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Gift Bibles

  • It has many beautiful gold illustrations that add up to the aesthetic
  • It has a Lexicon font size of 9-pt with black letter text
  • 250+ hand-lettered margin verses

Best Overall

Gift Bibles

  • Its font is 8.65pt. and is printed in a high-quality cream paper
  • Exceptional quality Aquamarine colored hardcover
  • Has ribbon marker


Gift Bibles

  • Exclusive NIV Zondervan Comfort Print® typeface
  • 7.5-point print size
  • Includes a presentation page, a ribbon marker, and a Bible dictionary

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best gift Bibles, then I’d recommend the NLT Inspire Bible by Tyndale as the best one.

They say that sharing the word of God is one of the most incredible acts of faith you can show someone. You may share His Word through talking to people, leading discipleship groups, or maybe by affirming and encouraging them. But the best way to bring them closer to God is through giving them Gift Bibles. 

Are you having a hard time looking for the best Gift Bible to give someone on their special day? Hold that thought because you will now be able to choose the perfect one in these following Gift Bibles!

Here are the Best Gift Bibles we will be reviewing:

What are Gift Bibles?

Specially-given Bibles to a loved one are called Gift Bibles. It is not like any other Bibles that one can easily buy in bookstores or online because these are carefully picked by someone like you who wants to share the word of God with an ordinary person you expect will have an extraordinary life with God. 

Purpose of Gift Bibles

The Bible reveals many things in our lives. It shows us how humans are finite, and life is meaningless apart from God. But the most significant revelation a Bible shows us is God Himself. However, not everyone gets to read His word. That is why the purpose of Gift Bibles is to make the gospel accessible and known to a loved one. 

A Bible is like God’s love letter to humanity, and all we have to do is be intentional in reaching out to people who need to know His word through Gift Bibles. This gift is something a person will appreciate for a lifetime because not only will you give a beautiful present, but you will be an instrument to their purposeful life. 

Importance of Giving Gift Bibles

Everyone needs to have something to hold on to when their world falls apart. It is important to let your loved one know that he or she could cling to what is the only certain on days when everything is uncertain. Gift Bibles are the means to let a loved one know that God loves them far more than you care for them. 

Just like how rain and flood came in a house that a wise man built on a rock, it did not easily fall, for its foundation was solid. On the other hand, the house set on sand easily fell when rain, flood, and winds came (Matthew 7:24-27). This shows that it is essential to give your loved ones a Gift Bible to remind them to have strong biblical convictions because we live in a world full of impossibles. 

Kinds of Gift Bibles

Catholic Gift Bible

These Bibles are usually different in terms of the number and order of books. Catholic Bibles include seven more books that are not found in Protestant Bibles. Nevertheless, they hold the same knowledge and wisdom of God.

Gift Bible for Teens

These are Bibles especially made to be suitable for the likes or interests of the youth. It is made to be more exciting for them to read. Most gift Bibles for teens have colorful maps and charts. It also has relatable articles for easier understanding of the scripture. 

Gift Bible for Singles

These Bibles are specifically for those young professionals who are not yet married and are in the process of growing their faith. It includes some articles related to their generation. 

Gift Bible for Couples

These are specially made Bibles for a husband and wife that could help them grow more in the knowledge of the Lord as partners. 

Personalized Gift Bibles

This is a personally-made Bible according to how you want it to be presented to the person you are giving it to. However, this kind of Bible is a bit hard to find.

When to Give Gift Bibles


It is never a wrong idea to give a Gift Bible during a Baptism, for it says in Proverbs 22:6 to teach the right path to a child by disciplining him to seek the will and wisdom of God, so even when he grows old, he will not turn away from it. This Gift Bible is a lifelong investment for a baby or a child who just came into the world.

First Communion and Confirmation

For someone born of the Catholic faith, the first communion and confirmation are vital parts of their life as followers of God. Psalm 119:9 says that living according to His word is a way to keep a man’s way pure. He must conform his life to God’s words, and one way of doing so is by owning a Gift Bible. 


Life for a husband and wife does not stop the day they got married. It is only the beginning of their life together. But to continue loving each other that glorifies God, they need to be connected to the Source of Love Himself by having their own Bible as a couple. Thus, a triple-braided cord is not quickly broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)


A Gift Bible is the best present you could ever give to someone celebrating their special day. This will remind that person that they are called to be the light of God to the world (Matthew 5:14

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Gift Bible

Bible Cover

Choose between having a soft-bound or hard-bound cover. It may also be a leather-covered Gift Bible. Do not forget that a Gift Bible’s durability is first judged according to its exterior. It should be able to withstand different external factors. Pick a cover that is beautifully designed yet sturdy.


You will know if a Gift Bible has excellent content when it has readable font and size, various illustrations that will excite you to read it, and good reference material. It should have a unique section where you can make the most out of the Bible. 


The sturdiness of the Gift Bible is also a crucial factor in choosing the best one. The contents inside must also be printed on thick paper, which is not quickly torn down. It should be so durable that it will last for a very long time because it is a lifelong investment in someone’s life.

Bible Translation

In choosing the best Gift Bible to give a loved one, consider the Scriptures’ Bible Translation. Make sure that when you give one to a teenager, they will understand what is written inside—the same way when you give one to an adult. Choose an appropriate translation that can help that person better understand the Word of God. 

NLT Inspire Bible by Tyndale

Gift Bibles

This New Living Translation Bible is the perfect gift to someone who wants to discover essential truths from the Scripture. It also has over 400 beautiful lined illustrations spread throughout the Gift Bible that are made for coloring illustrations and creative journaling. On some pages, it features lightly-ruled two inches margins for drawing, writing notes, and reflections. 

The NLT Inspire Bible by Tyndale is the 2017 ECPA Christian Retailing’s Best Award Winner in the Journaling category for its creative journal and coloring space. Also, this Gift Bible was a finalist in the Bibles category in the 2017 ECPA Christian Book Award. This Inspire Bible proves that this is the best-selling Bible ideal for those who want to be inspired in creating a stronger connection to God.


  • Its font is 8.65pt. and is printed in a high-quality cream paper
  • Exceptional quality Aquamarine colored hardcover
  • Has ribbon marker
  • Has elastic band closure
  • Many pages have open space in the lightly-ruled 2″ margins for creativity


  • Its aesthetic is quite gender-specific

The Message Deluxe Gift Bible by Eugene Peterson

Gift Bibles

This beautifully written Bible is translated into today’s language. If you want your loved ones to have a tool that will help them understand the words of God and not just read them, this is the perfect Gift Bible. The Message is reviewed and approved by 20 biblical scholars because Eugene Peterson originally translated it from the original Greek and Hebrew Scriptures. He is known as a poet, pastor, scholar, and author. Thus, this beautifully written Bible. 

The Message features unique verse-numbered paragraphs, a colorful presentation page that can be personalized, and handcrafted maps, charts, and timelines. This is a great Gift Bible for someone who is just getting into the word of God because of its contemporary language that breaks down passages that are hard to understand. However, this may not be a scholarly translation because it feels more of an interpretation of the Scripture. So you may not agree with everything that is interpreted, but it is guaranteed to give you a different perspective.


  • Offers a colorful presentation page so you can personalize your Bible
  • It has unique verse-numbered paragraphs for easy navigation
  • Includes handcrafted maps, charts, and timelines
  • It has a durable binding and a satin ribbon marker
  • Its cover is imitation leather


  • The font size is small
  • Other scripture interpretations may be too far off from their proper meaning

ESV Illuminated Bible by ESV Bibles

Gift Bibles

Dana Tanamachi beautifully made this ESV Illuminated Bible with 500 hand-lettered gold ink illustrations printed on thick cream-colored paper with a single-column text setting and wide margins. The presentation inside provides wide margins that are perfect for note-taking about your reflections, prayers, devotionals, or drawings. 

Also, the ESV translation is guaranteed to be reliable for all ages who want to grow deeper in faith. The Gift Bible’s cover is cloth overboard, so you know it is sturdy enough. This is a perfect gift for those who want to practice creativity while meditating on God’s word. Other features include 64 full-page custom book opener illustrations and 50 full-page verse illustrations. Printed on a thick, cream-colored paper, with wide margins, and Smyth-sewn binding.


  • It has many beautiful gold illustrations that add up to the aesthetic
  • It has a Lexicon font size of 9-pt with black letter text
  • 250+ hand-lettered margin verses
  • 100+ other illustrations throughout
  • Single-column, paragraph format 


  • It does not have concordance
  • It does not have cross-references or footnotes

KJV Deluxe Gift Bible by Thomas Nelson

Gift Bibles

The beautiful Thomas Nelson KJV Bible is packed with full-colored maps, charts, and easy-to-use dictionary concordance that is more suitable for adults who are more comfortable reading the old language. This Comfort Print Bible was designed to enhance the scripture reading experience of the person because of the beautiful and timeless character of the King James translation.

In addition, this Gift Bible has gilded silver edges that add to its overall aesthetic. Plus, it is printed on thick paper with a double-column layout. It also offers prayers of the Bibles and a 30-day devotional at the back, which are very interesting and valuable pieces of information that can help deepen one’s faith. Other features include gilded page edges, ribbon markers, and clear and readable 8-point print size.


  • Easy-to-use Dictionary-Concordance
  • It includes Miracles and Parables of Jesus
  • Easy to read Exclusive KJV Comfort Print® in a beautiful new Thomas Nelson KJV font
  • It is easy to carry around
  • It has a leathersoft cover that is sturdy
  • The words of Christ are in red


  • The font size is not as stated. It is small 
  • KJV translation may be hard to understand for kids

NIV Premium Gift Bible by Zondervan

Gift Bibles

This Zondervan-made Gift Bible features a complete text of the accurate and precise New International Version (NIV) Bible Translation, so it is guaranteed to offer a more effortless reading experience that is widely used and read. It is surprisingly a good deal for its value because of the content itself and its soft but durable cover. 

Also, it has a presentation page that you can customize and a Bible dictionary that can serve as your loved one’s additional reference when reading. This Gift Bible is the perfect gift for a young woman or teenager who wants to have a Bible that she can carry around.


  • Exclusive NIV Zondervan Comfort Print® typeface
  • 7.5-point print size
  • Includes a presentation page, a ribbon marker, and a Bible dictionary
  • It has a leathersoft cover
  • It lays flat when open
  • The words of Jesus are in red


  • It has a small font size that is not easy to read


It says in Proverbs 9:10 that the foundation of wisdom is because of the fear of the Lord, while knowledge of the Holy One results in good understanding and judgment. To fear the Lord is one thing, but to know Him on a personal level is a different thing. The best way to get to know Him more is by reading His word through a Bible – in this case, through a Gift Bible that you would like for someone to have.

I highly recommend getting the NLT Inspire Bible by Tyndale. For not only does it have a durable and aesthetic Bible cover, but it also has one of the best contents a Bible should have. Also, this Gift Bible is in the New Living Translation, which is the best for all ages because it has a clear and dynamic style that powerfully communicates God’s Word. 

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