wander and walk the path away from the Lord. When challenges, temptations, and other obstacles arise, there is no better person to ask for direction on what path to take or what step to make than Jesus. We pray:

Heavenly Father,

There are times that the world instructs our men to go the other way and forsake the path you have prepared for them. Lord, we pray that the desire and determination to always keep taking the path towards you be prominent in the lives of our men. We are praying for your Holy Spirit to guide them and keep them faithful men in all their ways. May they always ask You to direct their paths and portray life with Godly principles so they may never get lost. Lord Jesus, we ask that you teach our men to always trust in Your ways and not on their mere understanding. Amen.


Ask for humility. The world and its riches will tempt men to boast and take pride in their accomplishments but this does not conform to our Christian faith. The Lord’s word instructs us to remain humble at all times regardless of our circumstances. Let us pray for our men to not be tempted to conform to society’s systems and thinking that go against the Gospel of the Lord. We pray:

Heavenly Father,

Your glory surpasses all human understanding yet you remain humble and displayed the best form of humility. We are praying that you inspire and help our men to a life of humility. Help them, Lord Jesus, that their attitudes in life and behavior patterns bring glory and honor to Your name. Please help them never succumb to pride and see themselves as superior to others for we are all equal in your eyes. Amen.


Ask for love to always be their language. On this earth, every one of us is being tested on how we portray love, especially during difficult times. Oh, how easy it is to abandon love and resort to hate when the circumstances arise but hatred and anger are not marks of faithful men. Therefore, we ask the ultimate giver of love, Jesus, to teach our men to choose love always. We pray:

Heavenly Father,

We come into your presence, mighty God, acknowledging our inclination to hold grudges against others instead of showing love. We ask that you plant the seed of love into the hearts of our men, help it blossom, and bear fruits. May they not only show love to friends but to enemies as well and in the process live an example of how men of the Lord live and are being guided by the Spirit. Touch their hearts, Lord, to be always on the right no matter what, to choose love, especially during the toughest times. Amen

Prayers for Men

Best Prayers for Men

Our prayers are manifestations of the hope we find in Him and the faith the Holy Spirit instills in us for we know there is no better way and no better someone to ask for help and entrust the lives of our men into than the loving Father Himself, Christ Jesus.

Below are prayers for men in the family, the workplace, the Church, and men, in general, all over the globe:   

Prayer for Men in the Family

To men in the family, let us ask the loving Father to send His Holy Spirit to them as they go on with their lives and fulfill the responsibilities they have for the family. Let us pray that they lead lives anchored to the Word of God and stand firm in faith always and at all times. As family members, praying for them is one of the best acts of love.

Christ Jesus,

We praise You for without You at the center of our families, we are prone to crumble. And we humbly come into Your presence and ask that you send your Holy Spirit to every family, especially to the husbands, fathers, and brothers. We pray that You arm them with what they need to help them fulfill their many roles in their families. May they be a channel that would gear their families to grow more in the Christian faith, the children especially. 

Likewise, help them to become the best version of Christian husbands to their wives and guard their hearts against evil. May they be an example to their families of how one should lead a Christian life at all times, an agent to restore broken relationships guided by love, and a vessel of peace in the family. Amen.    

Prayer for Men in the Workplace

To men in the workplace, we offer our prayers of wisdom in every venture, guidance in every decision, humility in every high and low, and pure intentions in every transaction. Other men have succumbed to the pleasures and riches of this world and in the process turned their backs on Christ Jesus. 

Let our prayers be prayers of strength to resist evil and clear thinking to see through the wicked schemes of others as they try to use the riches of the world and draw them away from the kingdom of God.

Christ Jesus,

Your glory cannot compare to whatever riches the world may offer. We pray, Lord, that You help our men to walk the Christian path in their respective workplaces. May they not tolerate sin or become an enabler. 

However, Lord, teach their hearts and encourage them to keep their paths straight in all their ventures especially when they are tempted not to. May their desires not be fixed on gaining profits that stem from evil but remain as faithful mean in spirit, deed, thoughts, and acts. May the work they do help fulfill their responsibilities at home, Church, and their brothers and sisters in You and not lead them away from them. 

Bless them in all areas of life, the people they work with, and the decisions they make. Amen   

Prayer for Men in the Church

To our men in the Church, let us be among their fervent prayer warriors. Let our prayers for them be prayers of a strengthened faith, renewed hope in Jesus at all times, and that they may be productive members of the body of Christ. We pray that the godly principles of Christian men may not only be observed in them whenever they are inside the church but especially when they go out for this is the true testing of their faith – to still put Jesus ahead of them when no one is watching. 

Let us likewise pray that they enthusiastically take part in the ministries of the Church and work hand in hand in the saving of more souls and reaching more people. Let us pray for them to be sturdy pillars in the Church.

Christ Jesus,

You, Lord, are the author of our faith. We pray that you guide our men on the right path and show them how to serve you better. Lord, surround the men of the Church with your presence. We pray that they may be welcoming to one another and strangers. We also pray for your mercy and forgiveness for the times they fall short of your glory. 

Help them to choose to live lives as faithful men both inside and outside the Church. May they rid themselves of any negative labels but be identified as among your good servants. Help them to always acknowledge the importance of the Church not only as an institution but as an integral part of the Christian life. Amen  

Prayer for All Men Across the World

To men across the face of Earth, let us pray for the blessings of the Lord Jesus to fall on them. May Jesus hear us and touch their lives. May He heal emotional wounds caused by this world, restore broken bridges in their lives, plant joy and peace in their hearts, and may the Word of Jesus inspire them to trust God amidst all the challenges. 

Let us likewise include in our prayers that Jesus removes behavior patterns in their lives that make them unworthy in their rightful place in the Kingdom of Christ.

Holy Jesus,

We come to You in spirit and truth and pray for men all over the world that You help them live life according to Your will. We likewise include in our prayers that may their deeds bring glory to Your name. May their minds be filled with the right thoughts, their hearts abound in love, their hands do the works for the greater glory of Your name, and their tongues proclaim how great You are. May they be a man not only for themselves but for You, their wives, children, friends, and even strangers. Amen

Prayers for Men

In Summary

Everyone needs prayers, no matter how tough they appear on the outside. As we make our prayers known to Jesus, the answers we get are not always what we asked for and sometimes there seems to be no answer at all. However, we find peace that Lord Jesus is always all-knowing. Just keep on praying and believing.


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